Shocking One Week Feud Between Brothers Jake & Logan Paul
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Shocking One Week Feud Between Brothers Jake & Logan Paul

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June 12, 2017

If you are Youtube obsessed, you have probably heard about the drama between Jake Paul's Team 10, Logan Paul, and Alissa Violet & Ricegum. 

At the beginning of this week, Jake Paul, Youtuber, viner, and founder of Team 10 from Ohio, created a music video with the Team 10 called "It's Everyday Bro". In the music video Jake Paul and Tessa Brooks both dissed Alissa Violet, ex-Team 10 member and supposed girlfriend of Jake Paul's. 

This caused a big stirr because Alissa Violet has spent months exposing Jake on Twitter and their drama has been overpublicized, but no one knows whether Jake cheated on Alissa or if she did. 

Alissa reacted to the music video with Ricegum and decided to release her own diss track. With the help of Ricegum over the course of the week, teasing bits every other day, she finally released her music video. 

 On the other end, Logan Paul, Jake Paul's older brother released a song "Help Me Help You" ft. Why Don't We, even before this drama began. This is important to keep in mind. So, after Jake's song was released Logan vlogged his day and dissed Jake's song in that vlog.

Well, Jake was not cool with that and decided to create a disstrack about his brother and released it the next day. Many fans believed he went too far with it. Here it is below:

Seeing this, Logan decided to create a disstrack of Jake, but before he released it he showed his parents. Logan believes, his parents texted Jake that Logan created a heavy disstrack against him that went far and so Jake posted an apology video to everyone he dissed. So, Logan decided to only upload the first verse and chorus of the song. 

The biggest drama behind Logan's song is that at the end we are left with a cliffhanger because it looks like Alissa makes an appearance in the video, but we do not know. Logan decides to give a copy of the song to Jake and throw the other one away. Jake see's Alissa is on it and that Logan took things too far. 

Now, as mentioned before... Tessa Brooks dissed Alissa indirectly and uploaded to youtube this video labeled "The Truth". The problem is, fans think she contradicts everything she says in her video and nothing in the video reveals anything about the truth behind the drama Team 10 has with Alissa.

Alissa posted a vlog thumbnailed "The Truth" and explains her side of the story behind the drama with Jake Paul. Fans from all sides praise Alissa for seeming raw and candid. 

Eventually, Jake saw this video and uploaded his own apology video directly to Alissa because he never really realized how much they both hurt each other. With that, Alissa decided to not release the last verse to her disstrack song and is left with just three for the music video linked above. 

On Saturday, Jake mentioned in his vlog he would be making another song. Sunday, he said he would be releasing it later that day. This is the final comment and product to the whole drama:

On side notes, Jake did diss the most famous Youtuber- PewDiePie and PewDiePie reacted to his video and verbally dissed him. The Martinez Twins, also a part of Team Ten released a reaction video that received a lot of hate so they released a Truth about Jake Paul video praising him as being their big brother. Towards the end of the week, Logan's second verse, at least some parts of it were leaked onto the internet. Eventually, the whole video was uploaded and Alissa did make an appearance on the video.

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