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7 Fulfilling Activities For A Fun-Filled Summer

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June 01, 2022

Every student experiences the end of the school year burnout. You lack the motivation to complete any task, school-related or not. Every day feels longer, and summer feels too far away.

But, by thinking about your summer plans, the end of the school year will feel more in reach. It's never too early to begin thinking about your summer plans, and these activities will give you the motivation you need to finish the school year strong all while thinking of the long-awaited summer months.

1. Host A Picnic

We are all aware of the quintessential summer activity: a picnic. And it's considered to be one of the best activities suited for summer for a reason. A picnic forces you to get outside and spend quality time with those close to you. Enjoying delicious foods and talking with friends and family is the perfect activity for a relaxing day.

2. Plant A Garden

A low-cost, rewarding activity to start now and continue in summer is planting your own garden. Growing your own vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and carrots will keep you busy all summer long. But, your hard work will pay off when you have an abundance of delicious, fresh produce to enjoy.

3. Camp In Your Backyard

Who said camping had to involve going into the wilderness? You can camp in your own backyard with only a few materials. Set up a tent and make yourself comfortable with blankets and pillows before treating yourself to making s'mores or even watching television. No one will blame you if you end up going back into your house at the end of the night to sleep.

4. Get Creative

There's no one less artistic than me. But, there's something so fulfilling and rewarding about calmly sitting and focusing on one project for a long period of time. Maybe painting outside sounds most appealing to you.

Or, maybe simply sketching in your room is the best option for you. With a countless number of creative activities that you can easily take part in, there's nothing stopping you from completing projects that push you to be a bit more creative.

5. Spend More Time In The Kitchen

Summer is great for so many reasons, whether it be relaxing or having more leisure time on your hands to do the things that you love the most. If you don't consider yourself the best baker or cook, now is the time to start making your own delicious meals, snacks, and baked goods. Once you have more practice in the kitchen, you can even begin making food and enjoyable treats for neighbors, family members, and friends.

6. Read All The Books On Your Nightstand

We all have a stack of books on our nightstands that we have procrastinated reading. Summer is the time to start and finish all the books that you want to read but never have the time for. Although I'm not the biggest reader, I do find that setting a goal for the number of books you wish to read is a great motivating factor.

7. Find A Sport To Pursue

Regardless of your past experience with athletics, with more free time on your hands, dedicating time to exercising and prioritizing your physical health is the perfect time-consuming, fun activity every teen needs to give a shot. Swimming, water polo, soccer, and more are all examples of sports you can spend time doing.

With summer just around the corner, it's time to begin thinking about what activities you want to commit time to. Whether you hope to spend a great deal of time outside or reading in your room, start planning your summer now. No matter what activities you decide to participate in, make sure that they are fulfilling for you and allow you to make the most of of the time on your hands.

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