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These Are the Top 6 Trending Fashion Aesthetics and Trends of 2024

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Fri, May 10

We are five months into 2024, and fashion has taken off. We have seen the rise of many new styles and the continuation of others. So far, we have had tons of important fashion events occur, such as Fashion Week in February, The Met Gala, the Kentucky Derby, and Coachella.

These events have all laid the foundation for this year's trending outfits. Keep reading to find out what six styles are in this year!

Going Out Tops and Jeans

Although this outfit has been around for a long time, going out tops has recently blown up on social media. This outfit has been a college staple for many years, but recently it has become a huge trend. If you have any friends in college, I'm sure you've seen this outfit on their socials recently.

This outfit most commonly is seen with tiny tops, flare or baggy jeans, and sneakers. This was seen on influencer and college senior, Brooke Wyatt in her April 24th Tik Tok post.

Alix Earle also commonly wears these outfits to Miami Dolphins games. If you want going-out tops, you can find them at Urban Outfitters (for the popular corset top), White Fox, or Edikted. You can find jeans at American Eagle or Nordstrom.

Western Aesthetic

After the Eras Tour and Coachella, we have seen a ton of cowgirl boots, hats, and fringe everywhere. Especially with the fair season and more outdoor music festivals on the way, we are sure to see the Western aesthetic throughout the summer. This aesthetic includes denim or fringe jackets, cowgirl boots and hats, denim or suede leather mini skirts, and bandanas. One influencer who featured this look at Coachella was Kristen Konefal.

You can find staples, such as cowgirl hats or boots, on Amazon. You can also find an entire Western aesthetic outfit at Altrd State.

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Photo by Arthur Edelmans from Unsplash.

Preppy Athletic Style

Ever since the start of Bama Rush and more recently, the hit movie Challengers, the preppy athletic style has been trending. These outfits typically include tennis skirts or athletic dresses, paired with solid-colored sweatshirts or t-shirts. Another popular aspect of this trend is matching athletic sets.

This outfit is perfect for school, fairs, hanging out with friends, or playing tennis. During Bama Rush, preppy athletic style was seen on influencer Kylan Darnell in her TikTok post on August 29, 2023.

Matching workout sets are also commonly seen on Ellie Zeiler. She features a gray set on her March 30th TikTok post. You can find tennis skirts and athletic dresses at Lululemon, Nike, Athleta, or Goldhinge, but if you want a more affordable option, try Amazon. Matching sets can also be found on Amazon or Wiskii Active.

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Another trend we have seen in the past few months is sheer. Most commonly, we have seen sheer tops in black or white. However, this trend is still growing, and sheer dresses, skirts, and pants are becoming more widespread.

Sheer tops are also seen as a going-out top for college girls, which is another reason for their popularity. We see a sheer top on Bridgette Pheloung (Acquired Style) in her recent Instagram post.

Another influencer who has participated in the sheer trend is Ashtin Earle. She wore a sheer matching set to Coachella, which was featured in her Instagram post. You can find sheer clothes on White Fox, Edikted, or Amazon.

Micro Bottoms

Another huge trend this year has been micro-mini bottoms. Whether it is skirts, shorts, or dresses, this trend has been seen in many different people, from college girls to influencers. The micro-mini trend began a few years ago but has been in the public eye this year more than ever.

We have seen this trend at all of the big events this year, especially Coachella. Alix Earle wore a pair of micro-mini shorts to Coachella this April, which she featured in her Instagram post.

We also see a micro-mini dress from Balmain on Madeline White at the Miami Grand Prix. You can find micro-mini bottoms at White Fox, Edikted, Nordstroms, Amazon, or many other places. This trend will be big for this summer, so more stores will also have these options.

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Photo by Robert Bye from Unsplash.

Cottage Core Florals

This year's Met Gala theme was The Garden of Time, based on their exhibit, Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion. On the first Monday in May, we saw celebrities walk the red carpet in pastels, ruffles, and most importantly, flowers. This spring and summer, we will continue to see this theme everywhere.

Some popular items are floral sundresses and pastel matching sets. We see a crochet dress with floral decals on Bridgette Pheloung in her April 25th Instagram post.

Florals are at almost any store this season - this trend is huge! You can find flowy skirts and dresses, or just floral clothes, at Free People.

These six distinct styles have been huge this year. With all of the upcoming events and vacations this summer, I'm sure we will see a lot more of these trends. If you like any of these styles, hop on the trend! Fashion trends are supposed to be fun and show your personality - so put your spin on them as well.

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