ZuZu’s Lip Balm Encourages Girls to be Entrepreneurs


Do you ever find yourself wanting more out of life? How about having big dreams, but being unsure of how to accomplish them? When we think about happiness and completion, family and success make the top of the list. We all should want a healthy family bond and a thriving life. Securing your future is bible, and one mompreneur has been "takin em to church." In a society where family values dwindle, and job stability is uncertain, many are desperate for security. Diamonnique and her daughter Zuri Eze's business model, not only address problems but whew chile they provide solutions.

Combining ownership and mentorship, Diamonnique has been able to solve prominent socio-economic issues. Their Girl Boss program provides young entrepreneurs with a complete toolkit for success. I remember my first exposure to entrepreneurship. It expanded my thinking from limited to endless possibilities. I was able to dream again. You should always be reminded not only of your inner value but that no dream is impossible. ZuZu's Girl Boss Program secures our future dreamers, teaching them to build a legacy.

Many of the girls, a part of the program, are learning to understand the importance of flipping money-saving, self-pay, and reinvestment back into their ZuZu's Lip Balm business. Diamonnique teaches them how. Some join the team as an independent sales representative and end up starting their own business because they're empowered to do so, which leads to creating multiple sources of income.

Legacy secures kids' and young teens' future successes by allowing you a head start in life. The value brought by this business entity is immeasurable, and it's an addition to our society. It is necessary. Youth anxiety rates have been higher than ever, mainly due to insecurity. Diamonnique and Zuri's mentorship program attacks that head-on by teaching self-worth and empowering their team. The proper mental philosophy is critical in business.

ZuZu's Lip Balm has been working hard as a team to provide a platform for girls to enrich the quality of their lives. They represent values such as cooperation, community service, and courtesy. The girl boss team will continue developing new ways to empower young women. To be surrounded by a group of girls on a mission is a vibe that only strengthens in numbers. If you're a girl looking to grow, Zuzu is looking for you! Sign up by using the link below!



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