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Trying the World's Comfiest Shoes: Sustainable & Stylish, Allbirds is for All Days

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August 08, 2022

Without a doubt, the one accessory- or wardrobe staple, if you will- that you can't leave the house without are shoes. Every occasion calls for different styles, but the ones we always find ourselves gravitating to are sneakers. After all, they're the easiest to walk around in and are pretty much set for any outdoor activity.

With Allbirds, the brand is taking a new, different approach to shoewear. Made not just for exercise but for simple everyday tasks, their shoes are redefining the way we carry ourselves- literally.

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A brand dedicated to not only designing the world's most comfortable shoes but also to establishing a more sustainable future through fashion, Allbirds is creating stylish shoewear that puts forward all the basic needs of a perfect shoe.

The Tree Pipers: A Classic Must-Have

Everywhere and anywhere you go, a classic white sneaker will always be easy to slip on and will look good with practically any outfit. To give your feet extra support, opt for the Tree Pipers, a low-top style made with eucalyptus fiber.

A lightweight pair of sneakers that is perfect for all season long and especially the warmer times, this classic white pair will never go out of style!

Shop the Tree Pipers in Kaikoura White here.

The Tree Pipers are made with textured fabric all over, which is both breathable during hot, sweaty days and sturdy even during rainy days. The knit is such soft material, and the eucalyptus tree fiber makes the exterior perfect for keeping the inside cool.

Featuring classic designs such as lace-ups (made from recycled plastic bottles- how cool is that?) and a tab in the back for an easy slip-on, the Tree Pipers are the definition of timeless and chic.

What really makes a world of a difference is the moment you try them on. Right away, you'll notice the textured insoles, which are made from a combination of layered foam and wool for the most comfortable platform to be on. To the touch, the gray insoles feel fuzzy- all thanks to its special components that take both our comfort and the planet into consideration.

"We layered castor bean oil, which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam, and ZQ Merino wool for a cushiony, moisture wicking, and odor reducing insole," says Allbirds. Even after a day spent standing and walking all day, the insoles kept me from any aches and blisters!

That's not all; the midsole is crafted to keep the shoe from caving in. There's nothing worse than a pair of shoes that quickly flatten, but with the Tree Pipers' sugarcane midsoles, you'll be kept on your toes and healthily active. Plus, on top of that, the midsoles are eco-conscious. "Our Brazilian sugarcane midsole is called SweetFoam®, which is made with the world’s first carbon negative green EVA," says Allbirds.

The combination of the carefully designed soles and exterior textile makes the Tree Pipers the perfect go-to for daily activities. I love that these shoes feel like a cloud to walk on and that they provide structural support for even the most active movements.

The Kaikoura White is a part of the Classics color and comes with an all-white sole as well. I love that the shoe itself is a more light gray-white, which adds to the overall clean aesthetic while making it easier for maintenance. The Tree Pipers also come in two other Classics colors as well as twelve Limited Edition colors that range from bold to playful.

I love how versatile these sneakers are; whether you wear them to school, a grocery store run, or on the running tracks, the Tree Pipers will perform their job exactly as you want them to.

Even when it comes to styling, the Tree Pipers are as easy as can be. Go for something dainty with a long midi skirt, or something everyday-casual with jeans- and you can always go athletic-mode with your favorite running set!

Doing Good For The Planet

Genuinely good shoewear goes beyond the style and the run, and with Allbirds's applaudable sustainability efforts, the brand is demonstrating exactly that through tangible practices.

That includes the effortlessly chic Tree Pipers. "Our Tree Piper is carbon neutral thanks to sustainable practices like using more natural materials and funding high impact carbon projects," says Allbirds.

That's not all. From resourcing renewable resources, supporting regenerative agriculture, applying responsible energy, and transparently communicating their progress and plans, Allbirds is truly going above and beyond to ensure our world is made a better place.

To learn more about Allbirds's carbon footprint labeling, click here. To learn more about Allbirds's commitments, click here.

Pink On Wednesdays, Always

Psst... if you haven't heard, the iconic Mean Girl actress Lindsay Lohan has recently partnered with Allbirds for the most fabulously hot pink pair of running speakers ever.

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Shop Lindsay's look here.

With Lindsay, Allbirds is dropping the new Tree Flyer in shade Lux Pink. The Tree Flyer is "a lightweight, super springy, and wildly comfortable running shoe, making the effort you put into every run, jog, or even an enthusiastic power walk feel more effortless," says Allbirds.

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The gorgeous pink totally catches our attention, and as Gretchen might say, it's totally fetch.

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