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Hot on the Fashion Radar: Stay Chic with Flattering Basics from Princess Polly

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Monday, February 06

From textures to patterns to cuts, there are so many fun ways to experiment with your look of the day. What you wear can influence how you feel, and with Princess Polly, there are so many options for you to feel and look good in.

A brand centered around finding your dream closet pieces, Princess Polly offers both classic looks with a modern twist, and a trendy look with an eye-catching flair.

The thing about fashion is that it's ever-evolving; it can be thrilling to find your own personal style and discover unique and classic pieces to match your vibe of the day. With Princess Polly, you can find some of the cutest pieces that are trending all over social media that you just can't help but fall in love with.

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From adorable lounge sets comfy enough for the airport to graphic baby tops for a fierce, energetic day, Princess Polly has everything for every mood.

The Softest Red Velvet Pants

Comfort always comes first when it comes to fashion, and these gorgeous maroon pants know best when it comes to balancing both. These lovely flares feel like you're out in your most cozy at-home loungewear and are classy enough to incorporate into a business casual style!

Shop the Montana Knit Pants in Maroon here.

Meet the Montana Knit Pants: a stunning soft wide leg with a dramatic flare at the end, these pants will put you at complete ease with their coziness and easy-to-wear and easy-to-style qualities. With a pretty deep red shade, these pants are versatile to combine with any other color palette with a pop of ruby shade.

These pants are made of knitted material that is genuinely the softest ever. As impossible as it sounds, they're softer than they look, and the ribbed design adds a stunning touch. Plus, they'll definitely keep you warm on chillier days, which is a total plus for when you don't want to put on bulky bottoms!

I love how these pants give so many opportunities for styling; whether you go with a basic crop, thermal top, or even a cardigan, the Montana Knit Pants are wonderful for taking it easy.

A Set For Lounging & Chilling

If you're looking for the perfect casual street set that's cute enough to walk your dog in and even go grocery shopping in, look no further than the Arabella Short Set.

Shop the Arabella Short Set in Green here.

This dark green matching set is the loungewear of our dreams. Coming in an adorably trendy crop top and relaxed sweats-style shorts, everything about it gives off an effortless model-off-duty vibe.

I'm just totally obsessed with the quilted material; I love that the texture of the top gives it not only a visual appeal but also a totally cozy fit. It has great stretch, and with invisible fastenings and fixed straps, the set is made to fit you with ease.

This set is so convenient to throw on when you just don't know what to wear if you want to keep it casual and easygoing. For the best influencer-esque look, opt for this set with a cute cardigan thrown on top, matched with your favorite snuggly low-cut boots- and voila! You'll look so cute, and this set will be as easy as can be to wear and style!

Wrapped In Baby Blue

If you're planning a sweet day out with your friends, picking a simple but eye-catching top is absolutely important. The Arlene top meets exactly that criteria with its gorgeous knit silhouettes that are sure to make you look and feel amazing.

Shop the Arlene Top in Blue here.

This slim-fitting crop top is all about emphasizing the deep v-neck cut and the wrap-around to the waist. I just adore how flattering this top is on the torso; it seriously fits snugly on the curves and emphasizes your features in a stunning way.

The fabric is also so soft and has a lightweight ribbed feel to it. I love how the vertical ribbed lines create such a cool optical look, and how they add such focus to the wrap-around look in the front!

This is the perfect top to style for the upcoming warmer weather; just pair it with your favorite floral-printed skirt or your best denim shorts, and you'll be all set!

Sleek With An Open Back

You've seen the viral TikTok videos of the sleekest open-back top ever- and Princess Polly takes on the trend with the most alluring bodysuit style.

Shop the Gatewood Long Sleeve Bodysuit in Black here.

This long sleeve bodysuit is all about keeping it simple in the front, but party in the back. The open back embraces the cool girl look with a chic, stretchy, cool-to-the-touch fabric to top it off.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is that this top is a part of Princess Polly's Lower Impact collection. What makes this top is that it is designed with sustainable efforts. The top was made with "a recycled nylon blend" and "was created with fabric offcuts that would have otherwise ended up in landfill." Staying stylish and helping our planet- what's not to love? To learn more about Princess Polly's Lower Impact range, click here.

To style this top, opt for something high waisted to match the bodysuit's high cut leg. For something classic, go for a pair of your favorite jeans with either sneakers for a casual look or kitten mules to dress it up more!

A Classic Crop Top For Ages

If you're looking for a charming blue to go along with classic denim, look no further than Princess Polly's Classic Crop Tee.

Shop the Classic Crop Tee in Blue here.

When this top says it's classic, it really means it. With the most perfect fit ever, this crop tee has it all. With a slim fitting yet slightly boxy fit, this crop top enhances your silhouette but in a casual way.

The shade of blue is also such an airy color and is a gorgeous deep baby blue. I love that it's not washed out to be pastel, but still light enough to be worn throughout all seasons!

Plus, this thicker, ribbed top is a part of Princess Polly's Lower Impact. As the brand shares, "This piece is made with organic cotton that's grown in a natural ecosystem without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic alternatives like this are better for you, farmers, local wildlife and the planet."

This top is the perfect match for an effortless day anywhere and everywhere. Pair it with your favorite blue jeans and sneakers, top it off with a vintage-inspired baseball cap, and you're all set!

Casual And Classic

This stunning to knows how to keep it cool with a fancied-up polo style, but slim-fitting and cropped.

Shop the Patterson Top in Black here.

At first glance, the polo collar might make it seem fancy, but the deep V neckline and the crop give it a refreshing, modern take. The Patterson Top is a classic top that balances trendiness with a sense of essential basics that is amazing for rotating around in your closet.

This stretchy, ribbed top makes it perfect for activities on the go. The slim-fitting silhouette makes it a great pair for any pair of bottoms, especially looser, relaxed jeans.

The black shade makes it a match with just about any outfit- whether you dress it up with kitten heels or keep it casual with sneakers, this top is just the cutest!

Fierce With A Magnetic Charm

If you ever had to imagine a top for a rock concert, this fierce tank top would be exactly it.

Shop the Main Stage Tank Top in Multi here.

With a clash of bright colors, studded embellishments, and a flair for coolness, the Main Stage Tank top knows how to take it up to the main stage.

The printed design features abstract artwork with stripes of leopard print. With the addition of metallic stud details around the hems, this top is filled with intricate details.

This stretchy slim-fitting tank top is the perfect match for any dark-colored bottoms to compliment its bright red tones. Opt for leather pants or dark denim shorts, lace up your favorite chunky boots, and you're all set for the fiercest look!

Ciao Bella!

Ciao- feel the rustic, spirited vibes of Italy with this adorable baby tee!

Shop the Italy Love Tee in Ivory here.

The Italy Love tee carries an adorable vintage-inspired feel to it with the modern update of a slim-fitting crop. With an all-over white tee with a cute graphic with washed-out pastel colors, this tee feels both nostalgic and timeless.

With a slightly sheer fabric, this top keeps it cool for the warmer weather. I love that this top keeps it easygoing, and it's a lovely choice for having a fun, relaxed time. Pair it with your favorite denim jeans or shorts, and you'll be all set!

This top is a part of Princess Polly Lower Impact Collection, and is made with 100% organic cotton!

Sweet And Scorched Hot Pink

If you want to keep it classic but oh-so-sweet, go for a hot pink tank top!

Shop the Classic Tank Top in Pink here.

This tank top has just the boxy-yet-fitting cut of a crop top, just with a flattering cut by the shoulders to give that cute, casual look. With a nice thick material, the ribbed fabric gives it a charm of its own and makes it a wonderful classic to include in a core wardrobe.

Although the pop of hot pink color gives it a charming, attention-grabbing style, the classic cut of the tank top makes it great for any occasion. Wear this with your favorite ripped denim jeans for a casual out-in-the-street style.

What's more, this tank top is a part of Princess Polly's Lower Impact Collection- all the more reasons to love it!

Ruffled and Sweet For Date Nights

This gorgeous ruffled bodysuit is the perfect pair for a night out with your BFFs or special someone- and is just the most gorgeous.

Shop the Delany Bodysuit in Black here.

Meet the Delany Bodysuit: with a tight black bodice and sheer black mesh sleeves, this bodysuit is made complete with a slim-fitting silhouette. The overall dark look gives the bodysuit an edge, and the sheer sleeves add an enchanting look.

This top is also such a convenient piece to wear out. With a padded bust, invisible zippers, and elasticated shoulders, all you have to do is slip the bodysuit and its sleeves on! It's so comfortable, and perfect to pair with your favorite high-waisted bottoms.

Opt for black leather pants to make a statement, or keep it chill with your favorite white jeans! Any way you go with this bodysuit, it's sure to make you look and feel amazing.

I also love that this top is sustainably made through Princess Polly Lower Impact! As Princess Polly shares, "This piece is made with recycled polyester, meaning we've taken discarded plastic bottles, fabrics and single-use products, and transformed them into this item, giving waste a second life in this fit."

Stay Sustainable With Style

If you're looking to be more sustainable with your fashion consumption and score stunning Princess Polly items at a cheaper cost, you'll love to know about Princess Polly Resale. Designed to "keep the party going," the platform is powered by the Princess Polly community, where you can buy or put your pre-loved items up for sale.

Learn more about Princess Polly Resale at

On the site, you'll be able to find tons of listed preloved items for sale- from the cutest minidresses to classic denim shorts, you'll be able to find anything and everything. It's such a convenient and clever way to share your love for fashion with others in a more sustainable way!

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