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Welcome to the College Dorm of Your Dreams: Cozy and Chic with Dormify


It's springtime, and for many high school seniors and soon-to-be college students, figuring out how they are going to live for the next few years is one of the first things on their minds.

There's no doubt that dorms are one of the most significant parts of the college experience- after all, it's what you'll be calling "home" for quite a while. However, making your dorm feel truly like home isn't as easy as it seems; from picking out an aesthetic to making sure it's functional while stylish, the dorm-ing is an entire process.

Luckily, Dormify is here to make it all easier for us. Your "ultimate small space decorating destination" has pretty much everything you can think of and anything you'll ever need. From the cutest tasseled throw blanket to electric wall displays to even a gorgeous office desk, Dormify is what will make your room feel truly complete.

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At an affordable price point, Dormify offers "exclusive products specifically designed for small space living without sacrificing style." Their designs are trendy yet classic, and there is such a wide variety of high-quality items that will make your dorm feel like it's truly yours.

For the spring season, we picked out our favorite selections from Dormify that perfectly encapsulate a chic, cozy, and comfortable room. Decorating your dorm is about to get a whole lot more fun!

Light It Up

Whether it be for late-night study sessions or for sleeping with a night light, the Shaped Glass Table Lamp is the ultimate ambiance-creating lamp. This lamp casts the perfect glowing vibe and seriously lights up your room.

Shop the Shaped Glass Table Lamp in Blue here.

This gorgeous lamp is all about a classy glaze and gold tones. In a curvy, rounded silhouette, the lamp is topped with a cream-colored lampshade that filters out a warm glow.

Featuring a gold base that's lightweight yet sturdy, the lamp itself is abstract and curvy, making it perfect for balancing out the straight edges. On top of the lampshade is a golden sphere cap to complete the look.

Made of metal, marble, and glass, this lamp is highly durable and made of such high quality that you'll seriously be impressed.

Assembling this lamp took less than ten minutes, and it was pretty easy to figure out how to work out its structure. I love how it's so convenient and versatile to put around anywhere you want.

With a dimension of 20.5" in height x 10" wide x 10" deep, this lamp is the perfect mid-size to put on your nightstand, study desk, or even on a shelf. It's tall enough to make a statement but not too huge, so it should be able to fit in most spots.

The Shaped Glass Table Lamp is only $65 USD and is such a deal, especially considering its high quality and classic design. You can bet that this lamp won't ever go out of style!

In addition to the blue shade, the Shaped Glass Table Lamp is also available in orange- a fiery, bold shade.

Sunshine On The Floor

Rugs are exactly what you need to make your room feel truly cozy; not only do they add a touch of color and fuzziness (quite literally), but prevent that cold, hard floor. Hands down, it's definitely a must-have in your dorm.

With the Washable Yellow Geometric Rug in particular, it sincerely was love at first sight. From its bright yellow shade to being washable (yep, you read that right), the Washable Yellow Geometric Rug is the definition of perfect.

Shop the Washable Yellow Geometric Rug here.

The pale yellow rug features white lines and chevron lines that are simplistic and cute. I love that it's noticeable without being too over the top, which makes the room feel cool and collected. The happy yellow color is as bright as it looks in the pictures. I truly mean it when I say this rug brings the room to life; its happy color really brings on the positivity!

Made with 100% cotton, this rug is oh-so-soft. The rug hair itself is on the shorter side, so it won't shed much. On the top and bottom edges are little tassel designs, which are so adorable.

Plus, this rug is huge. At 4' x 5' 3", it's sizable enough to where you can comfortably lie on top with a bunch of pillows and comfortably hang out with friends.

My ultimate favorite thing about this rug, though, is that it's machine washable. It's sincerely such a lifesaver for when you have to take care of it- all you have to do is just give it a spin. To take proper care of the rug, follow Dormify's instructions below:

"Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low. Wash separately with cold water, use a delicate cycle without bleach, tumble dry low. If pilling appears, use a broom to comb in the direction of the pile. Vacuum friendly. Cut loose threads with scissors, do not pull."

The Washable Yellow Geometric Rug runs at a price of $249 USD. It's such a good investment to keep your room comfortable and cute, and I just love it so much.

A Boho Basket For Your Blankets

If you want to incorporate a natural, sustainable feel into your dorm, this storage basket is for you. With a Bohemian, easygoing feel, this basket is perfect for multiple usages and will make your room feel complete and well-decorated.

Shop the Two-Tone Natural Fiber Storage Basket with Handles in White here.

The basket features a darker-colored top and a lighter beige bottom. The entirety of the basket is braided into a cute pattern, even including the handles on each side. Attached to one of the handles is a creamy tassel, which adds to the Boho vibe and is simply just the cutest ever.

Made with 100% Jute, the basket is biodegradable and recyclable. I love how earth-friendly it is, and its natural look makes the room feel so homey and cozy.

This basket is so much bigger than you would expect. At 17"x 17"x 17" and ~5lbs, this basket really brings on the possibilities as a catchall. It's wide and deep enough to fit quite a lot of things, from your favorite movie night blankets to even beach towels.

I was able to fit two huge blankets inside, and I love positioning it right by a sofa so I can binge-watch my favorite shows with the blankets at easy access. Say goodbye to the unorganized blanket mess, and say hello to this convenient basket!

To care for the basket, Dormify recommends that you spot clean. The basket is also available in black, blue, red, and green. The wide variety of colors allows you to fit it to your aesthetic.

The Two-Tone Natural Fiber Storage Basket with Handles retails for $79 USD. Stylish and functional is its middle name!

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