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Styling Your Own Space: Inspiration from Emma Chamberlain's Aesthetic


December 18, 2022

Adolescence marks the transition from dependence to independence, and a common indicator is when you begin living alone. While the change is easy for some, it is more difficult physically and psychologically for others. How do I call this new place home?

How do I overcome loneliness? I was asking myself these questions when I first entered college and was settling into my dorm.

I believe home is signified by family and belongings. So, despite not being able to live with your family, you can always bring comfort items to warm up your new living space with familiar things (eg. wall hangings, stationery, clothes, keychains). Yet while keeping familiar items close, it may also be rewarding to decorate your space with new additions to celebrate your entrance into the new stage in life.

I came across the video featuring Emma Chamberlain introducing her new Los Angeles home with Architectural Digest. Her video gave me motivation and inspiration to embrace my college dorm with excitement and treat it as my new home.

In the video, Emma revealed her reading rooms and patio spaces, kitchen and bedrooms, all of which she designed so "every room has a different feel." Emma's modern cottage-core aesthetic appealed to me, and I sought some items to match her aesthetic. For example, her home's reoccurring nature theme inspired me to coordinate my room's colors around lavender and sage green, as well as decorate my desk with (fake and real) succulents. Before long, I was proud to call the new place my home. While occasional homesickness remained, I became more and more appreciative of the change.

Matching the Emma Chamberlain Aesthetic

Here's a guide to affordable home decor products to match Emma Chamberlain's aesthetic, including recommendations on where to place the items. You may also use the lists below as reference for inspiration on how to personalize your own space for your aesthetic appeal. (Note: all prices listed below are dated December 17, 2022 and may have changed since)

Under $20

(1) Books: 100 Best-Loved Poems $3.99, The Book Thief $6.99, The Sun and Her Flowers $9.00

  • Living/reading/study room: a great place to organize stacks of good reads in an accessible space
  • Bedroom: having a few books, newspapers or magazines on your nightstand can enhance your sleep, help you relax and have something to turn to when you want to cozy up in your room

(2) Indoor plants: 6-pc fake potted Ecalyptus $19.99

  • Any/all room(s): adding some hints of green can sooth your eyes and add more "life" and color to your home!

(3) Poster prints: 6-pc Henri Matisse $10.99, 6-pc botanical minimalist $13.99

  • Bedroom: the most personal space to add poster prints that speak loudly of your personality, interests and aesthetic taste
  • Kitchen: culinary-themed posters to inspire your every next meal

(4) Hanging tapestry: vintage flowers $9.99, tiger $15.99, bohemian style $19.99

  • Bedroom: similar to the poster prints, a very characteristic tapestry (favorite animal, dream destination, etc.) hung above your bed, closet or desk space can make your room personal and unique


(1) Russian dolls: 5-pc The Beatles $26.36, 5-pc Santa $39.99

  • Kitchen: making your kitchen area more inviting can motivate you to cook a luscious meal and satisfy your cravings
  • Living room: small decorations to add color and aesthetic to your countertops, shelves, cabinets and tables that make your home more personal and welcoming

(2) Mirrors: farmhouse style with wood frame $21.99, small wave frame $22.99

  • Bedroom/dressing room: your personal mirror for getting ready and, of course, taking Instagram-worthy mirror selfies alone or with friends
  • Bathroom: also for getting ready, makeup and fit-checks, adding a small mirror in your bathroom can come in handy at times you least expect them to

(3) Sweater vests: Wild Fable $22.10, Romwe $24.99, Cupshe $36.99

  • Wardrobe: fit for any season, sweater vests have been trendy in recent years with growing momentum; so whenever you feel lazy to design a chic outfit, remember that you can hardly go wrong with layering a sweater vest over a blouse


(1) Vintage canister sets: 3-pc blue ceramic $55.00, 6-pc wooden $69.99

  • Kitchen: it's best when decorations are both aesthetic and practical, which canister sets can do exactly when used to store food and condiments
  • Bathroom: bathroom counters can easily get jumbled by toiletries mixed with cosmetics, so canisters un-specified for kitchen use can be used to organize and store bathroom equipment

(2) Paintings: oil landscape $65.99, 3-pc flowers $74.89, oil abstract $89.99

  • Living room: most likely the largest space in a home with big wallspaces, adding a large painting or multiple small paintings in whatever shape(s) and color scheme(s) can fill up empty space to feel more like home
  • Bedrooms: if tapestry and poster prints don't click with you, perhaps try paintings if you're looking to have something above your bed or desk

More Sources of Inspiration

While appreciating someone else's creativity and aesthetic taste is valuable, what's more important is finding your own style. What decorations will make you feel calm and happy? Boost your motivation?

Of course, no person or aesthetic is fit for everyone. If you found something or a surge of inspiration from touring Emma Chamberlain's home, then don't hesitate to get started on making your new space not only look but also feel like home! If not, I encourage you to browse Architects Journal, Pinterest and Foyr for more inspiration in discovering what style you gravitate towards. After all, having a cozy home to be in and rely on is more physically and psychologically beneficial for you in your transition into independence than you may assume. You can never go wrong with a holiday season glow-up or adding a few items to your wishlist to welcome the new year!

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