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The Ultimate Guide to Delicious Homemade Pies for Thanksgiving


November 21, 2023

With Thanksgiving coming up, it's the perfect time to bake some autumn-themed pies! From sweet potato to apple, there are a ton of delicious pies for the fall season. It's hard to choose from the plethora of options: chocolate pie, apple pie, cinnamon pie, plum pie, and even okra pie. The variety and types of pies can be overwhelming, but this list will make it easier for you.

History of Pies

Pie has its roots in ancient Egypt and Greece. The ancient Greeks indulged in pie, but in the form of meat in a pastry shell. The Romans modified the open pastry shell into a closed pastry shell, creating the first pies.

A millennium later, pies and tarts started to gain traction. By the 17th century, countless cookbooks on pies were published. These newly formed recipes spread to the American colonies, and the colonists cooked blueberry, pear, and apple pies. In fact, New England was known as the “pie belt.”

As the country expanded, new varieties came about. For instance, the Midwest was known for its dairy-based pies, and the Southwest was known for its pecan pies. And in the 19th century, the greatest pie (in my opinion) was invented - rhubarb!

Plum Pie

Everyone will be drooling over the irresistible aroma of plums and the piquancy of cinnamon and vanilla beans. The top of the pie is adorned with honeyed breadcrumbs and a lattice of crispy bread strands. The crunchy crust, soaked in luscious plum pulp is the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving meal. The first bite of this pie will place you on cloud nine.

Pumpkin Pie

Your friends will beg for more slices after trying this one! This creamy pie uses pumpkin and sweetened condensed milk to whip up a tangy and tender pie filling. The fragrance of spices blended with a flavorful core will make your mouth water.

You'll be head over heels at the first bite, and you'll feel the pie's savoriness channel through your veins. The crispy crust, garnished with a delicate cream custard makes the perfect pie!

Chocolate Pudding Pie

This pie has a caramel honeyed complexion, ornamented with a gooey whipped custard. It's bedecked with a layer of cinnamon and oat-mixed spices, and its pie filling is the best part! Dive in, and you'll find a core of syrupy pudding that'll make you misty-eyed. Once you eat this, a wave of flavors, tanginess, and textures will wash over you, crescendoing your palate.

Butterscotch Pudding Pie

This suntanned pie is a fusion of butterscotch, custard, whipped cream, and pudding. A caramel drizzle gilds it, coating the pie from each side of its flaky crusts. The pie filling is a harmonious blend of pudding and a rich butterscotch extract. The contrasting textures of a maroon pudding and a nutty graham crust epitomize the art of cooking!

Butternut Squash Pie

So, we're done with the common pies. We all know about Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Pudding Pie, so let's dive into the unique options. This pie boasts a smooth and rich texture embellished with a gelatinous fondue.

Nutmeg and other spices gracefully enhance the mildly peppery flavor. Combining squash puree with eggs creates an appetizing pie filling.

Cranberry Custard Pie

The Cranberry Custard Pie brandishes a candied flaky crust, adorned with flaming periwinkle cranberries. The rich gooeyness spills out from crevices on the side, forming a creamy and juicy pulp. Picture this: “Creamy, sweet custard meets bright, tart cranberry, all wrapped up in a buttery, flaky pie crust!” Just reading that makes me moony. I guarantee you that you'll fall in love at first sight and first bite!

Chess Pie

Unlike other pies, chess pie has a secret ingredient: vinegar. Don't be fooled! It's been a staple of the Southern Thanksgiving meal, and it can be a good addition to your meal.

This pie is paired with a cornmeal crust, and a custardy filling. This mélange of textures and flavors enhances the autumn vibe at your Thanksgiving table! It's visually appealing, flavorful, and your family will love it! What more could you ask from a pie?

Honey Pie

The name is self-explanatory. This pie is made with a creamy honey extract perched inside a gingery flaky crust. It's coated with a strong silky honey drizzle, and topped off with a “creamy custard-based filling that's full of caramel flavor.” The crispened and glistening honey coat gives the pie a sunkissed look. As a pie connoisseur, this one is my favorite, and I'm sure it'll be one of your favorites!

Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Pie

This pie stands out in one particular way: it boasts a cookie crust. If you're a devoted fan of cookies and pies, this pie is tailor-made for you. Its flavor is reminiscent of a "Snickers Bar in pie form." In contrast to other pie fillings, we create the caramel filling in this pie with condensed milk, giving it a soft and "creamy mouthfeel." The biscuity texture and the thick chocolate pudding on top will take you over the moon!


It's not a piece of cake to choose the perfect pie for your Thanksgiving meal. However, this list will make it easier. Whether it be a Honey Pie or a Butternut Squash Pie, there's an option out there that's perfect for you!

It's time to give thanks to everyone as we're getting closer to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. Not just for the things you have, but for the things you had, and the things you will have.

There's this exercise that I learned from school; it's called a rose, thorn, and bud. A rose is something that enjoy, a bud is something that can be further developed, and a thorn is something that needs to be improved. Every Thanksgiving, I reflect on the year with this exercise.

My rose for this year is the Teen Magazine and you guys! The readers are what makes this magazine special. On behalf of the Teen Magazine, have a great Thanksgiving!

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