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5 Podcasts to Stay Up to Date with Global Affairs

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Thu, January 25

We live in a world that seems to provide no armor or immunity to the evils swirling around. These evils come in the form of deep fakes, fake news, cyberbullying, and media trolls. Over the past decade, short-form audio and video content has rapidly advanced.

However, much of this content is edited in a way that tends to mislead viewers. As a result, in times like these, dependable journalism has become the need of the hour.

Waking up in the morning, unlocking our phones, and scrolling through the news becomes more of a challenge with every passing day. Combating this challenge can be mentally taxing. Worry not!

Bringing dependable journalism right to your earbuds, here are five reliable podcast recommendations to keep you in the right loop.

The Daily by The New York Times

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Is it really a surprise that The New York Times podcast was included on this list? With its first episode being uploaded in 2017, The Daily has gained relevance not only in its niche but also in the variety of episodes that can be found. The Daily prides itself on narrating the "biggest stories of our time." In this podcast, episodes are narrated in a way that engages the listeners and gives a voice to the people whose stories are being told.

Recommended episodes that are engaging, vocal, and thought-provoking.

"A confusing new world for college applicants": Affirmative action and its possible implications are addressed in this podcast. This is done through conversations with students and demonstrated research. What's great is how the focus alternates between the impact on students and the colleges.

"How A Paradise Became A Death Trap": The podcast begins with the sound of a phone ringing, and the story is narrated from the survivors' perspective. This makes the episode more engaging and goes in-depth regarding the Maui Fires. The incident is recollected down to the very last detail.

Morning Brew Daily

The Morning Brew Daily podcast has got you covered every single day. The major theme among most of the episodes is that they're all business-oriented. A notable morning brew episode that is particularly enjoyable is how everything's upbeat.

The hosts' personalities shine through their voices and scripts. While jokes are cracked, the central theme of the podcast episode always stays.

Recommended episodes that were enjoyable yet informative.

Oil Deals at the Climate Summit & Finding Love on Duolingo: This episode was informative not just for someone who followed the COP28 summit for her economics organization, but it was also narrated with zeal. It's hilarious how all the different topics of the episode have zero relation to each other, but Neal and Toby create a blend that is nothing short of seamless.

'Atomic Habits' Author James Clear Helps You Own the New Year: The first 3 minutes are the podcast's most engaging parts due to the hosts' upbeat nature. On the whole, the entire episode is engaging, and James Clear provides both advice and valuable insights about building habits. The episode feels less like an interview and more like an informative conversation, which adds to the show's overall appeal.

Wall Street Breakfast

Image by Firmbee on Unsplash

Wall Street Breakfast is less of a world news podcast and more of an investment-oriented podcast. One of their most recent episodes is "2024: The Year of Living Dangerously". The podcast is accurate and great for someone just starting their investment or investing news journey. The podcast stays true to its name because the entire theme of the podcast makes it something that should be listened to in the morning to get an investment head start for the day.

"Go out and make it a great day!" is also a great closing line.

A recommended episode to gauge your liking of the podcast :

AstraZeneca to buy Gracell Biotechnologies: The podcast is essentially an audio rendering of the news and the most recent investment deals. The episodes have a formal feel, with the primary focus being delivering accurate news. Therefore, it accounts for a great morning listen.

Global News Podcast by BBC World Service

The podcast airs twice a weekday and consists of the stories BBC has covered. It's worth noting that a majority of the stories are politically inclined. For example, most episodes cover conflicts that have recently overtaken the world. Another notable episode was the UN Climate Summit and the COP28 deal, which were covered in great detail.

The Happy Pod: Why Whales Wear Seaweed: The Happy Pod feature is a great break from the war and political themes that overshadow most podcast episodes. The episode touches on the impact of climate change on whales. What's admirable is the different inputs given by the different voices on the podcast. This adds another layer to the topic, piquing the listener's curiosity and interest as well.

Reuters World News

It's exactly what the title says. Reuters World News focuses on the world's happenings, highlighting different storylines and events. For example, some recent episodes are election-centric, focusing on the major elections taking place in various countries of the world.

On the other hand, another episode captures the in-depth investigation of the death of a journalist killed on the Lebanon border. The variety in the news will allow listeners to gain awareness regarding various fields, ultimately broadening their knowledge base.

2024 Elections Around The World: Democracy on the Line: The narration was more captivating than the actual content of the episode. Christopher Walljasper has an engaging tone to his voice that subtly commands your attention. The episode is undoubtedly informative, and the scope of the content covered ranges from Trump to Taiwan.


Image by Will Francis on Unsplash

As a consumer of global happenings, the above podcasts aren't the only ones covering world news. The episodes' links lead to Spotify versions of the episodes, although transcripts can also be found on most podcasts' official websites. Listen to each of the recommended episodes, and then make your choice. It's best to choose an informative and engaging podcast you can listen to regardless of the place or time of the day.

Happy Listening!

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