What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What Your Favorite Color Says About You


September 19, 2020

We all have a certain vibe, or an aura that can be visualized with colors. Whether it's from clothing or just our overall demeanor, when people think of us, they can often associate us with a color or image they have implanted in their minds. Those who are cheerful and bubbly are often tied with yellow, while those who are more quiet and calm tend to lean towards the cooler shades of the color spectrum.

Could this somehow influence what our favorite color is? Does the picture people paint of us correlate with our preferences? Let's see if your personality matches with your favorite color!


The color of passion and power. You are a risk taker, and are thirsty for adventure! You are constantly in tune with your surroundings and, along with your outgoing personality, you're able to get along with just about anyone you meet!

They don't want to mess with you, though. Reds also tend to be impulsive and brash in their decision-making, letting emotion wash over reason at times. Every single feeling you experience is strong and deep, whether that's love, hatred, or joy.

Either way, anyone could tell exactly how you're feeling with just one glance. Your energy attracts people towards you, meaning that you tend to be very leader-like and respectable with your friends and peers. They can rely on you to always keep things fun and exciting! You're constantly doing things; you don't like sitting still, since you always have activities you want to do!

I can imagine Valentine's Day, decorated with red hearts and cards- red is the ultimate color of love! If your favorite color is red, then you probably have a huge heart, leaving a piece for every person you meet. Red can also be associated with desire and a drive to accomplish your dreams. You may have a short temper sometimes, but you're also compassionate and outgoing, giving everyone so many reasons to love you!


An easygoing, optimistic person that exudes positivity and infectious energy. You're very sociable and kind, and it's your warm-heartedness that draws the crowd towards you. With your zest and positivity, it is hard to not love you!

You're spontaneous and don't always go by the original plan, but your enthusiasm is contagious and you're not usually one to crack under pressure. You have this mindset that wonderful things are about to happen, thus giving you confidence and that extra boost for the day! Orange is not necessarily a color most people choose as their favorites, so it could be difficult to find someone else that likes it, and when you do, you get excited! In general, you're a bubbly, cheerful person that can easily turn someone's frown upside down!

I can imagine a sunset, where the sky turns into shades of orange. One of warmest, comforting sights possible! People feel safe with you and just enjoying your presence. You definitely live in the moment and appreciate the beautiful parts of life.


Friendship, optimism, happiness, and imagination are some of your strongest values and qualities! You're innocent in the sense that you don't like to focus or sometimes even acknowledge the negative, so you're often in the clouds and dreaming of a better place. You are social and love to share with others, but you also enjoy your alone time to think and recharge.

People love being around you for how fun you are, and while some could be taken aback by your indecisiveness, your spontaneity always keeps people on their toes! You tend to be more on the extroverted side of the spectrum, and your positive attitude is radiating! You are so joyful and just want everyone to match your energy and have a great time!

Yellows definitely match with the idea of sunshine and sunflowers! Yellow is known to be the happy color, and there's no doubt about it! You literally brighten any room you walk into, so never lose that spark and vibe that only you have!


Sometimes when people see green, they often associate it with envy and jealousy. While this could be true, green also represents nature and community, good luck, and just health and prosperity! One of your main goals is to achieve balance within yourself and your environment.

You're a nature girl, and you find peace in exploring and spending time outdoors. You are composed and organized, with great time managing skills that I'm sure everyone wishes they had. Overall, you're just a calming person to be around- you're levelheaded and you're cool under pressure.

You are also open-minded and see the big picture to things, making you someone that's easy to talk to. You are fair and rational, but sometimes let your position your reputation get to your head a bit.

Of course with green, I associate it with forests and groves! While you enjoy clarity, sometimes it's difficult to understand what you're feeling exactly, like a mysterious forest, since you're always so calm and prefer to understand the emotions of others. Green is the ultimate 'outdoors' color, and it's no question why you tend to be someone who enjoys the beauties of the world!


The most popular color there is; blue attracts many people due to its relaxing aura, which is why many rooms (including mine!) are painted blue. You are a trustworthy and loyal friend. Loyalty could actually be one of your faults, since it clouds your view no matter what the other person has done to you or to others. You're emotional and sensitive, with a gentle nature that makes people want to protect and care for you.

Your easygoing, go with the flow nature makes you able to get along with just about everyone you meet! You are also introspective and care deeply about the small details, tuning in to your feelings and thoughts. You're a great listener and people often share a lot with you without even noticing because you simply make them feel safe.

Water is often the element associated with blue, and if often reflects healing, cleanliness, and tranquility. You are someone that people want to be around because you have the ability to make them feel better just by being there for them. One of the most soothing things ever is the sound of falling rain or cascading waterfalls. I feel secure and relaxed, and that is definitely the energy you give off if your favorite color is blue!


You're creative and bold, putting in your maximum effort into everything you do, just so it can be perfect. You are charismatic and sociable, sticking out from the norm in your pursuit to be completely, 100% yourself. You exude confidence and you take pride in your accomplishments- it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between healthy confidence and vanity, but nonetheless, your boldness is contagious!

You like mystery in the sense that you want people to discover things about you on their own without sharing them directly out loud. When you make a decision, you go through with it completely- no second guessing with you!

Purple is definitely a very royal, majestic color that reminds me of wealth and elegance. That definitely fits with the idea of standing out and that sense of self pride. You're imaginative and innovative, straying away from the standards of society to do your own thing. There's no one that can take you off your throne, so wear that crown proudly!


You are definitely a romantic! You give and receive unconditional love from everyone, and your cheerful attitude is so infectious. You are expressive and have a glimmer that tags along with you wherever you go.

Something about you just draws peoples' attention. You're the best person to share news with because you're so enthusiastic and happy for others, while also being empathetic and compassionate when someone needs comfort. Don't let people take advantage of your pure kindness, though. Sometimes you may not notice if you're in a one-sided relationship because of your caring and sweet personality.

Rose colored glasses is a physical metaphor for how pink lovers see life. That filter makes life seem so much more romantic and flamboyant, like those summer vibes at a fair. You have such a lighthearted, fun view on life, and boredom is no such thing whenever people are around you!


You tend to keep on the down low, fitting into any situation or environment easily. You are sophisticated and polite, and you don't get into the business of others unless they ask. You don't get caught up with all the gossip and what's trendy, and most of your friendships and relationships are unproblematic.

You're definitely a great peacemaker because you can look at things from an objective standpoint and listen to all perspectives and arguments. You're not attention seeking, but you're someone who's always there, no matter what.

Gray is such a neutral tone and is great for houses and furniture! It ties in with the fact that you can adapt anywhere and that you're always present, but subtle and sophisticated. You're not one for clashing and conflict, and you're such a great problem solver- no one can go wrong when they talk to you!


While this color often reminds people of sadness or depression, black is very powerful and if your favorite color is black, then you want control and clarity in your life. You keep many aspects of yourself private, only opening up to people that you completely trust. Others could be intimidated by your serious nature and sometimes they miss out on your true kindness and creativity.

Mystery can often help with covering up insecurities and parts of your life that bring harsh memories, and it can be overwhelming to keep all these thoughts and emotions to yourself. There's so much depth to you and so much talent that you're withholding from others. You've learned how to manage your emotions and maintain self-control.

I always think of midnight when I see the color black. It's hard to see during the night sometime, so no one really knows how much beauty and potential it holds if they just look a bit further! You're a deep thinker and are very insightful- you often catch the small details that many others miss.


You have the need to be organized and independent, setting up high expectations for yourself and your peers. Everything must be in order, and you must always have a plan before execution. You definitely can be a perfectionist, and sometimes you don't handle disappointing results very well.

Nonetheless, you're extremely witty and logical, soaking in any information thrown at you and genuinely enjoying what you're learning as well! You are on the more reserved side, yet you are confident and comfortable in your own skin, which could be a combination that people associate with coldness and aloofness.

I imagine a clean, white sheet. Those sheets that are cool to the touch, but comforting at the same time. You may seem distant from first glance, but once people get to know you, they will admire your imagination and wisdom. Your environment is like a breath of fresh air, since you always keep things spotless and as close to perfect as humanly possible.


Simplicity and honesty. You are open to everyone around you, and sometimes you don't understand how people could be hiding things. This could make you gullible and unaware if people are just using you for their own personal gain.

You just want stability and to find comfort in your life, while also providing that to those you meet. You're extremely genuine and care deeply for everyone and everything, including your environment and surroundings. You may not be the quickest worker, but that's because you want to get things done the right way the first time, so you're very careful and meticulous. You are surely an open book and everyone can tell how real you are, which makes you a trustworthy candidate for just about anything.

Brown is the color of the earth, the rich, fertile soil that allows the flowers to bloom, just like your love and affection for people. All you want is the best and for everyone to live in happiness and comfort. Continue to treat others with kindness, and sure enough, you'll receive it back!


Symbolism through color surrounds us, whether it's through advertisements trying to spread a certain message, or movies using certain colors to enhance scenes. Our minds have already tied these shades with particular emotions and experiences, and we begin to narrow down our preferences. Favorite colors are of course not set in stone; they can fluctuate and change over time as we develop and learn more about who we are as people!

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