What's Coming to Netflix This October: Keep These on Your Must-Watch List


We all can admit that we have been addicted to some shows on Netflix at some point in our lives. We all love finding new tv shows and/or movies, especially on Netflix. You're in luck! I'm here to give you the details on what's coming to Netflix this October.

TV Shows Coming This Month:

October 1st :

  1. Good Morning, Veronica- A police clerk decides to investigate two cases on her own after witnessing a suicide.
  2. Evil (Season 1)- A woman joins a man training to be a Catholic priest and another man who is a blue collar contractor. They investigate the church and look for paranormal and demonic presence.
  3. The Unicorn (Season 1)- A CBS comedy series that stars Walton Goggins.

October 2nd:

  1. Emily In Paris (Season 1)- Netflix Original romance series about a marketing executive that lands a deal for her dream job in Paris.
  2. Song Exploder (Season 1)- Netflix Original series that takes deeper looks into some of today's top favorite artists.

October 3rd:

  1. Schitt's Creek (Season 6)- A wealthy couple find themselves to be broke.
  2. Comopop (Season 1)- An animated series for kids.

October 7th:

  1. To The Lake (Season 1)-This Netflix Original Russian sci-fi series is about a group and their survival after a global plague.

October 8th:

  1. The 100 (Season 7)- 100 juvenile prisoners are sent back to planet Earth to test whether it is habitable.

October 9th:

  1. Deaf U (Season 1)-This Netflix Original coming-of-age series is a documentary about the deaf students attending college. It shows their ups and downs of their lives.
  2. Fast And Furious Spy Racers (Season 2)- This Netflix Original animated series sets place in Rio de Janeiro.
  3. The Haunting Of Bly Manor (Season 1)- This Netflix Original series is a supernatural drama horror show. It was created by Mike Flanagan. This show is a follow-up series to The Haunting Of Hill House.

October 15th:

  1. Social Distance (Season 1)- Series that tells the stories from quarantine.

October 16th:

  1. Dream Home Makeover (Season 1)-This Netflix Original series follows Shea and Syd McGee as they help to make dreams come true for actual families wanting to make their homes more like them.
  2. Grand Army (Season 1)-In this Netflix Original series, 5 students take the real world head on.

October 23rd:

  1. Barbarians (Season 1)-This drama documentary tells the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from a very interesting point of view.

October 30th:

  1. Agents Of SHIELD (Season 7)- The final season of this ABC spin-off.

Movies Coming This Month:

October 1st:

  1. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past-In this movie, a celebrity photographer lives by juggling multiple relationships with different women. On the day before his brother's wedding, he receives a visit from his past lover's spirits.
  2. Her- In this Oscar winning movie, a man falls in love with his computer's operating system.
  3. Poseidon- In this film starring Josh Lucas, a huge tidal wave crashes a ship and it shows how a group of people escape.
  4. The Longest Yard- In this film, Adam Sandler plays as a disgraced ex-pro football player. He goes to jail, and he forms a football team in jail.
  5. Yogi Bear- This is a comedy animated film and it is also family friendly! It is about the Mayor trying to raise money for the park, while Yogi Bear promises to stay out of sight during the fundraiser.

October 2nd:

  1. Dick Johnson Is Dead- A documentary about a woman's father.

October 4th:

  1. Colombiana- A woman's parents are killed. She gets revenge by trying to kill them.

October 6th:

  1. Dolly Parton: Here I Am- Documentary following Dolly Parton and her life.
  2. Walk Away From Love- After an attorney has her heart broken, she remains single for 3 years. She has an encounter with her ex-boyfriend, and he forces her to make a huge decision.

October 7th:

  1. Hubie Halloween- This Netflix Original is all comedy and laughs! It stars Adam Sandler trying to save Halloween.

October 14th:

  1. BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky- Documentary looking into the popular Korean girl pop band.

October 15th:

  1. A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting- A High Schooler was recruited by a secret society of babysitters. They have to battle the Boogeyman and other monsters while also trying to save the kids.

October 17th:

  1. I Am Vengeance:Retaliation- A man is given an opportunity to get revenge and justice after a man betrays him and his unit.

October 19th:

  1. Out Of Life- A French photographer is captured and held captive in Beirut.

October 22nd:

  1. Bending The Arc- Documentary about doctors in a Haitian village.
  2. The Hummingbird Project- Two traders go neck-to-neck to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal.
  3. Yes, God, Yes- A comedy about a young girl on AOL chat in the early 2000s.

October 23rd:

  1. Over The Moon- In this animated movie, a girl builds a rocket ship to try to meet a mythical goddess on the moon.

October 28th:

  1. Holidate- Two strangers agree to be each other's dates all year long.
  2. Secrets Of The Saqqara Tomb- A documentary about the discovery of an ancient tomb in Egypt.

October 30th:

  1. Rogue City- A cop is caught between gangs and police corruption.
  2. The Day Of The Lord- A priest is haunted by all of his sins.

October 31st:

  1. The 12th Man- Thriller about the twelve saboteurs in World War 2 that survived.

What will you watch?

There are so many new shows and movies coming to Netflix.

Are you as excited as I am?! What will you be binge-watching this October?

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