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We Found the Perfect Shoes for Back-To-School with Atiana De La Hoya's DSW Picks

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July 29, 2022

Now that back-to-school season has officially returned, it calls for a much needed wardrobe refresh. And what better way to elevate your outfits than with some new shoes? This fall, DSW has teamed up with rising model and social media star Atiana De La Hoya to share her top picks so that you can enter the new season in style just like her. Heads up: these shoes will soon become your new go-tos for any occasion...plus they're totally trendy too!

The Atiana & DSW Campaign

DSW's muse for their fall campaign, Atiana, is known for her take on popular trends while reflecting the coolest personality through her fashion choices.

Personal style is the easiest way to show your creativity...Fashion is the artwork that you wear, and DSW has all the shoes so you can be you. —Atiana De La Hoya

For this partnership, the key is individuality. All under $200 ranging from $35 to $160, you can pair these shoes with any look—it's really up to you! One guarantee is that no matter what, you'll definitely be rocking it in the school halls with these eye-catching picks. Styled by Julianna Vargas and Venetia Kidd, Atiana has shared her shoes of the season, and we're here to give you a first look.

Steve Madden Hayward Cowboy Boot

Shop the Hayward Cowboy Boot here.

Image credit: DSW

The cowgirl core aesthetic is so in right now, and we could not be happier. With tonal stitching that is to die for, these Steve Madden boots have the cutest designs that give us that total country girl meets chic energy. We love the low block heel and pointed toe for a perfect boot to dress up or down.

Image credit: DSW

For style inspiration, Atiana goes for a fancier spin by wearing her cowboy boots with a navy midi dress that features a high slit. She then pairs it with a flowy button up, because you can never be too prepared for those chillier nights.

Mix No. 6 Alesi Platform Sandal

Shop the Alesi Platform Sandal here.

Image credit: DSW

These Alesi Patforms are so stylish and nostalgic to the jelly sandal days! With wide clear straps, a block heel, and lugged sole, we're calling it edgy with a statement. For the gals that want a quick height boost, these shoes have you covered. Not only that, we can confirm that they're super comfortable—and don't worry, they have an adjustable buckle too.

Image credit: DSW

Atiana went for the casual vibe this time by sporting her gladiator-like sandals with fishnet ankle socks and jeans.

Dr. Martens Holy Platform Oxford

Shop the Holy Platform Oxford here.

Image credit: DSW

Dr. Martens are a classic, and you can never go wrong with them. These chunky platforms have been spotted all over social media and the iconic yellow stitching is hard to miss. Match Atiana by coupling it with frilly socks, a zip-up collared dress, mini bag, and silver jewelry accents.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move High-Top Sneaker

Shop the Chuck Taylor All Star Move High-Top Sneaker here.

Image credit: DSW

We'll say it first: you'll be wearing these Converse kicks every day—no joke. They match with any outfit, and who doesn't love a sneaker that is both cute and versatile at the same time?

Mix No. 6 Gamey Chelsea Boot

Shop the Gamey Chelsea Boot here.

Image credit: DSW

These Gamey Chelsea Boots have a sleek silhouette that we are obsessed with! To twin with Atiana, wear your boots with some basic jean shorts, a patterned graphic tee, and leather jacket.

Keep Up With DSW & Atiana De La Hoya

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