Simple And Easy Fundraising Ideas For School
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Simple And Easy Fundraising Ideas For School

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December 08, 2019

You should never underestimate the power of fundraising at school! Whether it is to raise money for new books, field trips, new equipment or for charity, organizing a fundraising event can be super easy and loads of fun! Here are 5 simple and easy ways to raise money for your school or any other cause with minimum hassle and stress!

1. Have A Bake Sale

Bake sales are so easy to organize and are always popular with children. They never fail to raise a lot of money- nobody can resist yummy, sugary treats; especially after hours of school!

  1. Plan a date and time: try a break or lunchtime as everyone will be hungry! Don't forget to check the date with a teacher to make sure it is the best time possible and everything runs smoothly.
  2. Promote the event! Stick up posters and notices all around the school- be colorful and creative to attract the most attention. Emphasize the date and time so that no-one forgets as well as the price.
  3. On the day, be prepared with lots of cakes and treats to sell. Make sure to arrive early at the designated area to set up a few tables and organize the cakes. It may also be a good idea to have a Money-Tin full of change to be prepared.
  4. Sell your goods! Make sure to be smiling and friendly and knowledgeable about your cause to encourage people to buy your treats

Tip: Get your friends involved too! More people means more cake and you can work in shifts so that you can have a break as well. It's always much more enjoyable to organize and plan events with other people!

2. Put on A Non-Uniform Or Fancy Dress Day

Many schools have to wear a uniform so the privilege of wearing your own clothes and dressing up is a really cool way to raise money.  You would have to talk to your teacher to organize this and make sure that for every student that comes in wearing non-uniform, they would pay 1 pound or equivalent. Maybe you could organize a competition of who's best dressed or something similar to increase interest! Make sure to promote and advertise the event so that no-one forgets the day. 

3. Host A Talent Or Game Show

This is a really fun and entertaining way to raise money! If you and your friends are creative then organize a school talent or game show! This may take a bit more time to organize as you would have to ask for the use of the stage and arrange a suitable time with the teachers. However, it should be fun to hold auditions if you decide to and get as many people as possible involved.

Why not get teachers involved with the possibility of a students vs teachers competition? There is also the chance of planning really fun challenges and dares if you decide to organize a game show! At my school, we arrange a yearly lip sync battle with teachers and students participating alike- and it is always sold out!

4. Raffle

A raffle is super simple and can even be added to another event such as a show. All you need is a raffle ticket book and a few prizes to hand out! The prizes can be anything, from stationary to sweets to vouchers. If you know anyone who works at a restaurant or gym, you could even give out free meals or personal training sessions

5. Sponsored Challenges

As there are so many people at school, this means you potentially have hundreds of people to sponsor you! There are so many challenges you can do to test yourself and raise money:

  • Runs
  • Cycles
  • Swims
  • Walks

It could be a really fun activity to do with your friends and get fit! You could even organize an inter-school championship or students vs teachers football match for added entertainment!

Raising money for charity or your school? We’ve love to know how you are doing this. Comment your ideas down below.

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