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Your Guide to the TikTok Downtown Girl Aesthetic


December 30, 2023

With more than 3.2 billion views under the โ€œdowntowngirlโ€ hashtag on TikTok, this aesthetic has taken over the internet. The style is defined by its edgy, effortlessly chic, and urban-inspired vibe. In this style guide, weโ€™ll delve into the key elements that define the TikTok Downtown Girl aesthetic, providing you with insights and inspiration to navigate the world of โ€œurban chicโ€.

What is the Downtown Girl aesthetic?

The โ€œDowntown Girlโ€ is an aesthetic that revolves around the romanticization of living in the downtown of a city, specifically in New York. It first emerged in New York in the 1970s and 1980s, specifically in neighborhoods like SoHo (South of Houston Street) and the East Village. These urban areas were inhabited by artists, musicians, young creatives, and counterculture individuals who sought more affordable spaces to live and work.

As a result, a vibrant cultural scene began to develop, influencing fashion as well. The punk subculture, the Bohemian spirit, and the carefree attitude of the streets shaped the downtown style. Since then, the downtown style has expanded to other cities around the world thanks to popular sites such as TikTok and Pinterest.


In contrast to the Uptown Girl, the Downtown Girl style is casual and does not indicate wealth or hyper-femininity. The style is made up of a grungy fashion style, with laid-back clothing pieces in moody hues such as black, gray, and earth tones.

Downtown Girl fashion projects comfort and coziness a cultured street style of visiting museums, cafรฉs, and meeting friends.

To achieve this look, shop for the following clothing items:

  • Oversized clothing
  • Claw clips
  • Mary Janes
  • Sweaters
  • Low waisted jeans
  • Doc Martens
  • Graphic or band tees
  • Leather jackets
  • Mini skirts
  • Tights
  • Converse

Where to Shop

Discover one-of-a-kind pieces in these 5 clothing store options: thrift stores, H&M, Brandy Melville, Garage, and Forever 21.

Thrift Stores

When compared to retail stores, thrift stores are usually much more environmentally friendly and unique. Consider developing a distinctive wardrobe by giving donated clothes a second chance before they hit landfills. This aesthetic is easy to shop for at the thrift store since you can conveniently find unique graphic, plain, and vintage pieces.


From graphic sweaters and tees to trendy low-waisted jeans and leather jackets, H&M is one of the most economically friendly and cute brands on the market. Find various H&M codes and style inspiration on TikTok and YouTube by searching for โ€œH&M Downtown Girl.โ€

Brandy Melville

Practically all of the clothing from Brandy Melville fits the Downtown Girl aesthetic. While it is a little expensive compared to other brands, the clothing pieces and accessories are stylish and made of great quality. Both on the website and in stores, search for their iconic tank tops, low-rise pants, crop tops, and sweaters for beautiful additions to your wardrobe.


Garage is also on the pricier side of clothing stores but their unique cuts and clothing that is always on trend will for sure meet your Downtown Girl needs.

Forever 21

On the cheaper side of things, Forever 21 offers the cutest printed tees and leather jackets. Shop online or in person to find aesthetically pleasing clothing for a great price.


The Downtown Girl wears simple makeup with special attention to the eyes. Start with moisturizer and an SPF as your skin care before makeup. Then, lightly conceal underneath the eyes and in small spots where it is needed (red spots, acne, etc).

Make sure to blend it in properly and then apply blush to your cheeks and tip of the nose. Contour your nose and cheeks (totally optional)! Then, draw in fake freckles using a brown pencil for a youthful look. Then, use a white eyeshadow or highlighter on the nose and inner corners of the eyes. Finally, make your eyes pop using a black pencil on your waterline and black mascara.

For a more in-depth makeup tutorial, reference TikTok videos like the one below:


Living in a busy city means having the opportunity to participate in a lot of activities. The Downtown Girl's list of activities includes learning a new instrument, sketching, exploring the city, and visiting libraries and cafes along with many others.

Annotating Books

Annotating books takes reading to a whole new level since you are analyzing a piece of text, and then adding the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that pop into your head directly into the text. Annotations do not have to be complex, they can be small reminders, your thoughts and feelings, and the books or small doodles. To annotate books, use colorful sticky notes, various markers, and highlighters. Most importantly, remember you are not ruining a book by annotating it, you are simply expressing yourself and leaving a tiny part of your mind in the book.

Listening to Music

Unwind with some popular Downtown Girl artists like TV Girl, The Smiths, Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, and others. For an extra Downtown Girl touch, invest in a record player and some vinyls!

Explore the City

Have some fun outdoors and explore parts of the city youโ€™ve never seen before! From finding bookstores to resting at cafe shops, take advantage of the beauty of your city.

Embrace the downtown vibe with edgy fashion, unique finds, and urban adventures. Dive into thrift stores, H&M, Brandy Melville, Garage, and Forever 21 for the perfect downtown wardrobe. Elevate your look with simple yet striking makeup, emphasizing the eyes.

Engage in activities like annotating books, listening to Downtown Girl artists, and exploring the city's hidden gems. Join the trend, live the downtown life, and make every moment uniquely yours. Downtown style, where chic meets the streets!

I hope you enjoyed this aesthetic guide! What is your favorite thing about the Downtown Girl aesthetic? Let me know below!

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