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March 09, 2022

By now, you've likely heard what's going on in Ukraine. Russia has launched an invasion, which has seen a lot of violence and tension.

What's Going On In Ukraine:

Currently, Russia is trying to capture the capital of Ukraine- (Kyiv), which would ultimately be the downfall of Ukraine if Russia does capture it. The NATO countries, including Canada, USA, U.K. etc, have put sanctions on Russia, including their swift banking system, which would affect Russia economically.

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In response to the NATO countries putting sanctions on Russia, Vladimir Putin said that it was "unlawful and illegal" for sanctions to be put on their banks like that. In response, he put his deterrence systems on high alert, including nuclear weapons, which is a direct message to Ukraine and the NATO countries.

Condemning Russia

Russia, by invading Ukraine, has basically chosen violence over peaceful talks. And because of this, the Ukrainian people have to suffer, they have to see their friends dying, children being injured, and see their home country torn in half- all because Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine in Russia's possession and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

For the past 3 years, the world has seen very strange things happen... we came from a global pandemic that no one thought they'd see in their lifetime. Then, as we are nearing the end of the pandemic and life is starting to get back to normal, Russia declares war on Ukraine. Personally, it has been very hard to watch as a teenager who lives in a safe country without any such turmoil of war. It's sickening to see these people getting injured and dying because a man decides to go on a power trip that involves innocent people.

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The other day, the U.N approved a resolution that demands Russia end the invasion of Ukraine, ultimately condemning Putin and Russia for their ruthless actions. The Ukrainian ambassador, Sergiy Kyslytsa, on Wednesday March 2nd had this to say about the invasion and what Russia's goal is:

"It's already clear that the goal of Russia is not an occupation only. It is genocide."

- Sergiy Kyslytsa

There was worldwide support from countries to condemn the actions of Russia. The only countries that voted against this resolution were North Korea, Russia, Belarus, Syria, and Eritrea. The vote for this resolution was an overwhelming vote of 141-5.

Can We Stop the Escalation of The Invasion?

A lot has already happened in this invasion of Ukraine: apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, military infrastructures are being targeted and being blown up. The invasion is causing losses on both sides of Russia and Ukraine. Russia is experiencing losses on their military front as well as their economic front.

Ukraine, through this week's invasion, has remained a strong, resilient country, and if they continue to put up a fight like this, they may have a chance at victory.

The rest of the world has made sure up to this point that this invasion has not escalated. The NATO countries like Canada, U.S.A and the U.K have imposed economic sanctions and stopped Russian flights from entering their airspace. But it is yet to be seen if this will deter Russia or only make them angrier and want to keep this war going.

How Can We Help?

We, as people watching this war going on from afar, can really sympathize with the people of Ukraine. They have had their lives torn apart because Russia decided to invade. We can only help to feel helpless just watching the country of Ukraine get torn apart.

The people of Ukraine are struggling. Loved ones are dying, their economy is being ruined and the country is falling.

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One way you can support Ukraine is by sharing accurate information online to your friends and family. The spread of misinformation can be harmful, and by sharing correct facts, you would be helping Ukraine.

We can also raise money for charity; with everything they are going through, sending money and food over is the best thing we can do for them.

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Best Organizations To Donate To

  1. Ukrainian Red Cross
  2. Razom for Ukraine
  3. United Help Ukraine
  4. Army SOS
  5. Save Life of Ukraine
  6. People in Need
  7. Mercy Corps
  8. Global Giving
  9. International Rescue Commitee
  10. World Central Kitchen

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