Create Your Dream Room with Dormify: a Living Space Makeover


It's officially autumn, and that's more the reason to be obsessed with cozy, cute room decor! Dormify can completely turn your room into a soft, comfortable haven for you to feel your best in.

Whether it be the softest weighted blanket or LED strips to make your room feel like a completely new place, Dormify is the perfect place for all your room decor needs.

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Set The Mood With One Button

Gen Z has definitely been on the rave about LED strip lights. All around social media, you may have seen those multi-colored, lit-up rooms- and they simply look so cool. Don't miss out on this trend- because it's totally here to stay.

As Dormify says: "Perfect for every mood. Let's light up the room. The LED Strip Lights are the ideal addition to bring light into your room without taking up any space."

Shop the Multicolored LED Strip Lights here.

Ever feel like lying down on your bed and gazing into the universe? These LED Strips can come close to that, with their brilliant neon colors and aura of otherworldliness.

The lights come in a plastic wheel, which secures them while shipping. It's so easy to apply these strips to your wall; all you have to do is peel off its adhesive backing, and voila!

The lights also come with a remote, which allows you to conveniently change the colors to whichever fits your mood best- all at just an easy push of a button.

These LED Strip lights have fifteen colors available, with options for alternating colors at different speeds and frequencies. Every single color is to be obsessed with- the colors are saturated and alluring, and each and every one of them looks so beautiful.

Plus, this LED strip is 13 feet long! That creates so much potential because of its ample length and is definitely a bonus in my book.

To take proper care of this product, take note of Dormify's instructions: "Unplug when using liquid cleaner. Spot Clean with Mild soap and water." Click here for Additional Instructions.

Your Sleep Will Never Be The Same

I'm serious when I say this: I don't think I've ever slept so well before having a weighted blanket, and now, my life has completely changed forever.

Everything about the blanket is to fall in love with: its comfortable weight that makes you feel oh-so-snug, its super soft fuzziness, and cute neutral look that fits any room style!

shop the Weighted Blanket here.

I hadn't understood the rave behind the weighted blanket before, but now, after having experienced Dormify's weighted blanket, I am now most definitely its #1 fan.

This is possibly the most calming blanket I've ever come across. The weight of the blanket is perfect for feeling like a constant hug throughout your night without being too heavy.

Especially with the colder winter weather incoming, this weighted blanket is simply meant to be when it comes to staying warm and toasty. Imagine sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, wrapped in this amazing blanket... what a dream!

Plus, this blanket is extremely soft. The quality is impressive, and the fuzziness of this blanket is unmatched.

Drape this across your bed and comforter and you'll get a cool, neutral look that feels functional and cute, all at the same time!

The Cutest Fringe For A Chic Vibe

There's nothing like a cute fringe moment, and this dreamy pastel pillow will completely brighten up your room.

Dormify puts it best: "Boho babe. Effortless and beachy. Our Woven Fringe Pillow is the ideal combo of bringing all the good vibes into one bedroom space."

Shop the Woven Fringe Throw Pillow in Yellow here.

In a beautiful pale yellow color, this pillow is the exact definition of sunshine. I love how it feels delicate and pretty, and it just makes the room feel so bright and happy!

The fringe is in a darker yellow color, with its golden threads looking like rays of the sun. Seriously- it looks that good. The fringes are plentiful in their number to fully line the pillow, and look so chic!

The pillow itself is incredibly sturdy while also being soft enough to serve as a nice cushion to rest on. The texture of the pillow has a cute criss-cross hatching design and it adds such a nice look.

I have to say, I was delightfully surprised at the large size of this pillow. Compared to your typical decorative pillow, this pillow is generous in its sizing, with a 20-inch by 20-inch square.

To care for this pillow, please take note of Dormify's caring instructions: "To keep this square pillow looking its best, stay away from the washing machine. Please spot clean only." Additional instructions are available here.

Study With an Elevated Look

If a lamp could change the way you study, Dormify's Antique Task Lamp would most definitely be it.

This beautifully timeless desk lamp has the perfect elements of dark academia, hints of gold, and a tone of elegance. As Dormify says, "the spotlight (task lamp) is on you. This matte black lamp is understated and sophisticated."

Shop the Antique Task Lamp here.

I feel it is appropriate to say that this lovely lamp will make you feel like Rory Gilmore. This lamp will make your study space feel so much more serious in a good way- like a space of comfort and productivity.

This lamp is all business. Made of metal, the lamp is sturdy and carries weight, making it very stable. The golden notches on its bendable body allow you to maneuver the tilt. That way, you can choose whichever angle you want the light pointed at, which is incredibly convenient!

The lamp includes a bulb, which produces a beautiful ambient light. There's nothing like having a light-filled place!

Make Your Room Complete With Faux Cowhide

This beautiful rug is so pretty that pictures can't do it justice. Don't leave your floors cold and empty- this rug will make it feel completely modern yet timeless, and absolutely sophisticated at its best.

Shop the Faux Cowhide Area Rug in Natural here.

You don't have to have real cowhide in your room to make it look cute- you can use faux cowhide! Taking the classic shape of a cowhide rug, this beauty is sure to be a great addition to your room, making it feel truly complete.

The colors of the rug's fur are cream and tan brown, giving it a nice neutral look. On top of the cream-and-tan fur are metallic streaks and speckles of gold-colored designs. It makes the rug look so chic and cute- it's sincerely to be obsessed with!

This rug is the softest thing ever, too. It has synthetic fur all over, making it fuzzy to the touch and perfect for winter days. Its fur is short, making it less dusty.

The rug takes its quality seriously, with a faux leather-like backing in the back.

The Faux Cowhide Area Rug is also available in colors black and brown. All include its signature metallic sparkle. Additionally, to accommodate the different sizes of the endless possibilities of rooms to be paired with, Dormify offers various sizes.

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