The Re-Earth Initiative on Promoting Inclusivity, Accessibility & Unity in the Climate Change Movement

The Re-Earth Initiative on Promoting Inclusivity, Accessibility & Unity in the Climate Change Movement


October 18, 2020

The Re-Earth Initiative was officially launched on April 22nd, 2020 with its successful Earth Day digital campaign (#MyChangeOurChange) via the climate change pledge, where participants were encouraged to make a climate change pledge on an individual and systematic level via Twitter and Instagram.

A global climate change organization that was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Re-Earth's initiatives are digitally accessible for all, keeping in mind their core values of 'Inclusivity, Accessibility, & Unity.'

The Teen Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Kate Yeo, Re-Earth's communications director, on the goals and future plans of the organization.

Fighting Climate Change for Future Generations

🔊 Surprise 🔊 Welcome to the launch of Re-Earth Initiative! We want to help you guys turn your pledges into ACTION❗ The Re Earth Initiative wants to help all of you keep your pledges through ↔️ Webinars AND toolkits for your schools and environmental groups ↔️ Webinars from scientists and others ↔️ A mass calendar of global sustainability events & campaigns ↔️ And more!

Let's get this mission started! 💞🤙🏽 .

➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ . 🔊 Sorpresa 🔊 ¡Bienvenido al lanzamiento de la Iniciativa de Re Earth! Queremos ayudarles convertir tus promesas a ACCIONES❗ La iniciativa de Re Earth quiere ayudar todos de usteded cumplir las promesas por ↔️Webinars y instrumentos para tus escuelas y grupos medioambientales del nuestro equipo ↔️ Webinars de científicos y otras para ayudarles cumplir las promesas ↔️ Un gran calendario de los eventos y campañas de sustentabilidad global ↔️ ¡Y más! ¡Empezamos esta misión! 💞🤙🏽

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The Re-Earth Initiative's team is made up of young, influential climate change activists from around the world, bridging social concerns such as racial and gender inequality, the refugee crisis, and children's rights with climate change activism. To read about their climate change initiatives in their home countries, from Costa Rica to India, is truly inspiring as they raise awareness of the impending crisis in their local communities and governmental systems.

Re-Earth's co-founder Kate is based in Singapore and raises awareness of social issues such as climate justice, economic systems, and racism via @byobottlesg on Instagram. She is also the founder of Bring Your Own Bottle Singapore, whose mission is 'to reduce the wastage of single-use plastics in Singapore.'

Since “youth are most directly impacted by the climate change crisis”, Kate stresses the importance of having young people on board with raising climate change awareness.

“Around the world, climate disasters are already taking place, and they will only continue to worsen — it is young people and future generations that will bear the brunt of these. We're fighting for our futures.”

Re-Earth Initiative's Resources

Breathe 🌿, take a break and a minute, to sit down and embrace the beauty of nature✨ With all the adversity we are fighting today, Re Earth Initiative 🌎 invites you today as we celebrate World Environment Day to take a minute to remind ourselves what we are fighting ✊🏽 for. Tag 2 friends to take a minute too! 🔊❤️ . . ➡️ S W I P E ➡️ . . Respira 🌿, tómate un descanso y un minuto, para sentarte y abrazar la belleza de nature✨ Con todas las adversidades que estamos luchando hoy, la Iniciativa Re Earth 🌎 te invita hoy, mientras celebramos el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, a tomarte un minuto para recordar por qué estamos luchando ✊🏽. Etiqueta 2 amigos para tomar un minuto también! 🔊❤️ . . . . #YouthForChange #WorldEnvironmentDay #ABetterWorld #ClimateEmergency #ClimateTalks #environment #unep

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After the climate change pledge campaign for Earth Day (April 22nd), the Re-Earth initiative has taken action on helping people “fulfill their pledges, through providing resources on different environmental issues” via online tool kits, webinars, and online challenges, starting with the global water crisis and plastic pollution.

The toolkits provide a summary of environmental issues, as well as concrete examples of how youth can be changemakers, be it from home, in schools, or in the wider community. For the webinars, we invite experts on that topic such as international organizations or scientists to share their views and provide powerful new perspectives. We're also working with a range of schools and organizations to expand our outreach to the masses.

As Kate says, “these toolkits showcase different ways people can contribute to the climate change movement. We want to show them that there is no one 'right' way to be an environmentalist.” Other ways to take action is by applying to be a volunteer, helping out with 'graphics, outreach, content creation, etc,' to submit an op-ed piece to be featured on their blog or to donate to help fund initiatives.

Accessibility to the Climate Change Movement

A key goal for the Re-Earth Initiative is “accessibility” to the climate change movement, keeping in mind financial barriers, varied experience levels, different time zones, internet access, etc. The organization caters to both veteran activists looking to make systematic changes and newcomers to the environmental movements looking to make individual lifestyle changes.

Regarding the future of the Re-Earth Initiative and the climate change movement, as a whole:

Our hope is that Re-Earth Initiative can continue to reach out to the masses - in other words, people who are not already passionate about sustainability. We want to work with more schools and organizations to make this a reality. We are also determined to give space to historically marginalized demographics and frontline communities in the climate crisis.

Beyond our organization, we want to see a global movement ultimately shaped by inclusivity, accessibility, and unity.

Ongoing and Upcoming Initiatives

⚠️ We continue with the #EscazúAgreement 🌱 and its importance in terms of Human Rights #DDHH, for this and other reasons (which you can find in our previous posts 👀) is that we must put pressure on our authorities and demand that they sign and ratify #EscazuAhora ❗ What are you waiting for to join the campaign for the signing of this agreement?You can find the link to sign the petition in our biography. * Help us by sharing this to your friends and also on your social networks 😉 ✶✶✶✶✶ ⚠️ Seguimos con el #AcuerdoDeEscazu 🌱 y su importancia en materia de Derechos Humanos #DDHH, por esta y otras razones (que puedes encontrar en nuestros posts anteriores 👀) es que debemos a presionar a nuestras autoridades y exigirles firmar y ratificar #EscazuAhora ❗ ¿Qué esperas para sumarte a la campaña por la firma de este acuerdo? Puedes encontrar el link para firmar la petición en nuestra biografía. * Ayúdanos compartiendo esto a tus amigxs y también en tus redes sociales 😉 ✶✶✶✶✶ #AcuerdodeEscazú #AcordodoEscazú #EscazúAgreement #EscazúNow #EscazúYa #EscazúAhora #EscazúAgora #climatejustice #fridaysforfuture #climateaction #climatecrisis#climatestrike #savetheplanet #actnow #climatestrikeonline #climateactionnow #noplanetb #globalwitness #defenders #defendthedefenders

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An ongoing initiative is a collaboration with Fridays for Future Digital (a grassroots, climate action movement), urging Latin American and Caribbean governments to ratify the Escazú Agreement for the protection of environmental human rights defenders, via an open letter.

Re-Earth has partnered with UNICEF and Extinction Rebellion, as well as influencers like Vanessa Nakate (Ugandan climate justice activist), Esha Gupta (Indian actress), and Juliet Doherty (American actress and dancer), reaching out to over 300,000 people across the globe. Regarding upcoming campaigns, Kate mentions a collaboration with Levi's, a sustainable fashion company, as well as continuing their thematic campaigns.

Given the recent climate catastrophes and the ticking climate clock, Kate sends a message to our global community of writers and readers on the threat of climate change and what we can do about it:

Don't wait for people around you to take action. It's time for all of us to rise up and fight for the future we want. Let's hold our governments and corporations responsible

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