The Ultimate Guide to Studying Effectively When You Are Bored

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December 19, 2021

No matter how work-addicted one can be, there will always be times when you feel unmotivated and find studying simply a tedious repetition. However, the work and deadlines are still there waiting to be completed, so how do you regain your interest in learning again? Here are the tips to get you awake and focused on them, especially for seniors...

Tip #1: Change your study environment

Sitting in the same spot every day even for relaxing would be tiring, let alone having to finish challenging tasks, so instead of your usual place, think of somewhere more interesting with DIFFERENT SETTINGS! It could just be another room in your house, or just a different couch in the same room.

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I recommend that you go to a coffee or boba shop where they know how to uplift your mood with festive decorations and inspirational quotes. Find a comfortable chair and treat yourself to a delicious sugary drink. Refreshed and happy, your mind will become much clearer and less likely to postpone your deadlines.

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Tip #2: Join In Study Groups

Studying with your friends is a little hang-out, and even though it may be a little harder to concentrate, you are certainly guaranteed to have fun. It is always nice and a great motivation to know someone besides yourself are having to keep working on the tasks you’ve grown tired of. Peer support is also very important and, in this case, any questions that the group is confused with can be discussed together and turn into a rather surprisingly intriguing lesson. If you cannot meet in person, utilize free apps like Zoom or Google Meet.

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Tip #3: Take short breaks

Studying for hours without resting wears you out quickly, and you are likely to forget what you have just learned or lose your concentration span. It is important to take a short break of 5 to 7 minutes every 45 minutes to wind down a little, either by walking around or just taking your mind off everything.

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Tip #4: Listen to music while learning

Music helps many people concentrate better when working, and it also makes you feel more relaxed when you are stressed out with the workload and cannot seem to think straight. You should listen to particular songs which calm you down, and there is limit to what genre it may be! Nevertheless, if you have not figured out your personal studying playlist yet, my suggestions are lofi music or this Disney piano collection.

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Tip #5: Use these apps

Black and white hand-writing is not always the best for those with too much imagination, so the use of the apps below would make your projects and assignments more fun and attractive. In addition, practicing using these apps could ameliorate skills you never knew you needed, like designing and organising.





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