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Styling for Summer: Achieve an Effortlessly Fresh Look with Living Proof's Hair Care Products

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There's nothing like some good salty hair after a day spent on the beach or effortlessly tousled hair from the days spent in the sun- and this summer is a major time to make your hair goals become reality.

With summer in full swing, the heat and humidity are at their most intense moments of the year, which can call for frizzy, damaged hair. Lucky for us, Living Proof has all the answers to keep our hair oh-so-healthy and covetable.

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An iconic brand instantly recognized for its sleek, contemporary look, Living Proof is all about integrating technological advances with a carefully curated solution for styling and treating hair. "Today, Living Proof is Science in Action, which means we’re at the forefront of scientific discovery, inventing and iterating on the latest innovations in hair care that deliver game-changing results for all types and textures," says the brand.

By hair care, the brand is taking it literally and to the heart. With 120 global patents, 450+ formulas, 44 products, and 200+ awards, Living Proof continuously strives toward creating products that are not only efficient but effective.

The brand's latest release attests to that; with a line of products created to perfect the fresh, flirty summer look, Living Proof has all you need for a fun-filled time with no hassle. This summer season is all about looking and feeling your best, and Living Proof can be a complete game-changer to achieving that goal.

Frizz Begone: Sleek & Shiny Is In

If you're looking to keep your hair sleek and shiny instead of frizzing up in the summer weather, Living Proof's Anti-Frizz collection is the perfect match for you. To keep up with the frequent care of your anti-frizzing routine, opt for a combination of the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner!

The frizz® Shampoo

The perfect go-to for your daily routine, the Anti-Frizz Shampoo protects the hair from humidity all whilst gently cleansing their hair and keeping it smooth and soft.

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In terms of wash, this shampoo does exactly what a shampoo is made to do; it "removes dirt, sweat, oil, pollution, and product buildup." but does it in a gentle way that doesn't leave your hair stripped of its natural oil and softness.

I love how clean I feel afterward, and the bubbly lather makes you feel so positive! Immediately after the wash, my hair felt so supple; it didn't feel dried out at all!

The shampoo blocks humidity with the power of multiple ingredients, such as Proprietary Amino Cleansing Complex: a "Sulfate-free surfactant blend that cleanses hair without stripping"; Jojoba esters, "made to smooth and combat the effects of humidity"; Marine algae polysaccharide, excellent at "protecting hair from environmental damage"; and last but not least, Phytantriol, added to "preserve hair color and reduces the damaging effects from thermal and environmental aggressors."

All in all, Living Proof has carefully crafted a formula using the above ingredients to ensure that your hair won't frizz up. This shampoo does its job so well that all my hair stayed in place- even the flyaway strands.

I like that this shampoo made it so much easier to handle my hair in extreme weather, and how it also carried on the benefits of clean, soft hair, making this shampoo a multi-tasking product!

The frizz® Conditioner

The Anti-Frizz Conditioner is the perfect accompaniment for the Anti-Frizz Shampoo; once you have your cleansing wash down, this conditioner doubles down on the nourishment by adding in the moisture and shine.

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This conditioner not only helps prevent frizzing, but also keeps the hair softer than ever. Even after just one wash, I immediately noticed how my hair felt so much smoother and silkier.

Not only that, but this conditioner is able to reach your hair from deep inside and out, repairing the surface damage and preventing split ends. The ends of my hair feel so good, and I love that the quality of my hair has drastically increased!

This conditioner is perfect to apply every so often, and works well when applied at the tips of the hair strands. I genuinely love that when I run my hands through my hair, it doesn't stand up everywhere and isn't tangled!

The conditioner strengthens the hair so well that it keeps the hair in the best texture even in hot and sticky weather. It's so practical and easy to use, and I love that the benefits show easily and quickly.

Freshen Up In Seconds

Hair can be tricky; one moment it'll be at its best, but the next, greasy and in need of a wash. Sometimes, we all need a quick second to freshen up our hair, especially when with limited time.

With Living Proof's Perfect hair Day™ Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo, you can quickly cleanse your hair with quality ingredients and feel oh-so-fresh!

Shop the Perfect hair Day™ Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo here.

This shampoo is just like your regular rinse-out shampoo, except for the fact that it's way less of a hassle and takes a mere few seconds. This dry shampoo works by removing oil and sweat and thoroughly cleansing the hair.

The results? Soft and shiny hair that feels as if you really did take a shower in the water!

The magic is behind the ingredients; with its fast-absorbing powders, all the nasties- from oil and sweat- are soaked up. What's more, the powder removal system "reduces surface friction" to make this dry shampoo untraceable. Also, this shampoo works hard to remove all the gross grease; the sebum balancer handles the natural oil so that your wash day is extended. Not only that, the conditioning agents makes your hair feel just as soft as it does post-shower, all minus the extra efforts!

I love that this spray is lightweight and leaves no visible residue; you can't feel the spray in your hair, either. The spray has the most fantastic, light, and airy scent ever, and simply smells amazing.

On the busier days, this quick spray will leave your hair feeling better than ever- there are no bad hair days with this!

The Bigger, The Better

The saying "the bigger, the better" absolutely applies to hair when it comes to volume; however, there are times when bad hair days make achieving tousled volume impossible.

But as they say, nothing is ever impossible; with Living Proof's Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray, in just a few sprays, it can totally be possible to have that lived-in, carefree look!

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This texturizing spray comes with so many benefits, the volume being one of them. No matter what style you try with your hair, you'll always need a good amount of volume, and this spray comes in so handy for that.

Not only that, this spray can lift even the finest and thin of hairs. Just a bit of added volume can completely revive the way your hair looks, and gives it such a more lively look. The spray is also buildable, so you can adjust the amount of added volume as you like. I really like that the spray doesn't heavy at all, and is actually pretty lightweight.

Plus, this spray can work double as a heat protectant! This spray can provide heat protection up to 410° F/210° C, making it the perfect accompaniment for your favorite hair styler.

I love that this spray delivers instant results. As soon as I applied this spray and gave my hair a good run-through, I immediately saw my hair rise to my desired volume and feel so much cleaner (this spray is capable of absorbing oil!). I love the way this spray works magic on my hair.

This spray also has such a refreshing feel and scent to it, and will seriously put you in such a good cheerful mood. Take this bottle with you for a quick spritz, and you'll be all set for the day!

Healthy Scalp = Happy Hair

Although the scalp may be one of the most overlooked aspects of haircare, it's actually one of the most important parts of keeping your hair healthy. For those struggling with dry scalp and thinning hair, Living Proof's easy-to-apply and instant feel-good Scalp Care ARevitalizing Treatment may just be right for you.

Shop the Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment here.

The Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment is a treatment designed to create tangible change by improving the hair from the root. The results? Fuller, thicker, and well-cared-for hair that will instantly put you in a good mood.

This treatment incorporates the Healthy Follicle Complex™, which targets the appearance of thinning hair. The complex is a calculated combination of yeast proteins, zinc salts, and encapsulated activities; according to Living Proof, it "acts like fertilizer for the scalp to promote thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair."

What's more, the treatment includes the ingredients peptide blend, jojoba esters, and vitamins to plump hair fibers for volume, add a sleek shine, and nourish the scalp to ensure it doesn't feel dry and flaky.

To use the treatment, simply apply the treatment to your scalp either when your hair is dry or wet. This treatment also comes with a massage applicator, which you can use to gently massage the treatment into your hair for a relaxing moment.

I really enjoy the sweet scent of the treatment; it doesn't have a strong fragrance to it while putting you in a calm and collected mood. As soon as I applied it through my roots, I could feel my hair feeling much smoother in hours. I especially saw a huge difference in the way my hair rested in its place; it looked so much more fuller.

I love applying this treatment at nighttime so that I can wake up with instantly volumized and fuller hair. It's the perfect leave-in for the next morning and is so easy to do!

Take The Haircare Quiz

If you're looking for some guidance on what your hair type is and how you can treat it best, look no further than the experts themselves! Living Proof offers an easy-to-do haircare quiz that offers personalized product recommendations and more details on caring for your hair type. I love how informative it is, and how it is such a helpful, individualized resource! To take the quiz, click here.

Keep Up With Living Proof

Be sure to follow Living Proof on all socials to stay in the loop with their latest releases! Find Living Proof on Instagram at @livingproofinc, Twitter at @livingproofinc, YouTube at Living Proof, and Facebook at @livingproofinc. What's more, Living Proof's pages are filled with informational and helpful hair care tips and advice, doubling your social media scrolling as easy-to-digest education.

With Living Proof, you'll be all set for the summer (and beyond!) with lustrous, healthy hair that'll leave you feeling oh-so-happy!

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