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These Hemp-Based Outfits Serves Main Character Energy in a Summer Movie: Stay Sustainable and Stylish with Afends

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Mon, February 26

Summer is right around the corner, and the long-awaited time to be basking in the glorious sunshine, lounge during the daytime by the palm trees and cool breeze, and spend the late nights by the bonfire is now finally here.

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If anything, there is a sense of electric spark in the air, and more than ever, this coming summer truly feels like one for the books. Maybe cheesy, but it’s true: this summer is all about living out your main character dreams.

Be The Main Character

To feel like such a main character from a coming-of-age film or a classic movie all about that vibrant youthful energy, you need a closet fit for one. If any brand has nailed that classic beachside look with a touch of timeless modernity and aesthetic ease, it has to be Afends.

Shop Afends at afends.com

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Based in Byron Bay, Afends is centered around a culture of surf and skate that has been flawlessly fueled by the punk and hardcore movement of the 2000s. There’s something so carefree and spirited about Afends: it’s vibrant, it’s genuine, and it’s living in the moment.

Aside from its classically cool charm that is both timeless and trendy at the same time, something else makes Afends stands out: its promise to our planet.

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“Driven by environmental and social impacts, we strive to do what's best for people and the planet; to design and deliver durable, eco-friendly and timeless apparel that will last a lifetime,” shares the brand.

For The Planet

Most notably, Afends creates their outfits from a blend of hemp fabric. “The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The environmental damage that it causes is devastating, but we believe there are solutions and alternatives to these issues,” says Afends.

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“This is where hemp comes in. As a renewable resource, hemp takes as little as 90 days to cultivate, requires significantly less water than cotton, and produces significantly more fibre per acre. It supplies its own nutrients to the soil, which replenishes its fertility, and needs no toxic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides in order to grow, making hemp the frontrunner for the most sustainable and economical potential. The more we have investigated and researched, the deeper our understanding has become that this plant is the way of the future.”

As unbelievable as it is, Afends’s hemp-based fabrics have made for the most lightweight, breathable, and comfortable outfits. In a way, it’s genius and a testament to Afends’s way of finding creative solutions all in a fashion-forward direction. If anything, it truly is revolutionary.

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“Sustainability through innovation, action and positive change. Be defined by what you create, not what you destroy.”


With the approaching warmer weather, here are our must-have picks for the season that you can rotate in and out of your closet throughout the year- a great indicator of great styles you’ll be sure to love forever:

A Strapless Little Black Dress

I might believe in love at first sight because of this dress.

Shop the Lilo Strapless Mini Dress in Black here.

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Summer is the ultimate time to be wearing a strapless mini dress, and this dress puts a little spin on it by keeping it perfect for a night out, too.

With a form-fitting, flattering silhouette that hugs the curves at all the right spots but keeps it flowy at the skirt, this dress truly looks stunning on.

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The cult-classic mini dress has the iconic tube top torso (that’s incredibly secure, so you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling it up) that flows down into a skater skirt.

This lightweight hemp and tencel blend dress keeps it easygoing and laid back. There’s something so simple about this dress that makes it even more of a joy to wear. Whether you dress it up with your favorite kitten heels, keep it casual with your leather sneakers, or go full-on city girl mode with chic boots, the possibilities are endless.

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The Ultimate Baby Tee

Forget about any other baby tee- this is the absolute best one, and I mean it.

Shop the Carmen Hemp Baby T-Shirt in Black here.

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I’m a huge baby tee enthusiast, and I’m a strong believer that it’s never just a trend. And if you think of it as a trend, I’m telling you, the 90s never truly goes away, and the Rachel Green-esque baby tees will forever be iconic.

I had been looking for the perfect baby tee forever, so I was genuinely over the moon when I tried on the Carmen T-Shirt and it actually checked all the boxes I was looking for.

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First off, it’s the perfect fit and silhouette. It’s not too tight or too boxy, so it still fives you some form without being way too cropped. In fact, it hits right above the waist, making it perfect for any kind of rise of bottoms.

The eco-friendly hemp and organic jersey fabric makes this so breezy and lightweight to wear. This tee is genuinely the most comfortable thing ever.

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With its classic black hue, this tee is the perfect top to have on rotation for just about any occasion. It’ll look good paired with anything.

Hello, Spring: Floral and Flirty

Nothing is more feminine and delicately beautiful than flowers and a long skirt. I don’t make the rules!

Shop the Petal Maxi Skirt here.

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Featuring a gorgeous medley of white and sky blue daisy flowers paired with chartreuse leaves against a sepia brown skirt, this dress is the dreamiest ode to spring.

The skirt is not too thin, giving you a comfortable coverage, but has a great breathable factor to the fabric, making it easy to wear out and about.

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I just love how the maxi skirt moves with ease while still hugging your silhouette. It hits at the ankles, making it the perfect match for your favorite strappy sandals.

Wear this to a sunny picnic or a sweet lunch date, and you’re all set!

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Babe and A Boss in Black

These pants feel as comfortable as yoga pants but will make you look like a total boss babe. That’s what we call best of both worlds.

Shop the Birkin Flared Pants here.

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An ode to the iconic fashion icon and aesthetic dream girl Jane Birkin, these flared pants are all about that simple chic look that Jane herself was so renowned for.

With a semi-fitted silhouette that hugs right at the hits but ends at a flattering flared cut leg, the Birkin Flared Pants are all about the flow of the movement.

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Plus, these pants are solid black, but are as lightweight and breathable as can be. The premium quality blend of 100% eco-friendly hemp and tencel makes these pants feel just like lounge pants, only so much more versatile.

I just adore how functional these pants are. They come with all the pockets needed for the daily necessities and can be dressed up or down to whatever the occasion calls for. Pair it with your favorite high-neck blouse for a dressed-up look, or keep it easy with a cropped tank top– any way you take it, it’s sure to come together.

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Keeping It Chill and Blue

Nothing is more timeless and in style than a pair of vivid blue jeans.

Shop the Gigi Hemp Denim Flared Pants in Authentic Blue here.

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There is always an occasion for classic blue jeans, and the Gigi Flared Denim Pants know exactly what they are doing.

These high-rise waist jeans flow out into a super-wide loose leg, but maintain a straight-lined silhouette with an inner leg paneling design. I just love how these jeans accentuate the legs, making them look miles long and giving your proportions a totally updated look to the 90s-inspired design.

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Plus, the eco-friendly cotton and hemp denim gives the jeans a midweight feel, making them stretch and move with your body, not the other way around. Denim doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to wear, and the ease of wearing the Gigi Flared Pants proves it all!

I mean, the Authentic Blue shade of the jeans couldn’t have nailed the bright blue shade of classic denim even more. Pair this with your favorite worn-in white baby tee, and you’ve got the most iconic look ever.

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