Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin - How to Get Clear Skin
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Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin - How to Get Clear Skin

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July 07, 2017

Isn't it just so annoying when a new spot has popped up overnight and you're suffering from a huge breakout from all that school stress? I know, I have been there. To help you conquer your skin quest, I am going to be sharing with you my top 5 tips for clearer skin. Hopefully, these steps will not only clear up your skin but make you feel good in your body and increase your confidence! 

1. Drink Water

Now for many of us this can be a chore, it is very hard understandably to drink lots of water but if you put the effort into even have one 500ml bottle a day it will eventually make a difference. Water makes such a transformation to your skin, as your body runs on water so the more hydrated it is the more your skin will glow and look lovely and bright!

2. Eat Healthy Food

Now that the summer is here, fresh fruit seems so much more appealing as it is really fresh and juicy. If you are not the biggest fan og fruit eating more vegetables is also good too. Just making your diet a little better will help your skin and your whole body. Try and keep your diet balanced though, if for snacks for most of the week you've had fruit or veg treat yourself to some sweet goodies on the weekend, it doesn't hurt to have some treats ever so often!

3. Keep A Good Skincare Routine Going

It is totally fine to still wear makeup when you are trying to clear your skin, as long as you use products that won't break you out even more.The same rules apply for your skincare, having just a simple routine of cleansing, tone and moisturize is fine if you use products that you feel do things for your skin and work well with your skin. Use as many natural products as possible like tea tree oil and products from lush all natural and vegan. Garnier is a really great drugstore brand for skincare as they do it for all different skin types and all their products are high quality and lovely.

Obviously, things that work for some people's skins won't work for some other people's, your skin care and how you look after your skin has to be personal and right for you. It has to help you and bring out the best your skin can be!

4. Have Some No Makeup Days

No makeup days are great things to have, Even having one a month is good. Letting your skin breathe and letting the air hit it directly is a great thing for clearing it and getting it healthier. Letting your skin get some sun also helps as long as you use SPF so that you don't end up damaging your skin, the sun can be a great benefit. Embrace the wonders of natural skin and love it!

5. Wash your Face

It is so important to do this, if you keep your skin clean it will prevent bacteria spreading and getting onto spot prone areas and giving you more blemishes. This is definitely a key tip to clearer skin if your pores are clogged up, it is more likely that spots will spread so definitely do this even if nothing else appeals. It is definitely the most important.

That is it for today's article!

Love Eden xx

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