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Time to Hit Starbucks: It's the 2022 Holiday Season!

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December 18, 2022

Goodbye pumpkin spice latte! It's the 2022 holiday season and Starbucks is embracing it with a plethora of seasonal drinks! With a wide array of flavors, from peppermint to sugar cookie, there's something for everyone on this menu.

1. Peppermint Mocha

First making its debut in 2002, the peppermint mocha is 20 years strong! This drink combines espresso with steamed milk, mocha sauce and peppermint-flavored syrup. To complete the package, whipped cream and chocolate curls are added on top!

This is a great option for those who are not huge fans of coffee, as the chocolate flavor shines through. It tastes mostly like a delicious peppermint hot chocolate, perfect to warm you up on an ice-cold day! As an overall rating, I would give the peppermint mocha a 9/10.

2. Caramel Brulée Latte

This warm drink combines espresso, steamed milk and caramel brulée sauce to create a unique salted caramel flavor. It is topped off with whipped cream and caramel brulée chips. Even to the usual caramel critics, this latte brings the perfect flavor to delight everyone.

As an overall rating, I would give the caramel brulée latte a 6.5/10. A cousin of the peppermint mocha, the caramel brulée latte is another returning favorite.

3. Chestnut Praline Latte

This latte has a unique flavor that many people return for each winter! Along with espresso and steamed milk, this latte also includes caramelized chestnuts and spices, creating its signature flavor. Its all topped off with whipped cream and specially spiced praline crumbs sprinkled on top. Although I have never tried this drink, it's on my to-do list and should be on yours as well!

4. Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

White chocolate mocha sauce is combined with steamed milk and espresso to create a downright amazing drink! The latte is complete with some whipped cream, sprinkles, and white pearls. The white chocolate flavor is not overpowering, so it is able to be finished without you feeling sick.

If you only try one item on the holiday menu, make it the toasted white chocolate mocha. As an overall rating, I would give the toasted white chocolate mocha a 10/10. Go Starbucks!

5. Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte

The TikTok-famous iced sugar cookie almondmilk latte returns for the second year in a row! This drink combines Starbucks Blonde Espresso, sugar cookie syrup, ice, almond milk, and topped with sprinkles. Although you can get this, and every drink on this menu, either hot or cold, this latte is recommended cold.

So make sure this isn't the drink you're sipping while on a winter stroll! As an overall rating, I would give the iced sugar cookie almond milk latte a 9/10.

6. Irish Cream Cold Brew

To create the Irish cream cold brew, Starbucks Cold Brew is blended with Irish Cream Syrup, and topped with oozing vanilla sweet cream foam and cocoa powder. This cold brew is the ideal drink for those who want a traditional coffee flavor- strong with little added sweetener. The cocoa powder is just for aesthetics and does not do much to add a chocolate flavor to the drink. The Irish cream cold brew brings up the caboose on the Starbucks holiday menu and rounds it out as a splash of traditional coffee in the midst of sweetness.

These six holiday drinks are all you need to give this winter a special holiday flair! From the sweet toasted white chocolate mocha to the tart Irish cream cold brew, there's a flavor for everyone on this menu. However, the US is not the only country delighting in Starbucks this season!

Latin America and the Caribbean are celebrating with a Merry Strawberry Mocha, and Asia, Japan, Europe, the Middle East and Africa have a Gingerbread Latte! South Korea has even brought in an Aurora Chamomile Tea Relaxer. Join the world in celebrating the holiday season and pick up a drink at a Starbucks close to you!

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