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Tips for Starting a Youtube Channel from Home

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May 01, 2020

Staying indoors all day can be very boring and annoying. For some people, tik tok is now their favourite past time, for others it's online shopping, but the majority look up to YouTube to keep themselves entertained when they are not taking lessons online (online schooling). The good thing about YouTube is that you can create your own channel and start making awesome contents too.

That being said I emailed some successful YouTubers asking for tips on how to start a YouTube channel from home and I was privileged to get a reply from one of my personal favourite YouTubers; Treasure Chris.

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Treasure Chris owns a successful YouTube channel that has more than a thousand subscribers. She posts educational and lifestyle videos on YouTube and she has an amazing personality and a good sense of humour. In her exact words:

Starting a YouTube channel on its own can be a little tasking when it comes to getting creative ideas that your audience want to watch. Now when you take it a step further to starting it at home, where there's seemly limited space to truly explore your creativity; it could be a little intimidating.

However, it is actually very possible and in fact has it advantages. So these are some of the tips she offered:

1) Secure different filming set ups.

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Since your limited to filming at home, it is important to make sure that the background of your videos are just as luring as the video itself. Filming against a blank wall can be good sometimes but it could get boring for your audience so switch things up.

2) Secure good lightning.

As important as background and actual video content is, lightning is actually just as important because its can drastically improve your content and visual, so if you don't have the filming equipments like a ringlight for example, sit near a window.

3) Plan out your video ideas.

Consistency is key on YouTube, so before you start your Youtube channel, it would be a good idea to plan out the first couple of videos you would film so you don't run out of ideas and start slacking. But have fun with it.

4) Have fun and get creative.

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Filming at home is actually very convenient, Don't you think? You have the luxury of time management, comfortability and independence. So have fun, don't restrict yourself.

5) Engage with your audience.

One of the biggest advantage with starting a YouTube channel at home is that most of your videos would be sit down videos and most times videos like that consist more of talking and less action (sometimes). Take this as an opportunity to connect with your growing audience, let them get to know you and what your channel is about.

6) Don't limit yourself.

Asides 'sit down' videos there are tons of videos that you can create that require movements and action, so find out. Research, watch 'video ideas' videos on Youtube. (Checkout my channel for one- Treasure Chris)

Finally, JUST START, there's really no method to Youtube. You are going to figure out your niche and you're going to find your target audience. So quit wasting time and second guessing and START CREATING CONTENT.

If you want more tips on starting a Youtube channel, you can click on this link to watch her video on the topic:


Remember to subscribe to her channel on YouTube @Treasure chris to get more educative, entertaining and amazing videos.


You can also follow her on Instagram through this link.


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Another YouTuber named Annie long made a video addressing how to start a successful youtube channel and grow it in 2020. She really emphasized some really important but underated tips such as working on your thumbnails and the need for thorough video editing. You can watch her YouTube video here;


Also, here are some of my personal (extra) tips

8. Don't Join YouTube for the money

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Many people tend to join YouTube because they hear that it's a good source of income and though that may be true, it is also very unsustainable. YouTube like any other social media platform isn't stable. People can go from loving you one minute to hating you in another, so when listing out the reasons why you want to join the content creating society on YouTube, please do check the money making aspect out of the list.

9. Don't stress over figures

Another tip especially for new YouTubers is to not stress over the numbers of views or likes that you have. When I first started posting videos, I would always say to myself "this video is sure to go viral" and I would end up being disappointed because it wouldn't. Sometimes, the videos we expect to do well on our channel may not do well and the ones we least expect to do well may eventually blow up.

All I'm trying to say is that don't spend too much time worrying about getting views and subscribers. Just stay consistent and the figures will increase gradually.

10. Promote your videos on other social media

Image Credit: Magnus Mueller from Pexels

It's really hard for people to find your videos on YouTube especially if you're just starting out. Therefore, you need to promote your videos on your other social media. Share your YouTube video links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even snap chat.

DM your friends and family members and tell them to watch and also share it to their friends and family members too. Remember, no one knows you on YouTube so in order to get noticed you need to promote your videos.

And finally just as Treasure said, JUST START. Begin with what you have. Don't hesitate because you don't have a camera or you don't have a professional video editing app.

Many YouTubers started off with just their phone, so just quit procastinating and start it already. I hope you found these tips helpful, leave a comment if you have any questions.

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