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New Podcast "Greenish" Focuses on the Intersection of Wellness & Female Entrepreneurship

At their core, the principles behind "girl-boss" entrepreneurship and health or wellness seem like they cater to two entirely different personas. On one side there's investments and suits, and on the other side there's matching workout sets and green juices.

However, the two aren't always mutually exclusive. The new wellness space paves the way for female entrepreneurs to create and grow strong brands, fundamentally bridging the gap between money and kale.

UNC students Ariana Luterman and Kate Yarbrough, hosts of the new podcast "Green-ish," approach the intersection of wellness and entrepreneurship by interviewing female visionaries in the wellness industry on what inspires them and their mission.

After an eventful release week and partnerships with multiple Los Angeles brands, Green-ish episodes, released every other Friday, include interviews with businesswomen by the likes of Simone de la Rue and Laurel Gallucci.

"Wellness is always seen as like kind of relax, take care of yourself," said co-host Kate Yarbrough. "The corporate world is go-go-go, ambition, do whatever it takes. We really wanted to put these two ideas together and interview female founders with companies in the health and wellness space and ask them what is ayurveda, what is gut health, what are these things, but also how did they get into it and how did they start their journeys."

The idea for Green-ish came from the cohosts' shared interests in wellness and health. After meeting during one of UNC's undergraduate academic retreats, the two became quick friends and decided to venture into the podcast world.

After writing a long list of their favorite companies and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space, they began coordinating interviews.

"Getting people to be on a podcast is not easy, which we realized," said Yarbrough. "On one hand you're giving them the opportunity to talk about their company and something that they love, but it's also a very vulnerable position. You're having a very intimate conversation, and those are the conversations we really want to have on the podcast."

Along with their shared love of "hippy-dippy" health, the two girls also both have an affinity for Los Angeles. Fittingly, Green-ish's LA-based "launch week" included partnerships with local brands Malibu Farm, Backyard Bowls, and Body by Simone for potential listeners.

"We both thought, you know, there's no better place to launch a wellness podcast," said Yarbrough. "We wanted to find really creative ways to reach our target market, and also introduce them to products we knew they would love."

Greenish has also worked with small businesses like Swoon on giveaways and gift bags for listeners.

Listeners can expect in-depth interviews with a breadth of entrepreneurs in the wellness industry discussing everything from their early roots, their journey into the wellness space, and their experiences as businesswomen.

Recent episodes have covered topics like perfectionism, navigating life post-graduation, and what "living with intention" actually looks like outside of an aesthetic instagram post or reel.

Their Instagram graphics include various healthy recipes but also information on gut health, building a resume, and sleep.

Approaching the wellness space from every facet, Luterman and Yarbrough facilitate the conversations that inspire and educate listeners on brand building and wellness in a new and important way.

“I really think a synonym for ‘alternative’ medicine is just, intuitive,” said Yarbrough. “Your body has the answers, and I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming, but at its core it’s all just listening to your body and looking inward.”

You can keep up with "Green-ish" on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or on Instagram @greenisshh.

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