10 Ways to Celebrate Quarantine-O-Ween

10 Ways to Celebrate Quarantine-O-Ween

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October 17, 2020

It's officially spooky season, but this year's Halloween is going to look different. With many towns canceling trick-or-treating for kids and costume parties being put on hold, we're all wondering how we can still celebrate this fun time of year amidst the pandemic.

Here are ten fun ways you can still get in the spirit of Halloween while being safe and remaining socially distanced:

1. Decorations

If you are stuck at home, you might as well decorate and get your surroundings into the spooky spirit. Even a pumpkin from your local grocery store can help create a fall time feel. So deck out your house with gravestones and skeletons, and remember why this time of year is so fun.

2. Movie Marathon

Nothing screams Halloween like breaking out the classic Halloween movies.

Whether it is Hocus Pocus, Beetle Juice, or anything in between, Halloween movies are the perfect way to celebrate while remaining socially distanced. So break out the Halloween candy, find a comfy spot on the couch, and starting binging your favorite Halloween classics.

3. Baking

What is a movie night without festive treats? Before you start watching, make a treat to enjoy during the movie. For example, chocolate pumpkin patch cake from California Strawberries is a great way to add a delicious touch to your already fun movie night or the Halloween season in general.


4. Zoom Costume Contest

A large aspect of Halloween is dressing up and then trick or treating or attending Halloween parties.

While we may not be able to trick-or-treat or attend parties, people can still put on their best costume and show it off to their friends and family. A Zoom call can be used to create a fun costume contest while everyone is in the safety of their own homes. So pick judges, and start planning the best Halloween costume ever.

5. Crafts

One quick search on Google will lend you hundreds of craft ideas for this Quarantine-O-Ween season. Crafts are a great way to add a spooky touch to your home. For example, this skull string art is a cute piece of decor and perfect for this time of year. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you create something on your own.


6. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins are a staple for Halloween. There is no shortage of pumpkins during the Halloween season, from pumpkin spice drinks to pumpkin spice pasta.

So pick one up from a pumpkin patch while wearing a mask or grab one from your local grocery store and get carving. There is an endless amount of things you can carve on a pumpkin. So carve a funny face or the title of your favorite movie. Have fun with it!

7. Boo Someone

Fill a basket full of Halloween candy and treats, and leave it on your friends' or neighbors' doorstep. Do not forget to leave a note letting them know they had been booed, and it is their turn to continue the chain of festive fun. Ring their doorbell and make sure not to be seen.

Happy booing!

8. Drive-thru Haunted House

What is better than receiving a good scare on Halloween?!

A drive-thru haunted house is the perfect COVID-19 twist on a classic Halloween tradition. Regular haunted houses may be out of commission this year, but there is no reason you shouldn't be able to get a quality scare from the safety of your car.

9. Pumpkin Patch

Grab your favorite mask and head out to your nearest pumpkin patch.

Halloween Is not complete without newly picked pumpkins to carve. While you are there, take some cute photos to remember your masked trip to the pumpkin patch. Maybe pick up so hot apple cider, or caramel apples while you're at it, or any fall treat that you enjoy.

10. Haunted Fields

Like the drive-thru haunted house, haunted fields provide the scare any thrill-seeker is dying to have on Halloween. While the trails may seem a little different, and the creepy clowns may be wearing a mask, there is still an eerie and creepiness to walking the woods knowing something may be lurking around the corner.

Halloween is sure to look different this year, but you still can find ways to participate and get into the spirit while remaining safe. So enjoy a night in watching scary movies or take a drive through a drive-thru haunted house. Happy Halloween!

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