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Unlock Your Español Skills with These Top-Notch Podcasts!

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February 28, 2023

Learning a new language is one of the most rewarding experiences. It opens doors to new cultures, people, and perspectives, enhances your cognitive skills, improves your memory and concentration, and boosts your employability and career prospects. Spanish is one of the world's most widely spoken and dynamic languages, with over 500 million native speakers across the globe.

Whether you plan to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, connect with Spanish-speaking communities, or broaden your horizons, learning Spanish can be exciting and life-changing. One of the best ways to learn Spanish is through podcasts. Podcasts are convenient, flexible, and engaging, offering many resources, insights, and entertainment for language learners of all levels.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Spanish language learning! Discover a diverse range of podcasts that cater to all interests, from news and politics to arts and entertainment. This article will guide you in making the most of these engaging resources and accelerating your language-learning journey.

A–Zero To A–Hero

If you're a beginner looking to improve your Spanish skills, the A-Zero to A-Hero podcast by Babbel is an excellent resource to consider. Two hosts lead the podcast: Héctor, a native Spanish speaker, and Catriona, also learning the language. With each episode, listeners can follow Catriona's journey to fluency as the hosts cover various aspects of Spanish, from grammar rules to vocabulary.

The podcast is designed for beginners, so it's an ideal starting point for anyone new to Spanish. The hosts speak slowly and clearly, making it easy for listeners to follow along and absorb the material. By the end of each episode, you'll have gained a deeper understanding of a specific language topic and have the tools to apply what you've learned in real-life situations. Overall, A-Zero to A-Hero is a helpful and engaging podcast for anyone looking to improve their Spanish skills.

Listen to A-Zero to A-Hero here

News In Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is a podcast designed for beginner to intermediate learners looking to improve their listening comprehension and vocabulary. The podcast features weekly episodes covering current events and news stories from around the world, all presented slowly, clearly, and easily understood. Each episode is divided into different segments, with hosts discussing the week's news and offering insights and commentary on each story.

The podcast is hosted by a team of native Spanish speakers who have years of experience in teaching and language education. They speak clearly and enunciate each word, making it easier for listeners to follow along and learn new vocabulary. News in Slow Spanish is an excellent resource for language learners who want to stay up-to-date on current events while improving their Spanish skills simultaneously. It's also a great way to immerse yourself in Spanish and culture and gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Listen to News in Slow Spanish here

StoryLearning Spanish

StoryLearning Spanish is a podcast that aims to teach Spanish through engaging stories and immersive narration. Each episode features a captivating tale in both English and Spanish, focusing on developing listening skills and building vocabulary. The stories cover various topics and genres, from suspense and romance to history and culture, and are designed to be entertaining and educational. By following the characters and plot twists, listeners can absorb Spanish grammar and vocabulary naturally and engagingly.

This podcast suits low-intermediate learners looking for a fun and effective way to practice their Spanish listening and comprehension skills. The stories are narrated moderately, with clear enunciation and helpful explanations of keywords and phrases.

The podcast is run by Sofía Félix Poggi and Olly Richards, a language expert, and educator who has created a range of popular language-learning resources, including books, courses, and podcasts. Richards is known for his innovative and engaging teaching methods and ability to simplify complex concepts and grammar rules into easily digestible chunks.

Listen to StoryLearning Spanish here


Nómadas is a popular Spanish-language travel and culture podcast ideal for intermediate and advanced language learners. Produced by Spanish National Radio (RNE), the podcast features a team of experienced journalists who explore different countries and regions worldwide, uncovering unique stories, customs, and traditions. With a mix of interviews, commentary, and on-the-ground reporting, Nómadas offers listeners an immersive and engaging listening experience that enhances their language skills and expands their knowledge of global cultures.

One of the strengths of Nómadas is the variety of topics and destinations, ranging from major global cities like New York and Paris to lesser-known locations like the Faroe Islands and Burkina Faso. The show's hosts provide insightful analysis and context for each location, making it an excellent resource for learners who want to broaden their cultural horizons while improving their language proficiency.

While the show is generally geared towards intermediate and advanced learners, even beginners can benefit from the slower pace of speech and the clear, articulate enunciation of the hosts. Overall, Nómadas is a highly informative and enjoyable podcast that will captivate anyone interested in travel, culture, and language learning.

Listen to Nómadas here

Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante is a highly acclaimed podcast offering a unique window into Latin America through diverse stories and perspectives. The podcast is in Spanish, making it an excellent resource for those who want to improve their language skills while learning about the region's culture, politics, and society.

Radio Ambulante is designed for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners, as the hosts speak at a natural pace and use complex vocabulary and grammar structures. However, even beginners can benefit from listening to the podcast, as it offers an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the language and develop listening comprehension skills.

The podcast is produced by a team of journalists, writers, and audio producers from various countries in Latin America and the United States. The acclaimed Peruvian journalist, Daniel Alarcón, hosts the show and features a rotating cast of correspondents and contributors from across the region. The stories cover various topics, from politics and social issues to personal narratives and cultural phenomena.

Each episode is meticulously produced with high-quality sound design, music, and editing, making it a truly immersive listening experience. Radio Ambulante has been recognized with numerous awards and has a dedicated following of Spanish learners and Latin American culture enthusiasts worldwide.

Listen to Radio Ambulante here

Embarking on a journey to learn a new language may seem challenging. Still, it can also be a gratifying adventure that opens up new possibilities. Fortunately, in today's digital age, there are more resources to help you on your language-learning journey, including podcasts.

However, learning a new language requires patience, persistence, and dedication. It's important to remember that progress may not come quickly, and frustration and discouragement may occur. By approaching the learning process with determination, positivity, and access to the right tools, anyone can master Spanish and discover fresh opportunities and exciting encounters. Happy Listening!

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