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These 6 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials Have Multiplied My Outfit Options: Sustainable Hemp Classics from Afends

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Mon, May 13

Around two years ago, my closet looked drastically different from now. The pastel aesthetic was dominating social media, and I just couldn’t get enough. Just about every sweater with funky prints found its way inside my closet, and all of my jeans were patterned and in virtually every color of the rainbow. Now, I can’t even remember the last time I wore such bold prints on a daily basis!

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With the viral factor of fashion nowadays, it’s easy to get caught up in what the latest obsession in the fashion world is. From the “clean girl” look that took over last winter to the now “grunge” look in time for the warmer festival weather, it’s not simple to keep track of everything.

I’m Retiring From Micro Trends- For Good

As someone who has officially retired from keeping up with micro trends that blaze through the internet on a weekly basis, I’ve found that what the true fashionistas say is true: less is more.

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My most recent fashion choices have shown me that the pieces that are worth getting are those that are investable. They’re classy but exciting, timeless but interesting, and made of high-quality fabric that won’t fray, pill, and thin out too easily.

I’ve been looking for classic pieces that are suitable for just about any moment and any occasion, and I couldn’t be more excited to find out that Afends checked just about every single one of my boxes.

Shop Afends at afends.com

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Not only are their pieces made with clean-cut silhouettes that are flattering on the body, but high-quality fabric that happens to be sustainable.

An Eco-Friendly Solution With Hemp

“The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The environmental damage that it causes is devastating, but we believe there are solutions and alternatives to these issues,” says Afends.

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“This is where hemp comes in. As a renewable resource, hemp takes as little as 90 days to cultivate, requires significantly less water than cotton, and produces significantly more fibre per acre. It supplies its own nutrients to the soil, which replenishes its fertility, and needs no toxic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides in order to grow, making hemp the frontrunner for the most sustainable and economical potential. The more we have investigated and researched, the deeper our understanding has become that this plant is the way of the future.”

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“The youth are the future and we feel it’s important for Afends to be a role model in sustainable practices. We’ve spent years researching Hemp, our favourite eco-friendly fabric alternative that’s been dismissed largely due to outdated propaganda.”


Summer-Ready? More Like All-Season All-Stars

Plus, with summer approaching, Afends’s latest pieces are not only perfect for lounging about in the warmer weather but also perfect for styling and layering when the other seasons of the year come around, making it a wonderful seasonal wardrobe.

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Without further ado, if you’re looking for versatile pieces this summer that are easy to style and even easier to look good in, below are our top 6 essentials you can re-wear, restyle, and revive to expand your outfit options into so many more possibilities:

The Easy On-The-Go Hoodie

Bring it back to the iconic zip-up hoodies of Y2K, except we’re keeping it nice and neutral for everyday ease.

Shop the Portland Zip Up Hood in Black here.

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The Portland hoodie feels just like a bear huge with the most comfortable, relaxed fit. With a slightly cropped length that’s not too short, this looks amazing with both sweatpants and jeans. Plus, the embroidered logo design on the front is just classic.

Made with recycled cotton brushed fleece, this is genuinely the softest thing ever. I just love how the fleece keeps you warm without making you feel stuffy. Even in the warmer weather, this is perfect to throw on inside a cold building.

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Plus, this jacket is just so convenient for the everyday wear. Need something to shrug on with a pair of sweatpants for the airport? Check.

Need to keep it cool for school with a pair of blue jeans and white tees? Check. The possibilities are endless!

The Actual Best White Tee, Ever

The hunt is finally over. I think I might have just found the absolute best white tee ever, and I’m kind of getting emotional.

Shop the Carmen Baby Tee in White here.

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This baby tee has quickly become my new staple, and for good reason. This has the most perfect silhouette I’ve ever come across on a standard tee, and I love how it hits right above the waistline and isn’t too cropped or too long. Plus, the fit slightly tapers in to highlight your natural curves but doesn’t stick to your body, making it so comfortable to wear.

Made with eco-friendly hemp and organic jersey, this tee is super lightweight and breathable. This is a total must for the sticky, hot summer days, but also goes well for all the other weather.

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The clean white shade makes it perfect for pairing with just about any colored bottoms, and I love keeping it on rotation for whichever aesthetic I’m dressing in.

No matter what you wear with this baby tee, it’s sure to look good. For something extra, pair it with lots of layered jewelry.

Layering Is Always Key

Everyone needs a white long-sleeve tee- I don’t make the rules. These are so easy to style and are probably one of the most versatile, key pieces to have in a wardrobe.

Shop the Iconic Long Sleeve in White here.

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It’s called the Iconic for a reason. Featuring a fitted silhouette and a high-cut neckline, this top is all about keeping it simple. The raw-edged hem with a slight ruffled trim gives it a touch of feminine grace and elegance. As form-fitting as this top is, it’s quite stretchy and lightweight.

I love how casual this top is, and it really fits into just about any outfit pairing with its everyday ease. Styling the Iconic Top is also such a fun process. It looks amazing alone with just a pair of your favorite slouchy jeans but is also great for layering under a corduroy dress or a vintage vest.

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Pair this with your favorite low-waisted or high-waisted jeans, and don’t forget to accessorise with belts and jewelry.

The Black Tank, Made Your Way

If classy met effortless, the Eliza Button Up might just be it.

Shop the Eliza Button Up in Black here.

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This adorable and sweet sleeveless shirt has just the perfect balance of keeping it chic but also flirty. Featuring a button-up straight down the front, you can keep it buttoned to the collar or keep it down to show off any jewelry and accessories. I’m obsessed with the collar, and how it adds a sense of unparalleled city-girl vibes.

I just love how nice and thick the organic and recycled cotton fabric is; with a premium rib texture, this top is stretchy and convenient to wear.

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My favorite thing about this black tank is how versatile it is. If you want to go a little professional, you can’t go wrong with this and a pair of gray trousers or slacks. If you want to keep it easy, pair this with your favorite denim skirt or low rise jeans for the ultimate effortless look.

The Blue Jeans of Our Dreams

The perfect pair of slouchy jeans doesn’t exi- wait, yes it does.

Shop the Gigi Jeans in Worn Blue here.

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These iconic jeans are reminiscent of the past with a little throwback moment from the 90s. With a dramatic flared leg that elongates the legs with a high-rise waist, I love how free-flowing the cut of these jeans is.

The super-wide loose-leg design makes it the perfect match for pairing with a teeny tiny tee, and I love throwing on a cardigan or a vest for some extra layering.

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Made from eco-friendly midweight recycled cotton and hemp denim construction, these jeans are also incredibly comfortable. I love how it fits to your body and not the way around, and they aren’t too rigid, making them easy to wear right off the bat without having to break them in.

These stunning Gigi’s come in a classic blue shade, and the slight wash of light blue over the deep denim makes it a truly trusty pair of jeans.

The Sleek and Moody Black Jeans

In a carousel of all the denim shades, you can’t miss out on black.

Shop the Bella Jeans in Washed Black here.

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The Bella is the ultimate pair of jeans you want to put on when you want to feel like a model off duty. Featuring a high-rise waist and a baggy fit, these jeans are all about emphasizing the legs.

Starting off timeless with the signature wide-leg cut, the Bella ends with subtle ankle splits that adds a whole new dimension to its cool factor. I love pairing these with a pair of high heels to really highlight the split design, but you can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers, either!

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With its blend of recycled cotton and organic denim, these durable jeans are classic, and the dark black makes it easy to style with just about anything. For something lightweight and flirty for the summer, pair it with your favorite bright-colored tank tops and some stacked jewelry!

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