Want to Watch Hamilton but Not Sure If It's Worth It? Read This Review to Find Out!

Want to Watch Hamilton but Not Sure If It's Worth It? Read This Review to Find Out!

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October 02, 2020

I'm going to cut to the chase: Hamilton is absolutely worth watching.

Hamilton is a Broadway musical delineating the ever-so intricate story of America's founding fathers and framers, which swept the world up in awe when it premiered in January 2015. Critics awed, newfound Broadway fans obsessed, and historians validated, Hamilton was the first Broadway musical ever to have seen this success. Accessing a ticket to this show was nearly impossible. Although, that was until Disney released it on their platform, DisneyPlus on July 3rd, virtually giving every viewer a first row ticket.

Featuring the Original Broadway Cast and recorded during an actual show, Hamilton brings every avid virtual viewer actually into the Richard Rogers theater. The just-over two-and-a-half hour film (coined #Hamilfilm) takes its virtual audience on a journey: immersing them in the life of Alexander Hamilton (America's first secretary of the treasury & Founding Father). Whether it be the awe-inspiring talent of the actors, the subtly embedded humor, the idiosyncrasy of the set and its meanings, or the catchy music, the Hamilton musical is like no other, and is a must-watch.

Below, I'll give you the top nine moments that stood out most to me that are quite memorable.

*Warning: spoilers present (even though since this is history, you really can't spoil it.)

9. Dear Theodosia

Hamilton is most definitely a musical that, if anything, energizes and uplifts you with a strong beat.

However, the song Dear Theodosia, performed by Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr) and Alexander Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda) is one of the most emotion-filled, heart-wrenching songs in the entirety of the production. The overall depiction of both Burr and Hamilton in this song as fathers and husbands with domestic duties provides an intricate juxtaposition to their lives as fighters, politicians, and frenemies.

8. The Choreography in "Room Where it Happens'

Simply put, everything about this song is a masterpiece. This song provides insight into Aaron Burr's (Leslie Odom Jr.) innermost feelings.

Burr is a character that definitely confounds many; his patience and hesitance to make 'gutsy' moves definitely makes him stand apart from Hamilton. So, the audience is presented with an opportunity to look inside Burr's brain to understand why he is the way he is. This song begins with a slow, envy-filled beginning yet, like Burr, the song then becomes fast-paced and filled with emotion.

This choreography and mini-production, in itself, deserves two images:

7. One Last Time

Chris Jackson undeniably has one of the most soothing, powerful voices in the entire show and this song truly pays credence to that statement. Jackson plays George Washington in the show and brings his own spark to the character with his subtle acknowledgments to slavery, something that the real George Washington failed to call out.

6. Southern Mother****ing Democratic-Republicans!

One of the most underappreciated lines in the entire show, this one particular sentence is exclaimed by an eager Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson (Daveed Diggs), and James Madison (Oakiriete Onaodowan) when they mutually express their discontent with Alexander Hamilton.

5. Everyone, Give It Up For America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman!

Marquis de Lafayette, portrayed by Daveed Diggs, comes off initially as a slightly soft-spoken, yet clearly brilliant Frenchman who seemingly struggles with English. Yet, all of that is completely shattered by one of the fastest raps (considering this entire show is composed of rap, wow!) in the entire show.

Warning: this rap will most definitely cause your jaw to drop!

4. Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza in "The Schuyler Sisters"

Everything, and I mean everything about this masterpiece is a work of art. Three sisters, Peggy Schuyler (Jasmine Cephas Jones), Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton (Philippa Soo), and Angelica Schuyler (Reneé Elise Goldsberry), united by their strong sisterhood and feminist ideologies inculcate much that goes unnoticed to the common viewer. Whether it be Angelica's subtle jabs at Thomas Jefferson, the mesmerizing choreography, or the memorable harmonization, this piece is hands down one of the most "boppable" and lively pieces in the entire show.

And also, can we just talk about the three ladies' vocals? Absolutely inimitable and original (this line sound familiar?).

3. "Immigrants, we get the job done!"

Notably one of the most striking lines in the show, this one sentence has garnered much public attention and has been plastered on T-Shirts, hoodies, bags, etc.

In context, this occurs in the battle of Yorktown where Alexander Hamilton (played by Lin Manuel Miranda) and Marquis de Lafayette (Daveed Diggs) aim to assemble their troops for the Battle of Yorktown, a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Everytime this line is performed, it is met with monstrous applause from the live audience.

2. Reneé Elise Goldsberry's Rendition of "Satisfied"

Coined by Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, himself, this song is the fastest in the entire musical with a whopping average of 144 words per minute. This song, skillfully composed by Miranda and brilliantly executed by Reneé is a song that has known to have left the audience with goosebumps.

This act truly brings out the innermost feelings of Angelica Schuyler, highlighting what's underneath her brilliantly woven facade. Whether it be the choreography, the vocals, or the lighting, this song is one of the most memorable songs of Hamilton.

1. King George

When I tell you I was speechless, I'm not kidding.

Portrayed by Jonathan Groff, every aspect of King George is immaculately portrayed; whether it be Groff's eyes which stare into your soul to portray King George III's madness or his carefully balanced walk, if anything, this is the part that will stick in your mind (I swear!). Though Groff only had a mere nine minutes of stage time, he arguably made one of the most memorable portrayals of a character that Broadway has ever seen.

Hamilton might just be one of the most powerful artistic works of this generation. This masterpiece absolutely deserves a watch on Disney+. So, grab some popcorn, a cozy blanket, and your best singing voice and you're good to go!

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