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How to Meet Your Holistic Goals This School Year

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September 19, 2022

The Holistic Self-Struggle

The commencement of a new school year always induces excitement and/or stress in every young teenage student. These emotions are stirred for a vast array of reasons, whether they be concerns associated with one's classes, one's cherished friends, or one's own all-around well-being. These emotions all play a crucial factor in determining a student's social well-being at school, academic success, and mental health state.

Coupled with all of this, there's also an inherent obligation of students to upkeep themselves holistically, but there's never a clear or definite path to take when attempting to achieve holistic well-roundedness as you progress scholastically. Piling on after-school studies, rigorous course homework, extracurriculars, hobbies, and personal time continually on top of each other is what is expected of the ideal ambitious and determined college-bound or post-educational student.

However, how does one achieve such a thing without suffering from burnout, excessive stress, and motivation-killing boredom? There's no correct answer and there's no solidified solution to the problem, but it's definitely not impossible to prevent or reduce the effects while coping with the increased difficulty of a new school year with various different methods.

Calendar Planning

The good ol' calendar planning time management technique. Marking your calendar with the dates of upcoming exams, quizzes, extracurricular activities, and scheduled study times can aid in helping you divide your time among all of your activities while keeping your grades up! Designating these times for yourself to follow and remember is crucial in assuring that you stay organized and prepared, both of which are key to feeling fulfilled, confident, and ready to succeed.

Clearing Your Mind

Yes, it really does work. Taking time out of your day to have some 'me time' will help you refocus, de-stress, and reinvigorate yourself. Whether it be by taking a long walk, going to the gym, reading a book, or listening to soothing music. Anything that helps you relax and unwind from the stresses of school or social life will help you clear your mind.

Turning Your Hobbies into Extracurriculars/Activities

If you have a genuine passion for an activity or hobby, why not turn it into an extracurricular and enjoy doing it while building holistic well-roundedness? Joining, or even better, founding, an interesting club/organization at your school or in your community builds your holistic portfolio and allows you to discuss your own interests with other people. These activities show school/community involvement, demonstrated passion, and splendid time management. Why not give it a try?

Setting Clear Long-Term & Short-Term Goals

The first step in achieving holistic success is defining what your most important holistic success is. Do you want to lose weight? Make exercise and nutrition plans.

Do you want to go to a good college? Make regular study and extracurricular plans. With anything, taking action and achieving success are all done better when concrete plans are formulated.

Building a foundation is key to making sure you aren't overwhelmed or taken by surprise. Note these goals down somewhere (notebook, digital document, sticky note, etc..) and remind yourself of them, constantly, for motivation.

Talking and Asking for Help

Sometimes we really can't handle the entirety of what's thrown at us, and that's completely fine. Talk to someone you trust and confide in, a friend, a parent, a relative, a counselor, a mentor, or anyone you're sure you can trust to give you the best advice possible. Conversing with them about your issues will help you gain reassurance, guidance, and encouragement.

Asking for help should also never be ruled out either, and you should never do more or expect more of yourself than you can handle. When you're in nearly any pinch, asking for help might just be the solution that saves you from overexerting yourself.

Make Sure to Be Happy and Holistic

If being 'holistic' comes at the cost of your deteriorating mental/physical health, then it's arguably not worth it. Being passionate, happy, and proud of the things you do and achieve is what reaps the biggest reward in life; enjoyment. Enjoying and loving what you do is what brings out the greatest in an individual's works and actions. Keep on working hard towards achieving those holistic goals, and be sure to enjoy your school year while doing so!

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