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Sisters Are the Friends You're Stuck with for Life: Here's Why They're Amazing


August 24, 2022

Last week, National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day were celebrated. For me, friendship involves trusting someone, being able to rely on them, and feeling comfortable around them. This perfectly aligns with the relationship I have with my sisters.

While having sisters means having my fair share of arguments, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The moments we share with each other actually make us closer, and cause me to rely on them just like friends. I can be free around them because I am comfortable with them.

My Muslim identity also reminds me of the importance of caring for my siblings. One saying that sticks out to me is from Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) which goes: "The best among you is the one who is best to his family, and I am the best of those who are good to their families."

Having a sister and being a sister definitely comes with its perks. So, wondering what the five best things about this relationship are? Here’s what I have gathered based on my personal experience and from others'.

1. Best Advice

Since my sisters and I have been around for the majority of each others' lives, we know how to respond to each others' problems when we go through hard times. From personal experience, most of the time my sisters have given me the best advice because of how well they know me.

I think the words of a sister are more meaningful and reliable than a friend's because of how long you have been together. Older siblings especially have gone through many more experiences than you, and despite this extra knowledge, they never manage to feel too far removed from you. They are of the same or maybe a closer generation to you, which makes them easy to relate to.

If I was having trouble, it might be easier to talk about my issues with someone closer to my age. I would confide in my sisters, since our closeness in age makes these issues easier to talk about.

2. Freedom of Personality

When you’re in public or starting to make new friends, you can’t always show them your crazy side and sense of humor. However, you never have to hide that part of yourself from your sisters, since you're basically stuck with them for the rest of your life! They can't judge you, you're sisters.

The brain tends to feel more relaxed when you're with your family too, because you grew up around them. That being said, sisters remain the most fun of your relatives because they're your life-long buddies. You share many personality traits with them, so talking to them often feels like you're talking to yourself; you feel no shame because you guys are basically the same person.

A lot of people on social media have brought up how they feel like they have a different face with everyone in their life, and how they constantly change their personality. This kind of behavior can become suffocating, but sometimes we have to do it. Our sisters are like an escape from this, and are the home we come back to where we can be our true selves. Because of this openness, you can confide in your sisters without fear of judgment, which brings me to my next point.

3. Openness of the Relationship

Since your sisters have seen you at your lowest and highest, it’s easy to spill your secrets and weird facts about yourself. Being able to talk to your sisters about your day or the most random things whenever you want, without having to schedule a time or visit, can be freeing.

The openness of the relationship allows you to discuss your problems with them, leading to a sort of therapeutic exchange of feelings. Bottling up your feelings tends to become suffocating, and sometimes with friends you're ashamed because you would never want them to see you in a different way. It can be embarrassing to open up to friends you've only known for a few years.

Your sisters, however, are your life-long friends. They've already seen your embarrassing moments, so it's way less stressful talking to them. It's no big deal seeing an awkward side of you, since they've seen every side of you.

4. Good Influence

Sisters can be some of the best influences on your life. For me personally, my sisters have had a great influence on me, made all the more easy since we live in the same house. I can pick up their good habits and implement them into my own life.

For example, my older sister has been correcting my manners and letting me know if I have slipped up since I was young. These corrections to the most minor things, like how to speak properly and deal with others in an appropriate manner, have strengthened my social etiquette (especially since she'll let me know how to fix these things as soon as possible).

When they're not helping me change my bad habits, my sisters help give me good advice. Though these actions may seem typical to some, no number of words can describe the way in which they have made such a positive difference in my life. If you don't believe me, take this study as an example, which suggests that having a sister makes you a better person overall!

5. With You Every Step of the Way

No matter how old you grow and where you go in life, your sisters will always be with you every step of the way. Since my sisters and I are close in age, I know we'll be together for most of my life. Parents and other family members may grow old and friends may drift apart from you, but sisters are the ones who stay your friends for life.

As we've seen in movies like Frozen where Anna and Elsa have lost their family, they were there for each other even though there were some challenges along the way. They found ways to help each other and stick together no matter what. In my own experience, it is pretty much the same in real life. No matter what path you take, you'll always be able to be with your sisters, especially since they're traveling down the same journey of life.

To all the sisters out there, remember to acknowledge and appreciate each other more often, and share your happy moments with them. Remember, they are your friends for life, and we wouldn't be the people we are without them. They mean more to us than we realize. So, if your sister is close by or just a phone call away, remember to appreciate her and all she does for you!

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