6 Passion Projects to Do This Year

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Do you often feel confused and overwhelmed in your monotonous daily routine? Is there something in the back of your brain telling you to go beyond the pages of your oversized physics textbook? Sometimes we all feel like making our voice heard beyond the classroom. All of our talents and strengths can be exhibited strongly in our actions. Here are a few ways to channel your passion!

1. Blogs, Magazines, And Books

If writing is your way of communicating emotions and thoughts, you will know the power of your words! Covid- 19 has given us ample time to self-retrospect on ourselves. Try penning down even the smallest of incidents that caused you to think outside of the box. Is there any social issue you would like to address? Well, this is your chance. Wix and WordPress are amazing platforms that will cater to your needs.

If you want to connect with a larger audience, go ahead and pitch your articles to magazines! You never know how your words will inspire. Have a go at fantasy, mystery, and romance. The best works are those written with feeling. Though writing a book requires a lot of effort and planning, know that 500 words a day can give you your first draft in four months.

Have fun, and see where it leads you!

2. YouTube And Podcasts

Another way to express yourself is through visual or audio-generated content. There are no limits to what you can achieve. All the way from comedy, skits, healthcare, and book reviews to cooking, vlogs, tech, and unboxing, you can show your inner aspirations and enlighten others with your views. If you think that editing and uploading is a huge task, don't fret! There are so many software and tutorial videos that will help you get your job done. Last year, Spotify gave podcasters an amazing opportunity to build a strong network through their channel. If you don't want to spend hours getting ready to present yourself on a video, project your voice instead!

3. Research

This will surely look fantastic on your college applications! Research is not only limited to Science and Medicine but a broad range of interests that include Philosophy, Political Theory, International Relations, Ancient History, Machine learning, and much more. Undertaking a research project demonstrates your ability to collect information, reshape it, and draw conclusions. While this might seem like a daunting task for a high schooler, many organizations can aid you. Horizon Inspires and Pioneer Academy are great places to learn and grow. Check out their spring and summer programs. They also offer college credits!

4 . Volunteer Work

Any sort of work that shows a positive impact on society is considered volunteer work. It doesn't have to be as big as starting an NGO (although that is highly appreciated too!), helping your younger sister do her math homework also has a huge impact on the functioning of your family. Perhaps your interest lies in helping the homeless, writing warm letters to orphans, recording audiobooks for the blind, or translating TedX talks for a larger audience. There are all great ideas for you to consider!

5. Take Photos, Videos, And Documentaries

Click! Click! Click!

Anything from still life to motion pictures has a unique story to tell. Documenting tiny occurrences and compiling them is a rewarding task. Going out on a long nature walk is a great way to gain inspiration as well as, at the same time, to relieve yourself of your daily tensions. The art of looking through the lens helps you look at things from a multi-dimensional perspective and can have a positive impact on your outlook. Make sure to make a scrapbook of your work so that it can be used as a portfolio!

6. Learning A New Language

It's interesting how many different languages, accents, and dialects there are in the world. Each style and category has its own value. Learning a new language helps you increase your social circle as you are no longer hindered by language barriers. It opens a portal for you to explore a new culture and allows you to pursue diverse skills and interests. This hobby can go hand and hand with traveling! Word by word, every day is a day for learning something new!

You might ask, after going through this list of exciting activities, are extracurricular activities necessary in the first place? I would have to argue that they are because they add a personal flavor to who you are and what you want to become. People with hobbies tend to have a lot of experiences and lessons to share. But beyond all other factors, these activities create a soothing and warm atmosphere for you to relax in. They open your heart and make it run wild·. Moreover, these extracurricular activities look great· on your college application. Nope, I'm not telling you to dive into these activities for the sake of doing them, you won't find true happiness. Instead, I prod you to view them as a great opportunity to learn and evolve.

Now that you know your options, which extracurricular activity are you most passionate about?

Sai Sanjana Munaga

Sanjana is a 16-year-old from India (aka the biggest MARVEL fan). You can find her hunching over her chattering computer keys that string letters into impactful words. Her words have been recognized by UNICEF, Scholastic, and various other magazines. Having traveled the invisible boundaries of two countries and countless states, Sanjana loves carrying her dual perspectives wherever she goes. In her opinion, crime and mystery are the best bookish ways to pass time.