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10 Unique Ways to Spend a Day with Your Best Friends Over the Summer


June 22, 2023

With Summer Season in full swing, it can seem daunting and tiring to find activities to keep you and your best friends entertained for the whole of summer, while taking things such as cost and reach into account. For some, this may be the last summer they get to enjoy with their friends before they head off to college, or some may want to focus on college work and want to resort to unique yet fun activities to do with their friends that may not be too cost-consuming.

So fear not, as we here in the activities section of the teen magazine have come up with 10 unique, yet totally doable ideas for you and your friends to do this summer.

1. Make Matching Jewellery together:

Unleash your crafty side by making matching jewellery with your friends! Go on Pinterest to find some inspiration, and then decide on the pieces you would like to make. Measure your ring and hand size, then head over to your local Michael's (even Amazon Prime seems to do the deal these days), and buy supplies that you need to make your new trinkets.

Call your friends over, spread out your supplies, put on good music and get to work! Here are some easy bracelet and ring ideas that can be executed with little to no effort (you'll need beads, charms, elastic and scissors for these).

2. Have a ‘glow in the dark’ pool night:

Grab some glowsticks, water balloons and water guns and go crazy this summer with your very own glow-in-the-dark pool party! Swimming in the night is, as always, an amazing experience, but a glow-in-the-dark element really adds a special twist. Add some Lofi music and floaties to the mix and you have the event of the summer!

3. Make a scrapbook together:

What better way to celebrate your friendship than to make a scrapbook highlighting it? Head over to your local Target and buy plain notebooks that are completely yours to decorate. Buy some funky pens, tape, stickers and fun paper, and then print out loads of your favourite pictures and memories.

You can spend days doing this activity, and it's always a pleasant walk down memory lane. You can also ask your friends to write little notes for you in your book, just as a keepsake.

4. Go to the thrift store and pick out outfits for each other:

Another cute and wholesome way to spend time with each other is to go to your local thrift store and pick out outfits for each other. This is not only a fun game and a great way to pass the time but is also a great way to expand your wardrobe more sustainability. Make it a game and see whose outfit is the most stylish, yet most likely something the other would wear. You can also go thrifting for furniture and room decor and ask your friends to help you redecorate your room!

5. Have a city-wide photoshoot:

Spend a day exploring the hidden gems of your city by going on blogs and scoping out rare areas in the place you live in, and proceed to have a photoshoot with your favourite people. This is a cool way to expand your photography skills and also explore your city in a new way. And who knows, you may find your new favourite place!

6. Volunteer together and give back to a local community:

This has to be one of the most cost-friendly and also community-friendly activities on this list, and can also help out those looking for resume-building activities. It is also a great way to get active in your community and get involved in helping out those in need. Sign up for something you are interested in, like teaching underprivileged kids or a can drive, and spend a day in service.

7. Spend a day in the park :

This may seem like an odd thing to do, but it has to be one of the most fun on this list. Grab a couple of friends and spend a day lazing around in a park, planning a picnic [stay tuned for that article ;) ], sitting beside a shady tree and reading a book or just lounging around with your friends. Stay there till sunset and then go out for dinner if you feel like it. Honestly, sounds like the perfect day to me!

8. Have a cooking night:

Speaking of dinner, call your friends home and make your own! Use hello fresh or look up some recipes for a main, dessert and mocktail that you and your friends can make. Of course, it won't be perfect on the try but that's what makes this experience so fun! And if all else fails and all you're left with is an aesthetically pleasing set-up but semi-burnt food, there's always takeout!

9. Take a class together:

While on the pricier side of things, taking a class with your friends can be an amazing way to try out new things and let your creative juices flow. Classes like painting, pottery or clay mug painting have increased in popularity and trying out new things and creating your own masterpieces (somewhat) can be an awesome experience and an overall fun activity!

10. Have a self-care day:

Summer can be stressful. College applications draw closer, and so do another million deadlines. It's easy to get sucked into that overwhelming vortex of “there's too much work to be done”, neglecting to give yourself time.

Thus, a self-care day is perfect and is a must-have this summer. Grab some cucumbers, face masks and do your skincare routine, then relax and let the mask do its work. When you feel hydrated and rejuvenated, relax with your friends and spend the day just lounging around.

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I hope these unique and cost-friendly ideas help you figure out what you can do this summer, and as always, if you try out any of these activities, then do let me know in the comments below!

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