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July 20, 2023

In the fiercely competitive world of college admissions, a standout resume can be the key to unlocking the doors to your dream university. Beyond grades and test scores, extracurricular activities are pivotal in showcasing your character, passions, and commitment to personal growth. But what activities truly capture the attention of college admission officers and set you apart from the crowd?

As someone who just recently navigated the college admissions process, I will give you the best resume activities guaranteed to impress college admission officers and increase your chances of securing that coveted acceptance letter. Discover how to spotlight your unique talents, leadership qualities, and community engagement as I guide you through crafting an impressive college application resume.

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Leadership Roles

Leadership roles are a critical aspect of a well-rounded resume and carry significant weight in college applications. Colleges value students who can demonstrate their ability to take charge, inspire others, and positively impact their communities. While positions like club president, team captain, or student government officer are impressive examples, leadership opportunities extend across various fields of study. Here are some examples of different leadership roles that students can pursue:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics):

Research Project Leader - Taking charge of a research initiative or leading a group of peers in a scientific investigation demonstrates strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Robotics Team Captain - Leading a robotics team showcases technical expertise, teamwork, and innovative thinking.

Coding Club President - Organizing coding workshops and projects for fellow students demonstrates a passion for technology and programming.

Humanities and Social Sciences:

Model United Nations (MUN) President - Guiding discussions and debates on global issues and exhibits diplomacy, critical thinking, and international awareness.

Debate Team Captain - Leading a debate team demonstrates excellent communication skills, persuasion, and the ability to analyze complex topics.

Community Outreach Coordinator - Organizing social initiatives or campaigns for a non-profit organization showcases empathy and a commitment to social change.

Business and Entrepreneurship:

Young Entrepreneurs Club Founder - Starting a club that fosters student entrepreneurship and exhibits leadership, innovation, and business acumen.

Business Competition Team Leader - Organizing and leading a team for case competitions demonstrate strategic thinking and leadership in a competitive environment.

Economics Club President - Spearheading discussions and events related to economics and finance, showcasing an interest in the field and organizational skills.

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Community Service

Community service is a meaningful aspect of a college application beyond just fulfilling a requirement. Engaging in volunteer work showcases your commitment to positively impacting society. It also highlights your sense of responsibility and compassion. Colleges highly value students who actively give back to their communities, as it reflects their potential to be engaged, citizens and empathetic leaders.

Local Non-Profit Organizations - Many non-profit organizations constantly need volunteers to assist with various tasks, such as fundraising events, community outreach, or administrative support.

Food Banks and Homeless Shelters - Volunteering at food banks or homeless shelters assists individuals facing hunger and homelessness in your community.

Environmental Cleanup Initiatives - Participating in environmental cleanups, tree planting events, or park restoration projects helps preserve and protect the natural environment.

Senior Centers and Retirement Homes - Visiting and spending time with elderly residents in senior centers can bring joy and companionship to their lives.

Tutoring and Mentoring - Volunteering as a tutor or mentor for younger students can positively impact their academic and personal development. Field-Specific Community Service Opportunities:

Medical and Healthcare Studies:

Volunteer at Local Clinics - Assist medical professionals and gain insights into healthcare practices by volunteering at local clinics or hospitals.

Health Awareness Campaigns - Organize or participate in health-related awareness campaigns to promote public health and educate the community.

Education and Teaching:

After-School Programs - Get involved in after-school programs providing academic support and mentorship to needy children.

Literacy Initiatives - Join literacy programs to help improve reading skills among young children or adults.

Environmental Science and Sustainability:

Conservation Projects - Participate in conservation efforts like beach cleanups, wildlife rehabilitation, or sustainable farming projects.

Environmental Education - Teach others about environmental issues and sustainable practices in schools or community workshops.

Social Work and Human Services:

Crisis Hotlines - Volunteer at crisis helplines or support centers, assisting individuals needing emotional support.

Refugee and Immigrant Assistance - Engage in programs that aid refugees and immigrants in adapting to their new communities.

Policy/Politics Community Service Opportunities:

Political Campaigns - Join local or national political campaigns to canvass, phone bank, and get out the vote for candidates you believe in.

Voter Registration Drives - Organize or participate in voter registration drives to empower individuals to exercise their right to vote.

Youth Civic Engagement Programs - Engage in initiatives encouraging young people to actively participate in civic affairs and public policy discussions.

Advocacy Organizations - Partner with advocacy groups focused on specific policy issues like climate change, immigration, or social justice.

Youth Justice Programs - Get involved in programs that work to provide legal support and education to young people involved in the justice system.

Tip: Mobilize is an invaluable online platform for finding community service opportunities related to policy/politics and the legal field. It allows you to sign up for events like rallies, virtual meetings, canvassing, phone banking, and get-out-the-vote campaigns.

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Internships and Work Experience

Internships and work experience are crucial in showcasing your practical expertise and commitment to your desired career path. By participating in internships or part-time jobs relevant to your field of interest, you gain hands-on experience and valuable skills that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

This practical exposure demonstrates to college admission officers your initiative in seeking opportunities to apply your learning and your dedication to understanding the real-world implications of your chosen profession. Additionally, internships and work experiences allow you to build a network of industry contacts and mentors, and you could potentially ask one of them for a letter of recommendation.

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Whether conducted in a school setting or independently, engaging in research projects is a compelling way to demonstrate your analytical abilities and dedication to learning beyond traditional classroom environments. Colleges value students who are passionate about inquiry, problem-solving, and exploring topics in-depth. Here are some research ideas and projects for different fields of study:


Scientific Experimentation - Design and conduct experiments to investigate specific scientific phenomena or test hypotheses related to biology, chemistry, physics, or environmental science.

Engineering Innovations - Develop and build prototypes or models for innovative engineering solutions, such as renewable energy devices, smart systems, or assistive technologies.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning - Collect and analyze data sets using programming languages like Python or R to draw meaningful insights and create predictive models.

Medical Research - Conduct studies on medical topics, such as the efficacy of certain treatments, disease prevalence, or health disparities.

Policy Research Projects:

Public Policy Analysis - Examine the impact of existing policies or proposed policy changes on specific social, economic, or environmental issues.

Legislative Research - Analyze the development and implications of legislative proposals or bills to inform policymakers and the public.

Comparative Policy Studies - Compare and contrast policies from different regions or countries to identify best practices and potential areas for improvement.

Advocacy Research - Investigate and present evidence to support advocacy efforts for social justice, human rights, or environmental causes.

Business/Economics Research Projects:

Market Analysis - Research market trends, consumer behavior, and industry competition to inform business strategies and decision-making.

Economic Impact Studies - Assess the economic consequences of specific events, policies, or projects on regional or national economies.

Entrepreneurial Ventures - Conduct market research for a potential business idea and develop a comprehensive business plan.

Humanities Research Projects:

Cultural Studies - Examine cultural practices, traditions, or artistic expressions to explore their significance and influence on diverse communities.

Linguistic Research - Investigate language evolution, dialects, or linguistic variations to comprehend the role of language in shaping cultures and societies.

Getting research opportunities can be a rewarding experience for students, providing them with valuable skills and exposure to their fields of interest. Here are five ways to secure research opportunities:

Reach Out to Professors and Teachers - Approach professors or teachers in your school or college who conduct research in areas of interest to you. Express your enthusiasm for research and inquire about potential opportunities to assist with ongoing projects or collaborate on new ones.

Utilize Online Research Databases - Explore online databases that list research opportunities, internships, and projects in various fields. Websites like ResearchGate, AcademicJobsOnline, and university websites often post research positions and vacancies.

Participate in Research Programs - Many universities and research institutions offer summer or part-time research programs for high school and undergraduate students. These programs provide hands-on research experiences and mentorship from experienced researchers.

Network and Attend Events - Attend conferences, seminars, and workshops related to your field of interest. Engaging with professionals and researchers at these events can lead to potential research opportunities or connections with people who can guide you in the right direction.

Volunteer in Labs or Non-profit Organizations - Offer your assistance as a volunteer in research labs, non-profit organizations, or community-based research projects. Volunteering not only allows you to gain experience but also demonstrates your commitment and passion for research.

When including research projects on your resume, emphasize the research question, methods used, findings, and any significant contributions or impact resulting from your work. Whether your research is done in collaboration with mentors, academic institutions, or independently, the experience will showcase your dedication to knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, and the pursuit of deeper insights into your chosen field of study.

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Athletics and Sports

Participation in athletics and sports showcases physical prowess and reflects essential qualities that are highly valued by college admission officers. Whether engaged in varsity sports or excelling in individual disciplines, athletes demonstrate discipline, dedication, and a strong work ethic. The commitment to training, honing skills, and striving for excellence exemplifies their tenacity and determination to succeed.

Additionally, team sports provide a platform for fostering teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities, essential traits in both academic and professional settings. Beyond the competitive arena, involvement in sports reveals a commitment to physical fitness and overall well-being, highlighting a balanced and holistic approach to personal development. Ultimately, the values cultivated through athletics make athletes stand out as well-rounded individuals who bring invaluable qualities to their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

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Artistic Pursuits

Arts and creative pursuits can be a compelling addition to your college application. Whether you excel in music, theater, visual arts, or any other creative field, showcasing your talents highlights your unique abilities and diverse interests. Colleges highly value students who demonstrate creativity and a passion for the arts, as it reflects your ability to think outside the box and communicate through various mediums.

Including your artistic achievements and experiences in your application can provide a well-rounded picture of your personality and potential contributions to the college community. Whether you have participated in performances, art exhibitions, competitions, or have undertaken independent projects, these creative endeavors offer a glimpse into your artistic journey and its impact on your personal growth and character.

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When preparing a resume to impress college admission officers, focusing on a select few impactful activities is key. Quality over quantity is paramount, as showcasing leadership roles, community service, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities related to one's passion or career interests will leave a lasting impression. By highlighting the depth of dedication, personal growth, and positive contributions made through these activities, aspiring students can stand out and increase their chances of gaining admission to their desired colleges.

Remember, a well-crafted resume not only reflects accomplishments but also demonstrates the unique qualities that make an individual a valuable addition to any college community. Good luck!

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