Struggling with May? How to Soothe Academic Burnout

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After working hard for several months, it is inevitable that you feel burnout and daydream of summer. AP exams, final projects, and other stressful assignments often cause May to be one of the hardest months for students. You can start to think about giving up, saying “If I at least pass.” Adopting this mindset can trick you into accepting minimized effort. If you are struggling with academic burnout, these useful tips are here to help.

Use a Planner

Using a planner is a great way to organize your thoughts, remember important dates, and track your assignments. Planner notations can underscore deadlines, preventing them from “sneaking up” on you.

Planners do not have to be strictly used for current academic courses and assignments. Write down your friends' birthdays, inspirational quotes, and extracurricular info! Planners work splendidly for summer classes too. There is no such thing as being overprepared.

Connect With Your Classmates and Teachers

You most likely only have three to four years left with your classmates. You will part ways with them depending on which college or high school you plan to attend. Each year, you meet new teachers and say farewell to past ones. Life moves quickly! Collaborate with your educators and peers, who can enhance your understanding of the future curriculum. The friendships you form now can last a lifetime and make these school years memorable.

Adjust Your Mindset

How can you expect yourself to succeed if you believe it’s only the end? Use these last few weeks of the semester to find opportunities that challenge you over the summer. For example, entering contests and applying for scholarships can help you achieve your goals.

Instead of focusing on summer vacation, use your energy to concentrate on these last few weeks. Look forward to the future ahead of you! If you believe in your dreams, they are more likely to come true.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

Spending too much time on your devices can cause fatigue and eye strain. The entertainment offered across social media platforms can lead to procrastination and lower test scores. Many teenagers begin to compare themselves to media stars, drawing their attention away from education and towards their physical appearances.

Try leaving your phone at home, uninstalling apps, and clearing your schedule. Go outdoors for a stroll! Engaging in these healthy activities can refresh your mind, allowing positive thoughts to guide you through May.

Treat Yourself

Using time wisely is typically associated with working and other duties in our daily lives. When your responsibilities and expectations begin to dictate your personal choices, you can feel stressed. Treating yourself on your day off can relieve academic burnout. Go shopping, dine at your favorite restaurants, and enjoy life! Rethink, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Weekends are great times to fuel curiosity and try new hobbies, but make sure to finish your studies and worksheets first!

Identify Your Stressors

You have likely identified the main stressors which affect you. Seeing challenges as one obstacle makes overcoming them seem impossible! Observe the sources of stress you grapple with to depict exactly which factors make them troublesome. Is mathematics a topic you grapple with? If so, which specific lesson do you need clarification on? Breaking down your stressors into pieces will help you conquer them. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

World events and occurrences that you cannot control are additional stressors. No matter how much strife you are experiencing, you can’t solve worldwide crises alone! Do your part to advocate, speak, and raise awareness in your community.

Request Extensions on Lengthy Tasks

As teenagers, our lives are pulled between two worlds: adulthood and childhood. The transition from middle school to high school can be abrupt, leaving you feeling unprepared for college. If you have too many assignments, tests, or meetings, teachers are often very understanding.

Be sure to give an explanation as to why you were unable to meet the due date. Answer any questions your professor may ask with integrity. If granted an extension, put your best effort into the task to ensure it is completed on time!

Hire a Tutor

If school subjects are tricky, consider seeking professional help from local tutoring centers. These trained educators will provide pupils with resources and opportunities for extra practice. They can review lessons and answer questions when your teacher is unavailable.

Unfortunately, tutors can be expensive! Online tutorials, designated websites, and arranging meetings with teachers can serve as useful alternatives.

Summer is only a few weeks away! The challenges and demands you are facing will prepare you to handle similar situations in the future. With these helpful tips, you can find encouragement to finish this semester with passion for the next. Stay motivated!

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