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Rock Your Looks with the Original Cult Denim to Obsess Over from One Teaspoon

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November 28, 2022

Denim is hailed as one of the most versatile pieces in fashion; it can be laid-back for cool-girl streetwear moments, sparkly and glittered-up for fancy nights, and even fringed for a touch of edge. After all, denim is what we turn to for pretty much all events- but in particular, One Teaspoon always knows best, even through the whirlwind of trends and the vision of classic blue jeans.

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If anything, One Teaspoon isn't just your pair of average faded blue denim shorts. A designer denim brand centered around the rebellious spirit and a sense of empowered independence, One Teaspoon is a fierce combination of alluring appeal and romantic silhouettes alike to the vibes of smoky glitter eyeshadow, dancing into midnight, and unforgettable nights out.

"A unique vision that’s as much about how you feel, as how you look – an attitude of empowerment, celebrating ‘one’ as an inclusive community and collective; all together as one - with an overwhelming belief that one small teaspoon of “fantastically rebellious, sex infused, old school rock and roll glamour” goes a long way," proclaims the brand.

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Perfect for casual days and stylish enough to dress up with different textures, One Teaspoon is a fashionista's denim dream. If you're searching for the perfect pair of denim shorts and even a classic denim dress for a variety of occasions, you're in the right place:

Rolled & Low For A Good Time

If you could ever imagine the most perfect pairing for the energy of a rock concert infused with an alluring charm, the Blue Blossom Bandit Low Waist Denim Short would be it.

Shop the Blue Blossom Bandit Low Waist Denim Short here.

One of One Teaspoon's cult classic denim shorts- heralded as "the one and only"- these shorts are simply the embodiment of an effortlessly chic girl with the look of well-curated effort.

Featuring a low waist that rests slouchy, these shorts are perfect to be cinched with a cutting-edge metallic belt. The shorts overall have a relaxed fit, especially its not-in-a-hurry style rolled-up and twisted hems. Alongside the roll-and-twist style of the hems, the pocket sides also peek out from under, adding a cool touch.

I also just adore the blue-grey, raw look of the denim shorts. Distressed and lived-in, the Blue Blossom is simultaneously easygoing with a sharp, fierce, magnetic energy.

These shorts are made to be worn low by the hips, making them perfect for longer vintage tank tops and bodysuits. Finish the look off with your favorite combat boots and you'll be all set!

Rosewood Is The One

If I could ever award a pair of denim shorts as the prime of all, the most fabulously fitting, attractively designed, and confidence-boosting, it would be the Rosewood The One for sure.

Shop the Rosewood The One Fitted Cheeky Denim Short here.

Even Goldilocks would approve of this pair of denim shorts- it's simply so well designed that it's appealing in every aspect. High waisted for support, the shorts are teeny-tiny and short for all the fun, with a classic blue jean look to them.

With their sides slightly distressed and the edges raw and the short pockets hanging out (but not completely out), these shorts will make you feel like both a city girl and a country cowgirl at the same time.

I just adore how these shorts are the perfect length for a short pair of shorts; it's cheeky in a having-fun kind of a way without being too overdone. With a curved hem, the shorts also shape your silhouette in a flattering way and lengthen the legs, and the raw edge adds some edge to the look without going overboard with the frays.

The bright summer-blue shade of Rosewood Blue is the most gorgeous mid-blue that simply feels so mood-boosting. It's a cheery shade of royal blue that works well with pretty much everything.

If anything, these denim shorts are just so classic that it could've come straight from a vintage catalog. As One Teaspoon shares, these shorts were "inspired by vintage 70s original denim uncovered at the Pasadena rose bowl flea markets" and the "wash was custom-recreated for an authentic 70s California-vibes vintage feel."

Whether you take this to the beach to pair with your bikini top or wear it with a cute knit cardigan, the Rosewood is sure to look good, always.

Studded Waist for Some Added Flair

80's trends always manage to come back so strongly that they've become a must to keep in the wardrobe. With One Teaspoon's vintage-inspired high-waisted shorts, you can keep it classy beyond all the trends.

Shop the Bel Air Blue Streetwalker High Waist Denim Short here.

Featuring an inverted front yoke seam with pleats, the Bel Air Blue Streetwalker High Waist Denim Shorts are all about the flared hips for an extra dramatic effect. After all, One Teaspoon never keeps it boring- and these shorts were made to catch attention!

The shorts are relaxed overall with a looser fit but taper into the hem in a natural roll-up. The back of the shorts follows the same loose-but-tapered silhouette, giving it a laid-back, take-it-easy feel.

With gorgeous buttons with intricate carvings all around the waist, the rose gold metallics add a touch of contrast to the sky blue of the denim shorts. The denim wash is in Bel Air Blue, a light and airy blue that's gentle and charismatic in its own way without being too overpowering.

Modern and vintage at the same time, these shorts are perfect to bring along for sunny, bright days.

Keeping It Easy As Can Be

If you've ever wanted the style of denim but wanted the comfort of lounge shorts, you're in luck; One Teaspoon's Faded Black Hunters Mid Length Relaxes Short flawlessly combines the two to make a timeless pair of trusty shorts.

Shop the Faded Black Hunters Mid Length Relaxed Short here.

These high-waisted shorts come from one of One Teaspoon's most iconic lines- the Hunters. Perfect for every situation, these shorts are built with versatility and comfort in mind.

Need something to throw on for a quick trip to the grocery store? Check. Need something to go out for a quick stroll? Check. Need something casual yet cute, while maintaining a tasteful style? Check!

With a relaxed fit in the hips and thighs, these shorts come with a cinched feature at the waist with a thick elastic band that stretches to maximize comfort. With its cinched-yet-flared look and a cute roll-up at the hem, it's a fabulous fit for pretty much any top.

With a Faded Black wash, it has that classic denim wash that feels neutrally black (so you can wear it anywhere and pair it with anything) and worn in (we're talking about that cozy, beloved look).

I'm all for a good lounge, but the Faded Black Hunters Mid Length Relaxed Short takes it to the stylish next level!

Dressed Up In Denim

If you could add the rugged yet put-together style of denim into an effortlessly on-the-go, that would take form in the stunning Blue Blossom Olivia Dress. When it comes to this dress, One Teaspoon says it best: "utilitarian, versatile & still sexy af."

Shop the Blue Blossom Olivia Dress here.

This stunner of a denim dress features a blue-grey marle wash in Blue Blossom, all in a fitted dress that combines a loose torso with a cinched waist. With a collared top and slightly loose arms that can be rolled up for a rugged look, the dress adds in the slatted miniskirt portion together with an elasticated waist that has the illusion of a denim belt.

The dress is made complete with a longer zipper feature running from the top of the collar to the middle end of the torso. The zipper can be adjusted to open up the front to your preferred length- whether you want to keep it casual or classy, this dress can do it all.

With its many golden metallic zippers, pockets, and stitched-on designs, this dress is a total contemporary spin on classic denim.

I just adore the slimline silhouette of the dress; it feels so elevated and sophisticated. Perfect to wear for exciting events and weekend nights, this dress is sure to be your new favorite for the chillier season.

Keep Up With One Teaspoon

If you want to keep it edgy and cool-girl-chic all the time and always, be sure to stay in the loop with One Teaspoon on all social media. Find the brand on Instagram at @oneteaspoon_, Twitter at @oneteaspoon_, and Pinterest at @1teaspoon.

Remember, a good dose of confidence and your own unique charm along with your favorite rebelliously-spirited denim is all you ever need!

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