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The Cutest Sustainable Workout Sets for Your Hot Girl Walk This Spring Are at Princess Polly Active

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Wed, March 27

The warmer weather is upon us, and this brings us to that pre-summer heat of getting active and the positive springtime energy of focusing on bettering ourselves.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

So grab your giant water bottles, fill them up with some iced mint water, and grab your favorite sneakers- we’re embarking on a hot girl walk. But first, don’t forget to put on some chic athleisurewear.

When our favorite boutique and the internet’s favorite trend-setter, Princess Polly, announced they were launching a new activewear collection, I couldn’t have been more excited. With a sleek, modern, and versatile design, Princess Polly Active is not only perfect for the gym, but also so easy and comfortable for wearing to simply lounge or just go around town in.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

Shop Princess Polly Active at princesspolly.com/collections/princess-polly-active

That’s not all; made entirely from lower environmental impact materials, this collection is eco-friendly and made with our planet in mind.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

Plus, it’s accessible and inclusive of everybody, and the designs are made to fit you, not the other way around. With the entire collection ranging from US size 0 to 20, and with pieces available in extended Curve/Plus sizing, anyone and everyone can look good in these workout pieces.

Without further ado, below are our favorite pieces for the next hot girl walk in your neighborhood park:

The Thriving Activewear Top

Sometimes, you need something form-flattering to work out in, but a versatile top is just the cherry on top for when you want to be active in your daily lifestyle.

Shop the Thriving Activewear Top here.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

The Thriving Activewear Top is the perfect epitome of that. This long-sleeve activewear top is just so cute with a square-neck shape and a slightly cropped look. Honestly, this is the perfect casual top that could be worn to your post-workout coffee grabs and even simple shopping sprees.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

The top fits close to your body, giving you a flattering silhouette. Plus, it comes with an internal mesh lining for breathability, and I love how the stretchy fabric stays durable through the sweatiest workouts.

The top comes in three colors: Grey, Black, and Latte. If you want to go for a more slate, darker look for those late-night workout sessions, the grey and the black are the perfect dark neutral choices.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

The Conquer Activewear Shorts

Everyone needs a good pair of short biker shorts to be able to do the heavy lifting and some serious gym girl activities, and these are the perfect pair for that.

Shop the Conquer Activewear Shorts in Black here.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

Sometimes, you just want a pair of shorts to go with a baggy tee or even a matching sports bra to feel cinched and supported.

The Conquer Activewear Shorts are pretty much the standard form-fitting short shorts, except made with durable, stretchy fabric that you can comfortably sweat in.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

The high-waisted design makes you feel snatched and comfortable enough to truly move around freely and makes it the perfect match for pairing with your favorite sports bras or tank tops.

Plus, it’s made to be functional. With twin slip-leg pockets that are roomy enough to fit all your daily essentials, these shorts were built for those on the move.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

The Feel Good Contour Activewear Catsuit

If you know, you know. The viral catsuit that all the Pilates girls wore are still in trend, and aren’t going to be leaving anytime soon.

Shop the Feel Good Contour Activewear Catsuit in Black here.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

If you hate digging through your entire closet to pick out matching sets every single time you want to hit the gym, you are going to love this catsuit. This comfortable catsuit has the perfect amount of stretch and is oh-so-easy to wear.

With an internal mesh lining, easy-to-remove padding, and adjustable shoulder straps, this catsuit was made to be all-purpose and versatile.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

I love how the catsuit moves with you and not against you. This has a comfortable fit that makes doing morning yoga and grocery shopping around town so much easier.

Plus, it’s sustainably made with a high-quality reclaimed polyester blend that’s been made with materials recovered from consumer use. What else can we say– we’re simply obsessed with it.

image credit: Princess Polly Active

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