Stand Up for Clean Air: How to Protect the Air We Breathe


With everything affecting the country in this present time, considering the virus, sometimes we are blinded by the other important issues that are rapidly affecting the world today.

One of which is the amount of air pollution that is swallowing our amount of clean air in the world. This results in our environment being physically harmed, as well as our personal health being at risk constantly.

This being said, we need help and guidance if we are going to find away to abolish harmful air pollution: This is where the American Lung Association comes in.

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The American Lung Association

The American Lung Association, established in 1904, has recently created a new sub-mission entitled “Stand Up For Clean Air”.

This plan is to help common people reduce their personal air pollution to save the earth in the long run. We talked with the National Assistant Vice President for Healthy Air Laura Kate Bender, as well as the Climate advisor Rohan Arora for more information and how we can act now.

The Importance of Clean Air

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, and to celebrate, we're introducing the Stand Up For Clean Air initiative.

The air pollution we breathe can harm anyone's health, and climate change is making air quality worse.

That's why we're asking you to Stand Up For Clean Air.

Together, through collective action, we can all help improve air quality and address climate change.

The Purpose

To promptly get others to help change their lifestyle in relation to the world's health and advocate for change, this particular initiative also strives to educate others on exactly why this is something they should put their time and energy into.

“Through this New Stand Up for Clean Air Initiative, The Organization is Driving conversations around climate change and air pollution as health issues. Because when people realize climate change and air quality is impacting our health today, they are more likely to take action and advocate for change.” says the association.

They also empower the people diagnosed with lung cancer, recognizing that air pollution is one of the many risk factors associated with lung cancer.

The organization hosts an annual event entitled “Lung Force Advocacy Day” in hopes of inspiring the minority that even though they have been affected themselves, they still are powerful human beings and together, they can encourage others to bind together and conquer this.

Their Impact

If you don't believe in the influence this mission has, focus on the entire association itself.

The ALA is the largest standing public-health organization in the entire country. And the whole basis of the company was started with the same goal they have now: To help others.

The organization was established more than an entire century ago, and the history of the company is still shown in its designs today.

“About 100 years ago when American Lung Association decided to eradicate tuberculosis, they adopted the double-barred red cross from the Crusades as a symbol of a “crusade against tuberculosis.”

As part of the Lung Association's re-branding in 2020, we refreshed our brand, our mark now has symbolism to us. The first bar in the cross stand for “education," the second for “advocacy” and it's held together with “research.”

Even as we show our brand, every time we look at it, it reminds us of what is core to us.”

They also mentioned that over time, they decided to alter the cross design and turn the color from red to blue, signifying fresh air and trust.

This shows that from deep health issues like tuberculosis to environment-based problems like fresh air instead of pollution, the American Lung Association has always been a helping hand.

The Hotline

During this pandemic, going to a hospital for physical care sounds terrifying at the thought. But when your health is your priority, we can be pretty worried on when we will actually be able to contact a doctor.

Introducing: ALA's Help Line.

The American Lung Association hosts its very own help line for anyone with medical questions and needs, for no cost at all.

The amount of resources this company has towards the well-being of the American people shows hope from the world's self-absorbed personality to a selfless community.

"The Lung HelpLine is staffed with licensed registered nurses, respiratory therapists and certified tobacco treatment specialists.

In addition, there are bilingual Spanish speaking staff along with a live language interpretation service for more than 250 languages."

How We Can Help

So, how can we help? Can we even help as teenagers?

Short answer: Absolutely.

There are three main ways that students as young as Elementary school level can participate in changing the world for the better, one person at a time.

No. 1

The first way: Pledge.

By pledging for the "Stand Up For Clean Air" Initiative, you are agreeing to spend time focusing on doing you part int minimizes your own pollution you give out into the world.

No. 2

Second: Testimonials.

Situated on the Company's website, there is an entire section towards the powerful hashtag #My Clean Air Story/ On this page you will find personal stories from normal people like you, who have changed their habits and have decreased their amount of pollution by result.

This encourages other that it can be done, as well as giving a chance to tell each other tips on how to do so.

No. 3

Three: Resources.

As shown by the complex hotline, this organization makes sure that resources are available to each and everyone of us.

At, people can find the perfect Clean Air toolkit to help you become the best world-saver step by step. There are several different forms of resources on their website to keep you engaged and energized.

So what are you doing? Hop on their website and become a teen activist now!

Keep Up

To check out the American Lung Association's website for more resources, click here. Information for Stand Up For Clean Air can be found here.

A big thank you to Ms. Laura Kate Bender and Rohan Arora for this interview.

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