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The Coziest Winter Gear That Protects Nature in Style: Parks Project on Saving National Parks

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December 05, 2022

There is nothing like the breathtaking beauty of being immersed in the depth of nature- and the experience of hiking in the national parks across the United States comes pretty close to that jaw-dropping, unbelievably awestruck, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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Whether you trek across the sandy clay rocks of the wild southern parks with jagged arches or dive into the cool blue lakes of the northern parks, the wonders of our world are simply a sight to behold, and even harder to put into words when immersed in real life.

However, such national parks are not as mighty and immortal as they look. As Parks Project says best: "National parks are loved by millions, but they can’t be taken for granted. More visitors, less funding, and a changing climate mean that our wildlands are under pressure and we need to help."

A brand created to actively create positive changes to the national parks, Parks Project is on a mission to "leave it better than we found it." With a line of stylish clothing items, camping gear, and on-the-go merchandise for daily use all supporting a notable and necessary cause, Parks Project is contributing to not only the protection of the parks but also the preservation for the future. Impressively, to date, the brand has donated "over $2,500,000 to help fund vital projects in national parks around the US"- and their involvement for conservation doesn't stop there.

Shop Parks Project at parksproject.us.

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Through its line, Parks Project is empowering us all to create actionable differences in our world, amplify our voices for change, and love the nature around us.

With the chilly season to cozy up for, our favorite styles are listed below so you can snuggle up in style all whilst supporting a wonderful cause!

The Yosemite Puff Print Hoodie

Nothing's better than a timelessly designed, world's comfiest hoodie- and the Yosemite Puff Print Hoodie is just what you need for the chilly winter weather.

Shop the Yosemite Puff Print Hoodie here.

With a vintage-inspired design, this hoodie has it all- a boxy, slightly-roomy, easygoing slouch, a cinched waist- and the classic design makes it look as if it could have been the major trending design from the past.

The front of the hoodie keeps it minimalist with a small Yosemite graphic on the chest, but all the attention goes to the back. With a large "Yosemite" font lettered in white puff print in the back over a black circle of jagged mountains and a crescent moon, the design is simply eye-catching. By the graphic are words detailing the breathtaking wonders of the national park- reiterating the need for supporting the natural beauty.

My favorite thing might just be the stunning color of this hoodie. This gorgeous deep green hoodie just reminds us of the evergreen forests of the majestic Yosemite National Park.

The colors of the hoodie may be a bright and bold bottle green, but it's been vintage washed for that faded look to the back design- and it'll get even softer with age. This hoodie is already plush and cozy as it already is, but it'll grow even softer, too.

With a hood to shrug over and the perfect fit (for those who prefer a roomier fit, just size up), this is perfect for having on throughout the coldest season!

Yellowstone Woodcut Long Sleeve Tee

For the days you're looking to maximize both comfort and style, go for Parks Project's line of vintage-inspired long-sleeve tees!

Shop the Yellowstone Woodcut Long Sleeve Tee here.

With a gradient bronze and green design showcasing the rugged might of Yellowstone National Park, this tee knows exactly how to keep it easy and chill.

I just love the stunning artwork displayed on the front; with a cartoonish design to the moose, forests, and mountains, this perfectly captures the thrilling adventures of Yellowstone. The tee also features Yellowstone Woodcut graphics on the right arm, with alternating squares in bronze and green of the design. I just love how it feels like a print-on tee, which makes it all the more special!

This top has a slight drop shoulder and ribbed cuffs that you can roll up, and I just love how relaxed the tee in general is. Plus, it's made with heavyweight 100% cotton, making it a perfect top for chilly days!

Acadia Woodcut Long Sleeve Tee

If you're looking for the perfect companion to the Yellowstone Woodcut tee, go for the Acadia Woodcut version! Featuring the stunning northern beauty of Acadia National Park, this tee keeps it cool with a stunning deep blue.

Shop the Acadia Woodcut Long Sleeve Tee here.

Featuring the iconic rocky beaches and woodlands of the Maine national park, this woodcut tee has designs of the leafy forests, whales, and seabirds in a stunning magenta, purple, and teal gradient.

Along the right arm is a variation of the graphic in a smaller square in alternating colors of teal and magenta. I just adore how this top combines cutting-edge colors with a whimsical look!

Just like the Yellowstone Woodcut version, the Acadia Woodcut long-sleeve tee has a slight drop shoulder and ribbed cuffs, and the perfect weighted cotton fabric that keeps you warm and cozy.

Whether you pair it with leggings, sweatpants, or jeans, this top is versatile for wherever you go and is sure to keep you casual and cool.

Zion Narrows Cozy Socks

Winter time is the time of fuzzy socks- and for a good reason. After all, who doesn't look a good pair of cozy socks?

Shop the Zion Narrows Cozy Socks here.

Made with a blend of fuzzy material, these socks keep it warm with a beautiful design.

Aptly named the Zion Narrows Cozy Socks for its stunning dark shades of purple, matcha, gold-yellow, and creamy white, these socks have a delightful swirly design. At the top of the socks are the subtly stitched-on Parks Park logo- an adorable forest tree.

I just love how cozy these socks are; these are perfect for keeping you warm both inside and outside in the cold winter weather. On that note, these fuzzy socks are the perfect stocking gifts for the holidays- and get the feelings all fuzzy, too (no pun intended)!

Keep Up With Parks Project

Be sure to keep up with Parks Project to support their mission to do good in the world through comfortable and stylish outdoor wear and gear. Find them on social media on Instagram at @parksproject, Pinterest at @parks_project, and Facebook at @radparks!

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