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Maisoon is a first generation immigrant of Egyptian origin. She enjoys constantly learning new things through in-depth discussions with many people from different backgrounds, not only has it helped her form the foundation of her morals and values, but has also allowed her to aid others in understanding seemingly overcomplicated topics when in reality, they couldn't be any simpler. In addition to all that, Maisoon also enjoys the occasional movie, book and of course quality time with people she values.

A Deep Dive Into the Paradox of Being Self-Aware

August 22, 2023

Personal Growth

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How to Plan Being Rich from Your Teen Years

June 22, 2023

Career & Money


Having Purpose Versus Being Happy

April 07, 2023

Mental Health & Self Love


Is Empathy Diminishing in Our Generation?

December 26, 2022

Personal Growth

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Should We Leave Everything That Doesn't Bring Us Joy?

December 11, 2022

Personal Growth

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