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I admit that the saying, "it gets worse later" is indeed true. I certainly did take High School for granted, and no, I do not mean my classes because academically, I am just fine. I am talking about the things outside of studying that makes you revisit the senior year yearbook. Honestly speaking, High School is a period between adulthood and childhood so it gives you freedom without the responsibility, and I miss it very much. To be clear, I actually do not miss going to school and sitting in those tiny and scorching classes to end up studying mostly unnecessary things. I miss the casualties and opportunities that one can take in High School, but not later on in life.

Moments one should seize and not take for granted in High School:

1. Missing Classes

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Remember when you did not want to attend Miss Stacy's boring English class? Or when you did not submit the 10 slide PowerPoint presentation for geography class, so you just skipped the class? Copying notes the other day would be just fine for a High School student because the professors in universities cover a good chunk of the syllabus in one class and nobody writes notes to your liking, so you cannot afford to miss your college class.

2. School Parties

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Indeed, High school parties aren’t the most high-end parties to ever exist, the dressing up for the event, the making fun of the party, dancing to music that is usually played in H&M, and most importantly- the after party or hanging out with your friends after the party is a lifetime experience, especially if you are not with a date. Trust me sneaking in alcohol and dancing on cheesy songs is way better than the formal and extremely boring events that universities have for their students.

3. Field Trips

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According to teachers, field trips are educational. Although I do not deny that, field trips for me were an escape from my monotonous life. Colleges would never give you anything like this unless you sign up for an expensive study abroad year. So do go to your field trips to relax and play spin the bottle.

4. Sports or Extra-Curricular Activities

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Hear me out, I was never a part of any sports team, but one should always take part in at least 2 sporting events. I remember dancing to Havana- by Camila Cabello- with the goalkeeper while playing soccer, then our chemistry teacher caught us and we were dying of embarrassment. Even though universities do have gyms, you would never experience these embarrassing situations because nobody goes to the gym for embarrassing themselves, it's just for staying fit and glaring at women.

5. Charity Events

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These are not only important for your resume but also very vital for your personal growth. Donating clothes every year always gave me satisfaction but putting an extra effort to accumulate money for donating to an orphanage by putting up a bake sale, will be a kind act I will always remember. These events make you humble and everybody needs them because those who don't, end up being snobby brats in university.

6. Going out with my friends

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I always thought I didn't have any time to spend on myself because of all the tests. SO HEAR ME OUT: IT GETS WORSE LATER ON. I remember watching Aladdin with one of my friends, we sang our hearts out in the movie theatre because it was empty. Paying taxes and going out to do laundry while studying at the same time will consume your whole day.

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