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Top 9 YA Books That Are Coming Out in 2024

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Wed, February 21

2024 is a huge year for YA readers. With popular and newer authors all releasing books this year, every book-lover is running to their nearest Barnes and Noble every Tuesday morning. As a reader, I love heading to the bookstore after anxiously waiting for a new release.

This year has quite a lineup, ranging from romance to murder mystery to fantasy novels. We are also getting long-awaited installments in some of our favorite series. Below are nine books to get excited to see on the shelves this year.

The Reappearance of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson

Author of the bestselling series A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, Holly Jackson is releasing a new standalone novel, The Reappearance of Rachel Price. Protagonist Bel Price's mother Rachel went missing sixteen years ago, and Bel was the only witness. Bel's family then agrees to a true crime documentary about the disappearance of her mother, when the unthinkable happens: Rachel reappears.

Bel now has to figure out the truth during the documentary filming. Coming out on April 2nd, this novel is one of the most anticipated of the year.

Such Charming Liars by Karen M. McManus

Karen M. McManus, the queen of YA murder mystery books, is gracing us with another standalone mystery novel this year. Such Charming Liars is set in a jewelry heist and centers around two ex-step siblings, Kat and Liam.

The two of them are the killer's new targets, and realize that they need to work together if they want to survive. This book will be released on July 30th, and will probably fly off the shelves.

Side note: Author Karen M. McManus did an interview with The Teen Magazine- check it out here!

The Grandest Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Grandest Game is the first book in the new spinoff series of The Inheritance Games. Featuring Avery Grambs and the four Hawthorne brothers, this novel is sure to be a hit for fans of The Inheritance Games. Avery is hosting an exclusive annual competition with only seven players, who will do anything to win the millions at stake.

Grayson fans, he also plays a major role in this book. Coming out on YA's biggest day of the year, July 30th, this new series will be as much of a hit as the original.

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Kill Her Twice by Stacey Lee

Set in 1932 in Los Angeles, Kill Her Twice has three sisters, May, Gemma, and Peony, as its protagonists who are investigating their famous friend's murder. However, their investigation might end up putting them right in the killer's line of fire. This combination of murder mystery and historical fiction is sure to be a hit, especially since it's coming from popular historical fiction author Stacey Lee. This novel comes out on April 23rd, so make sure to head to your nearest bookstore to pick it up.

Last One to Die by Cynthia Murphy

BookTok's “CEO of plot twists” Cynthia Murphy is releasing a new supernatural thriller book, Last One to Die, on March 5th. This novel features Nimah, who has just arrived at drama camp to discover that girls that look similar to her are getting attacked. Combining historical aspects from the Victorian era and modern-day elements, this book is great for thriller fans. Make sure to check it out in stores in a few weeks!

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Sweet Vengeance by Tracy Wolff

Sweet Vengeance is the final installment of the spinoff series of Crave, a hit vampire fantasy series. This book is the long-awaited love story of Izzy Vega and Remy Villanova Bordeaux. We can expect tons of plot twists and fantasy elements throughout this book. If you have never read Crave or its spinoff series, check it out before this novel comes out on May 7th.

The Last Bloodcarver by Vanessa Lee

The Last Bloodcarver is an exciting new fantasy release that will come out on March 19th. The main character Nihka is a bloodcarver, which is someone who can alter human biology by simply touching someone. When she is caught by the Butchers, she is forced to use her gift on the last witness to a notorious murder.

This leads her farther into the investigation and makes her realize that she has to make a hard choice to survive. Fantasy fans, make sure to check this book out!

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The Ballad of Darcy and Russell by Morgan Matson

Romance fans, this book is for you. In this romance novel, protagonists Darcy and Russell meet one night, and it changes everything. The book focuses on the one night that they spend together wandering around their town.

New York Times bestselling author Morgan Matson focuses on how one night can change everything and how not everything is planned or expected. The Ballad of Darcy and Russell comes out on May 7th, so make sure to check it out!

Love Requires Chocolate by Ravynn K. Stringfield

This romance novel is from a newer author, Ravynn K. Stringfield. Protagonist Whitney Curry is excited to spend her semester abroad in Paris and has every detail planned.

However, after struggling with homesickness, homework, and French, Thierry Magnon begins to help her with her French. He is determined to show Whitney the real Paris, and even teach her a bit about love. This book will be the first in the series and will be out on August 20th.

Keep these dates in mind so that you can head to your nearest Barnes and Noble this year. All of these books are exciting new releases for YA fans and are sure to become hits. Also, if you are looking to get into a new genre, any of the books (or the books at the beginning of their series) are great to introduce you to the genre. Have fun reading this year!

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