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The Prettiest Prom Dresses for the Most Magical Night: Dazzle with Sherri Hill

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Prom season is right around the corner, and with that comes dress shopping. Finding the perfect dress for one of the most anticipated events of a teen's high school years can be difficult: from figuring out whether you want a mini-dress or a floor-length to picking out the perfect color, finding the dream dress is, without a doubt, important.

With luxe designer brand Sherri Hill, you can find a dress that's trendy yet classic and eye-catching with gorgeous colors and silhouettes. With the large variety of styles and length, Sherri Hill can make your dream dress truly the one you've dreamed of.

Whether you opt for a glittery ballgown or a sleek, modern jumpsuit, you'll be sure to dance your heart out at your prom dance with Sherri Hill.

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You may already know of the luxe brand: Sherri Hill catapulted into fashion world stardom after Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss America contestants wore her gowns. Since then, her gowns have been primarily focused on fancy dresses for teens to feel like princesses, from homecoming to graduation to prom.

"Sherri Hill’s exclusive dress collections epitomize the fashionable lifestyle of today’s trendsetting women," says the brand, "Each dress is designed to enhance and fit the female form with fashion-forward styling and wearability."

Fluttering Like A Butterfly

I genuinely think this dress just makes my heart flutter! Sherri Hill takes on the spring season with the delicate, stunning image of a butterfly. Everything about this butterfly is to be obsessed with: it's intricate, iridescent, and is simply alluring. It's just so pretty that it's hard to take our eyes off of it!

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This mini-dress has a butterfly covering the torso, with glittery beads carefully embedded in the dress to form wings covering the body. I just love how it has so many details in the butterfly, from the beautiful outlines to the reflective gem-like beads.

The antennae of the butterfly cross over the chest to create a triangle effect with the shoulder straps. Both lines are studded with golden gems.

The gold-gem straps also go across the back; while the dress is majorly backless, it also has an eye-catching "x" shape going across the lower back. The "x" cross has a clasp in the center that's just barely noticeable, and it almost feels like a jewelry across your back. It's simply so jaw-dropping that words can't even do it justice.

The dress itself is made of a glittery, sheer-layered material, and it catches the light in just the best way possible. If you step in the light, it'll create a gorgeous shimmer effect as the gems reflect the lights!

This is the perfect dress to dance the night away in, and is perfect for the spring weather and floral-themed celebrations and parties.

Slip this pretty number on, and you'll feel just like a princess or a little butterfly fairy!

Powerful & Pretty: A Studded Jumpsuit

Don't really like wearing dresses? Want to make a complete power move at prom night and show up looking like a boss babe? Sherri Hill's gorgeous jumpsuits perfectly combine being elegant and classy while also trendy and unique.

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"[The jumpsuit] trend is a good one for those girls who just don’t like wearing dresses. Jumpsuits have grown hugely in popularity over the last couple of years and are becoming just as popular for prom," says Sherri Hill.

It's no surprise why jumpsuits are escalating in their popularity; with a fancy disco-feel and the attention it gives to elongated legs, they are the perfect go-to for dancing your heart out without having to worry about tripping over dress hems.

This particular jumpsuit is bugle beaded, with studded vertical beads all over (and seriously, when I say it's all over the dress, it truly is!) that makes you feel like you're the life of the party. The jumpsuit has a deep V neckline that has three belt-like lines crossing over the waist to give it a cinched, classy look. I love how bold and stunning I feel with this jumpsuit!

It's simply to be obsessed with: this style perfectly embodies "disco night fever" and will take you right into the 70s. Nothing says a good dance party more than a fancy, all-out jumpsuit!

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I love the way the legs of the jumpsuit are ultra-long, giving all eyes on the legs. This look is perfect to pair with heels- and Sherri Hill also recommends a "dark smoky-eye and a high ponytail with statement earrings" to give it some flair!

Swing and Swoon: Fringed Glamour

With a look reminiscent of the roaring 20's, this vintage-inspired prom press is back in full swing, no pun intended. This gorgeous dress has a beaded fringe that shimmies along with every dance move. This swinging dress just makes us totally swoon!

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The cocktail-length dress features sequins and beads all over, with gorgeous paisely-like detailing on the torso. The design features swirly lines in various colors; the hues depend on the color of the dress that you take, which is available in black/green, light pink, navy/br pink/ivory, neon pink/neon orange/ivory, or red.

The skirt of the dress features an asymmetrical beaded fringe that does an excellent job of creating a shimmying effect every time you make the slightest movement- even stepping forward will have this dress showing off its fringe! The skirt's fringe does carry some weight due to the intricate, detailed beading, which provides some balance.

This dress carries some heavy vintage references, and is perfect for a Roaring 20's party or the classic Great Gatsby party. I just love how Sherri Hill fuses the timeless looks of the past with today's modernity!

The dress has two thin, angel-hair spaghetti straps that go over the shoulder- simple and efficient. The back of the dress carries the same pattern with a zipper that simply blends in with the dress. A straight neckline also accompanies the dress.

This mini-dress is perfect to pair with your favorite heels or gem-studded earrings to match the glamorous, fancy style of the dress.

One-Shoulder With A Dreamy Puff

This gorgeous one-shoulder dress is giving camp: with a beautiful beaded pattern swirling across the body of the dress with a plume of feathers on one shoulder, this dress is a stunner.

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The body of the dress is fully beaded, with intricate beads forming a pretty line design all over the dress. The beading is so dainty and creates a gorgeous illusion.

What really steals the show with this dress is the ostrich feathers. On the top of the right sleeve is a puff of pastel feathers. It's oh-so-soft, and I love the way it looks so extra and playful at the same time.

"Always classy and chic, the one-shoulder prom dress trend is a timeless classic," says Sherri Hill, "This trend is ultra-feminine, a touch edgy, and super flattering."

The body of the dress is very form-fitting, and hugs at all the right places. I adore how comfortable it is and how it accentuates the silouette.

This dress is a short mini-dress, so it's easy to move around in. It hits right at the mid-thigh and is perfect to pair with your favorite strappy heels.

The dress is available in multiple colors, including periwinkle, white, candy pink, black, and aqua. From this range of color choices, you and your best friend can even match together in your favorite shades!

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