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Not Your Mum’s Advice Column: Announcing a Guide to Student Life from Someone in the Know

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June 12, 2023

Agony Aunt, Sob Sister, Ask Angela/Eva/Steve... Whatever it's called, the advice column is a staple of magazine culture but so often deals with issues that feel undeniably far from the realities of student life. As an op-ed addict, I wanted to open the floor for questions that address the current worries and issues around student life from our Teen Magazine audience, whether rising accommodation costs, relationship drama or those queries your friends can't fill.

Having recently crossed the threshold from my teen years, I want to put all the years of agonizing incidents, questionable decisions and over-consumption of advice columns to use and offer a non-judgemental ear to current students facing their own trials. My teen period was less than perfect and life continues to throw curveballs even when you emerge from the dark and twisted woods of adolescence, so while I can't guarantee to have a fix-all solution, I can promise to come to you with an open mind, open heart and a large box of metaphorical tissues.

'Regrets and reflection, plus a big and often hard-to-swallow dose of humility - that is all that’s required to give advice.'

- Dolly Alderton

From Nora Ephron to Dolly Alderton to Graham Norton, Vogue to Cosmo to the magazines at your dentist's office, there is no short supply of advice to be accessed. TikTok and Reddit have made it easy for everyone to become an agony aunt of sorts and democratized advice. But when it comes to student life, there's little obvious crossover where it's most needed.

The thing I love most about journalism is the chance to connect to people and see ourselves reflected in the words of strangers halfway across the world. Teen Magazine is lucky to have a far-reaching audience, all with their own lives and troubles that can often feel insurmountable and, as someone who's first port of call is the Lifestyle section of any mainstream media, I was surprised that teens are largely missing out on the same comfort offered to their mum's and grandmother's. So, with this in mind, I am delighted to announce the start of Teen's new column and the opportunity to get to know our readers and, in line with the magazine's goal, make teen life just a little bit brighter.

How does it work?

Simply scroll to the bottom of the article, add your email and name (anonymous or otherwise) with details of your queries in the comments section. Whether issues of love, life or high school trials, we'll do our best to show that you're not alone—even if it feels like it. Once you've commented, keep an eye on The Teen Magazine website to see your questions featured.

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Leave a comment below with your trials, troubles and tribulations!

Whether you're arguing with a friend, don't feel your family quite gets it or need a shoulder to cry on, Teen Magazine's new advice column is here to help. Simply leave a comment below about whatever's troubling you and keep an eye on our webpage for your response to be featured. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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