My High School Bucket List: 15 Things to Do Before the End of Senior Year

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I don't know about you, but when I was a little girl, I had high hopes for high school!

Now that I'm a Junior, I've come to terms with the fact that some of those, such as being a cheerleader, will never see the light of day. But with a year and a half left of the ever-changing, stress-inducing, jungle that is high school there are a few things I need to do.

Seeing as I am in my third year of high school, I have already crossed a few of these off the list, and some of them may never be fully realized due to COVID.

But without further ado, here are 15 things that I want to get done before high school's over, and some I think you should too!

1. Start a Club

For the past year, I have been trying to start a chess club at my school! If you have something you're passionate about, turn it into a club! This is a great way to find like-minded peers as well.

My want for a chess club started last year in study hall when a group of friends and I would play quad chess every day. There was one week we set up a chess tournament with an official bracket and everything! We started the thought of a chess team, and the original 5 of us wanted (but never got) matching shirts!

2. Do a Photo Shoot

I want to get a nice camera and set up a large photo shoot with all of my friends! Obviously, this has to wait, but hopefully this time next year we'll have the opportunity.

I and most of my close friends have rather unique senses of style! This could be really fun!

Let's make a week out of it, go thrifting together for props, backdrops, and clothing, DIY backdrops, and outfits.

3. Read 100 Books

I love reading. Sadly I never have much time for it, but in the next year and a half, I plan to finish 100 books! I've already put a dent in that, but I certainly need to get on that list!

I want to start off with realistic fiction, make my way through fantasy, then back down to historical fiction.

This is a great goal for anyone, if you're an avid reader this could be fun!

To anyone who isn't big on books, I challenge you to try this. Explore different genres, you may just find something you never knew you loved.

4. Get Ordained

To ordain something is to decree it with ministerial or priestly authority.

I've wanted to do it for years, but you have to be of age, so I have to wait a few more months! As soon as I turn 18, I am getting ordained.

Although I will be doing it without any religious affiliation. You can do this online in a short amount of time. And how cool does it sound to say you're ordained!?

I've always wanted to be able to certify weddings. You never know when an impromptu wedding will breakout, and it's best to be prepared!

5. Go to a Big Dance!

Technically, I've already done this. Last year, I went to Homecoming with one of my best friends, Grace, and my at-the-time boyfriend, Daryk. I occasionally find myself looking back on this day, it was incredible. Not because of the dance itself, that was actually pretty lame, we ended up coming home early to play Just Dance on my couch.

But the day was so special because of the people I was with.

(He asked me to blur his face out)

My advice to you is; find your circle.

High school is a crazy time and these people might not be in your life forever, but the memories will. Go to a dance, make a day out of it, or heck, a week. Go shopping with a friend, whether that be at a retail or a thrift store, get ready together and have fun!

6. Be On Homecoming/Prom Court

I know I could never win Queen, I'm not popular by any means and wouldn't get many votes. But I really want to be on the court at least once.


Although due to COVID, I may only have one more chance at this seeing as I'm not sure if we'll have any dances this year, and if we do I won't attend due to safety.

Being a princess/potential queen for a dance has been a desire of mine since I was a small child. Plus I could finally justify buying myself a tiara!

7. Get Techy

I've been fascinated with computer hardware since 7th grade. I really want to know how they're put together and how they function but never have been able to actually learn it.

There was this really computer-passionate friend trying to teach me techy stuff this past March, but we got interrupted because of the shutdowns and don't really talk anymore.

Technically I also took a class where this was partially taught my Freshman year, but the only classes I retained any information from that year were English and Driver's Ed. I also love coding and mess around on Codecademy every now and then.

8. Write a Letter to & Receive a Letter From Queen Elizabeth

I have a deep love and partial obsession with Queen Elizabeth, I am literally naming my future first daughter after her!

She is my idol and I need to talk to her at least once in my lifetime.

I've written her many letters, but I've never had the courage to send one...

9. Publish a Book

I'm a writer (duh, Alicia, you wrote this)! I've been writing a book series since I was 14 and a children's book since last year.

I am determined that at least one of my books will be published before senior year starts!

I'm probably going to take the self-publishing route for my children's book, but for my Dystopian series, I would love to take the traditional route!

I really love Little, Brown and Company, Scholastic, and Hyperion publishing the best. I like Penguin, but they don't publish the type of companion story that I want to do with the main series, so my best bet is elsewhere.

10. Reconnect

You're going to lose people throughout high school, and if not, then in that high school to college transition.

We grow up and we grow apart. There are a few people who I've lost who I'd love to reconnect with.

I don't expect us to be besties (I already have the best best-friend in the world), but it'd be great to see/hear from them again.

Never be afraid to reach out. The worst that person can do is say no.

If you ended something on bad terms or noticed that you just don't talk to someone you used to be close with, never underestimate the power of the word “hello”.

11. Be a Produced Screenwriter

I want to go into the film/television industry. I've written about me writing a tv show before, but what I didn't say is I want to have Season 1 of my show produced by second-semester Senior year.

I plan on being an incredibly active part of this process, I'm not just going to sell the rights then let strangers run wild with it.

I birthed this idea, this show is my child and I will see it through to its end, and then I will release its spin-off series. Yes, I've planned a spinoff series...

12. Go to the Beach

I am 17-year-old, and I have never been to a beach. I'm not too worried about this, my best friend, Will, and I are moving near one for college.

But I would really love to go to a nice calm beach, walk through the sand barefoot, spend hours in silence listening to the Earth around me.My only reservation is where there is a beach, there is an ocean or some large body of water, and I can't swim.

13. Learn to Swim

This is a rather simple skill, but I've never been able to master... or even begin to master. I can't even float!

I feel like there are so many practical reasons to learn to swim. But it also seems like a great amount of fun.

This is something I've always wanted to do, but I'm also really weird around water, I have a healthy fear of drowning, but I feel like learning to swim may help that.

14. Learn to Do a Cartwheel

I have been trying to do this one for a while (like 12 years) and I have never been able to do it! Cartwheeling just seems like a great way to express excitement.

I wanted to do a cartwheel when the 2020 election results were announced but was unable to, what a pity!

Along with cartwheels, I really want to do a backflip. At this point, I am far too clumsy and accident-prone to attempt either.

15. Go on a Large Road Trip with My Besties

Now this one I want to do right after senior year, but before college.

Imagine this: Two RVs (and hopefully a Volkswagen Van because 😍) full of those you love and care about, on a country-wide road trip. Wouldn't that be wonderful!?

After the Pandemic subsides, and it's safe again I want my favorite people and whomsoever they want to bring along, on the road with me for weeks traveling all throughout the US and part of Canada. Hopefully, I can rope my favorite Homecoming dorks into coming with me!

Make the Most Out of It

High school doesn't last forever, and while most of it is painfully dreadful, we really should try to make the most of our time here. I hope I've been able to offer you some ideas you can use as well!

Time is precious, don't waste yours. If something is worth it to you, keep trying until you get it!

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