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The Best Snacks You Need from H Mart

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February 20, 2022

We can always use more Asian snacks, can't we? H Mart is the closest thing to a utopia for me—from the overflowing aisles of snacks to the tempting frozen food section, and the last-minute splurges at the checkout aisle. For my foodies out there, these snacks are perfect for when you're looking for something to munch on, and the joys of H Mart will change your life one snack at a time!

1) Pocky

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One of the more well known snacks from the overflowing H Mart aisles—Pocky is best described as serotonin in a box! For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Pocky is a sweet coating around a pretzel-like stick, and comes in many new variations and flavors. From the classic chocolate pocky, to strawberry, cookies and cream, or banana chocolate, there's always a new Pocky flavor to be explored, but be prepared: these are strangely addictive!

Pocky normally comes in boxes with one or two packs but can also be bought in bulk. I find these perfect for an afternoon snack or a pick-me-up to keep in your locker.

Side note: If you are a fan of pocky, I highly recommend you check out pejoy and other snacks by Meiji as well.

2) Yakult

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Peter Kavinsky has good taste! This popular Korean yogurt drink reminds me of my childhood; my sister and I used to look forward to having a Yakult after dinner, as it has probiotic benefits in addition to being delicious and so much fun! This nostalgic drink can be found in the fridges of Asian grocery stores, and bought in packs of 8-10.

3) Shrimp Chips

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Before you wrinkle your nose and argue that "shrimp" and "chips" should never be part of the same sentence, hear me out. While this might sound like an unlikely pairing, I never thought anything of it until I was snacking on a few of them during Asian Affinity, and one of my classmates started to make fun of me.

As an Asian American girl, I was used to having people make jokes about what I eat, but I was hurt by my "friend's" reaction. Despite this, I continue to relish these umami crisps and if you're up for it, grab a bag next time you're at H Mart, and you'll understand why they're worth raving about!

4) Ramune

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This is a must-have for special occasions, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, I would always look for an excuse to beg my parents for a Ramune. Even now, I marvel at the magic of pushing the glass marble into the drink, and how it magically seemed to make the drink carbonated and fizzy, giving me a giddy rush of happiness.

Ramune can not only be stocked and kept in your cupboard, but often ordered at Asian restaurants as well. And it comes in SO many flavors, from classics like original (a neutral tasting one for those who like to keep it simple) to lychee, or muskat.

5) Hi-Chew

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Hi-Chews are the highlights of anyone's grocery shopping trip! Not only are they adorable, the perfect texture, and just flavorful enough, you can't possibly resist sneaking a few into your cart on your way to the checkout line! I like to keep them in my jacket pockets, to share with a friend, or just keep to myself, because Hi-Chews are so good to have on you at any given point or time.

Side note: if you are a fan of Hi-Chew, I recommend you check out the more underrated cousin, Puchao (featuring gummy surprises as well!)

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