My Study Tips to Help You Through This Semester

My Study Tips to Help You Through This Semester

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November 22, 2021

The pandemic ruined everyone’s productivity. I felt that and everyone that I know felt the same. And although we are not quarantined anymore and the pandemic “is dying down”, the same feeling of boredom and not wanting to do anything is still present.

However, school and work are still here, so we have to learn how to get back into routine. That’s why in this article, I will let you in on 5 study tips to help you through this semester and until school is over.

Plan your study by day/week/months

This first tip is very important to get your life and your studies together. Something that I LOVE to do, because it makes me feel like I have everything under control and make sure I have time for everything.I usually only plan weekly or monthly, but everyday when I get new homework, I have to organize my day, going from the easiest to the hardest, so I can get motivated and get more done. While this works for me, it might not work for you. Just make sure you get things done at your own pace.

While planning, you should know that during the week, new things will come up that you’ll have to do, so don’t overload yourself with a lot of things to do every day.

Create a study routine

This one is related to the first one, but it has some differences. While you plan your day and week, you still have to plan your study routine. This means what you study first, how many days you should be studying and how you should do it.

My advice to you, that works every time for me, is that a week before each test, start your studying. I like to read everything in the text book and my class notes, so then I can start the exercises, know everything. And then, a day before the test, I like to revise everything in my head or just talking out loud, so I know if I am missing something.

But remember, everyone is different, which means there is a study routine for everyone, you need to find yours.

Have five minutes or thirty minutes breaks

This one goes without saying that it's very important. If you study for hours on end without even a small break, it will be worse for you and you are more likely to forget what you just learned. So if you are studying for thirty minutes, maybe have a break of five minutes and get back to work. However, if you just did a long hour session, maybe take a thirty minute break and get a snack or try to lay down a bit.

And, when you get back to studying, start with the things you just learned and revise them in your head, before starting with new things.

Stay off your phone, unless it's absolutely Necessary

Now, this one I know is a bit difficult, especially when everything we need is on our phones. However, while studying, it might be a little distracting and not really helpful. So, make sure that before you start studying, you place your phone in a different room or at a distance from you, maybe turn it off or put it in study/work mode (many phones have this in settings).

Download Apps That Might Help You With Your Studies

This last tip may seem a little contradictory from the previous one. However, it might help you if you have problems concentrating and are always on your phone.

There are an unlimited amount of apps you can use while studying, like Forest (a virtual incentive that lets you plant a virtual tree, that keeps growing, as long as you respect the timer of work and don’t get off the app), Freedom (another great app to keep you concentrated, basically locks your phone while needing to focus, it enables you from going on apps and websites that waste your time) and Headspace (although this is not an app to use before your studying session, it’s definitely important to use before, considering it puts you in the right mindset to get work done).

Now that we have come to the end of this article, let me remind you that everyone is different, and some people might find all of these tips helpful and others not so much. So, bend these tips to your liking, as long as it keeps you productive and studying.

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