"Never Have I Ever" Season 2: is It As Good As Season 1?

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August 08, 2021

The last episode of Never Have I Ever Season 1 left viewers with their jaws dropped. Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American and overachieving sophomore at Sherman Oaks High School known for her short temper, is kissing her enemy, Ben Gross, the student in school who always has an annoying smirk on his face.

Fans are left with dozens of unanswered questions. Does she want to be in a relationship with Ben? Or, is she still obsessed with Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the typical high school jock who all the girls want to date and who all the boys want to be like?

It was after a long year when fans finally found out what the last, shocking scene meant for Devi. Season 2 of Never Have I Ever is, in some ways, even more enticing, captivating, and unpredictable than the show’s first season.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Devi Cannot Choose

While Devi and Ben kiss, Paxton is waiting in his red jeep, parked in front of Devi's house. He has developed real feelings for Devi and now feels ready to express them.

After coming home from spreading her late father’s ashes in Malibu, Devi has a quick conversation with Paxton. Looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets, Paxton asks Devi to come to his house for dinner tomorrow. Without hesitation, Devi agrees, as a big smile crosses her face.

But what does this mean? She had just kissed Ben! Devi explains that Ben complements the side of her who is an absolute nerd, and Paxton suits the other side of her, the one that desperately wants to have an exciting high school experience.

Since her mom is forcing her to move to India soon, Devi sees no harm in pursuing both Ben and Paxton. She will not have to deal with the aftermath if she is in another country. But, this mindset does not end up working out for Devi in the end.

Rager Goes Wrong

Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola have a brilliant idea to throw a going-away party for Devi before she moves to India. But, when Ben overhears Eleanor talking about it, he insists on helping throw the gathering as her boyfriend. Already having invited Paxton, Devi tries to “uninvite” him, to avoid trouble.

After her excuse does not work, Devi knows that she has a major problem she has to deal with.

For the entire party, the three friends do everything in their power to keep Paxton and Ben separated. However, when Ben overhears Devi assuring the popular girl at school who is implying that she is dating Paxton, that she is Paxton's “legit girlfriend,” both of Devi's relationships suddenly end.

But this is not all that happens.

Furious, Paxton rushes out of the party, but Devi follows him. Stopping in the middle of the street to respond to Devi's comment that she “didn't mean to hurt” him, Paxton is hit by a car.

And on top of all of this, Devi's mom makes the decision not to move to India. Devi has to face what she has done.

The New Girl

At the beginning of Season 2’s fourth episode, Aneesa, a new Indian girl, begins attending Sherman Oaks High School. She is easy-going, friendly, and fits in right away. Devi is instantly jealous of her.

Nalini, Devi’s mom, orders her daughter to invite Aneesa over for dinner soon. Nalini wants Devi to have Indian friends that are, as Nalini says, not so “weird” like Eleanor. From the moment Aneesa walks into the Vishwakumar household, Devi’s mom and grandma adore her.

Trying to impress Anessa and prove that she is also fun to be around, Devi brings up the idea of sneaking out of the house to meet Eleanor’s crush, Malcolm. With Malcolm is Ben, who is not so thrilled to see Devi. After the group has the fantastic idea of going to a tattoo parlor, Ben and Devi make a bet: If Devi gets a nose piercing, Ben will get a tattoo. Long story short, Devi does come home that night with a nose ring.

Devi considers herself Aneesa’s friend until she sees her getting close to Ben. Accidentally, Devi spreads a rumor that Aneesa has an eating disorder. It turns out that this rumor is, in fact, true.

After trying her best to point the finger at other people who could have spread the rumor, Devi gets caught, and as punishment, is suspended for a whole week. Despite everything that has happened, Devi apologizes to Aneesa, and the rift between them ends.

The Love Triangle

Since being hit by a car, Paxton is unable to continue swimming, the only thing he is truly passionate about. The accident has motivated him to focus on his academics to improve his grades. This, as Paxton’s college counselor explains, is the only way to get into a decent college.

Even though he is still disappointed in Devi’s poor choice to cheat on him, Paxton turns to Devi for guidance and assistance. With Devi’s tutoring, Paxton boosts his grades greatly.

One night, when Devi is casually sitting on her bed, Paxton knocks on her bedroom window. The two end up kissing, but this is not the only time this happens. For a while, Paxton comes to Devi at night, hoping to kiss her.

Eventually, Devi wonders what this means. Why does Paxton only seem interested in Devi when they are in private? Why does Paxton seem like he is hiding their relationship?

Devi decides to bring her concerns to Paxton’s attention. Paxton explains that he does not like labels, but it is extremely apparent that he is embarrassed by Devi. This is something Devi cannot accept.

The Winter Dance

After receiving a call from his college counselor telling him that, thanks to his semester grades, he has a real shot at getting into college, Paxton realizes that it is all because of Devi.

Devi, who goes alone to the winter dance, watches her friends and classmates enjoy their time. But she cannot help but feel excluded. But then, out of the blue, Paxton shows up and tells Devi that he is there as her boyfriend.

Paxton and Devi kiss, but the season’s ending is not exactly a happily ever after.

We all know that Ben is not over Devi.

So, who will Devi end up with? Will Ben share his feelings? Or, will he stay silent? Fans will need to wait for Season 3 to find out.

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