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August 18, 2017

Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite study tips. Ultimately, you decide how to take these tips. Many of these I have figured out on my own, have heard from friends, or have found over pinterest. I hope you enjoy these tips and I hope you keep on reading!

First Tip: Success with Senses

My first tip to you guys is to always pay attention in class. This is the most importat tip for you because this is where you will take of your notes to study. You should always pay attention in class because you don't want to miss valuable information.

It always helps you get farther with you studying. Your notes are the ones everyone will want to look at.

Second Tip: Be Extra

In my opinion I would keep two notebooks. One notebook for messy class notes and the second notebook for nice and neat notes for home for when you study. This has helped me tremendously with studying and to keep my notes in two places in case one notebook is lost. One day a week you should transfer your notes from the week into nice notes for studying. It definitely helps you stay organized, retain information, and study without really feeling like your studying. 

Third Tip: Friends are Your Helping Hands

My next tip is that you should study with a friend or a group of friends. I'd even recommend studying with the classmates in your same period since they will have either the same or close to the same notes as you. You could and should more often study in a quiet place like a library, coffee shop, or even a park. Any place that allows you to stay focused is perfect!

Fourth Tip: Desk Heaven 

You should always keep your desk area clean. I recommend this so you know where everything is and you can study better. This can also help you because you won't have to worry about having to clean instead of studying. Having to do this early will help you in the end with not having to procrastinate. Having a messy desk could keep you disengaged or even cause you to not want to deal with the desk so you end up not studying at all. 


I hope these tips help you in school! Have a great upcoming school year.

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