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Must-Have Baking Supplies for Your Start in the Kitchen


October 25, 2023

Have you ever considered baking? It can be for a big event like Christmas to impress your family or just something for your sweet tooth. Baking is fun if you have the right tools to get you started.

Without the right tools, your baked goods can turn into mush or a hard rock. So, the question is, what should you have in your kitchen before you get started? FYI: All of these tools can be found on Amazon, and I will link them below. (Everyone will have different preferences, but I linked the ones similar to what I would use).

1. Measuring Cups (Liquid and Dry) and Spoons

Having measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen is very important. All recipes will call for you to measure something from milk to flour. If you don't have measuring cups and spoons, then your baked goods will be too dry or lumpy to be delicious.

Baking is like science: you must be exact with your measurements. In my kitchen, I have two sets of measuring cups and spoons because they are so resourceful. This is the most vital tool to have in the kitchen, and you must have this before you can start in the kitchen.

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2. Rolling Pins

Whether you are rolling out cookie dough or sugar paste, it is always easier to have an excellent rolling pin on hand. A rolling pin will help make your dough even enough, so all your pastries will be the same size. There are many different types of rolling pins, like metal, plastic, and wooden ones.

You can choose the one that fits your budget, and you like it. I would say this is not really needed in your kitchen if you are not rolling out dough or sugar paste. So, you don't really need it in your kitchen. I mean, I have it for Christmas for making cookies, but I don't use it for any other times.

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3. Whisk, Electric and Stand Mixer

Having been baking for multiple years, I really do recommend having some kind of mixer to make your batter smooth. A whisk would be the traditional way to do it, and it's the one I usually use. But if you are lazy (like I am sometimes), I would get an electric or stand mixer.

You just need to turn them on, and they can do the mixing for you. I would use an electric mixer to beat eggs and/or make them foamy, and I would use a stand mixer, which can be really useful when making icing. It will mix it evenly so that it will be smooth and creamy when you are done. These would make it much easier to make your food.

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4. Cake Pan, Baking Sheet, or Pie Tin

I have never used a pie tin since I would buy a pre-made pie shell and make the filling from there, but having a pie tin would be helpful if you want to make pie crust from scratch. A cake pan will be handy for making cakes; a baking sheet will be useful for making cookies; a pie tin is used for making pies. In all of the times you will be baking, you'll inevitably need one of the three.

There are many types of cake pans: round, sheet, bundt, cupcakes, and more. Depending on what you are making, you can choose only to buy one of these or all three. Since most people either bake cake or cupcakes, you might just need a cake pan and/or baking sheets.

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5. Piping Bags

I remember the first time I used a piping bag: It was like a dream come true! When you are decorating your baked goods, you'll want a piping bag. Depending on the brand, they can come with several different tips, making your goods more lively and creative.

Sure, you can use a ziplock bag, but your dessert's result would not be as neat and beautiful as it would be when you use a piping bag. (personal experience. You NEED one to get the best look for your dessert.). You can use them on literally every baked goods you'll ever bake.

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6. Spatula

This is not required, but it is instrumental in the kitchen. A rubber spatula can be really useful when baking. Most of them are non-stick, so that can make transferring your dough or batter easier.

They are flexible, which makes it easier to work with stiff dough. Some recipes will call for you to fold the ingredients together, and doing it with a spatula will make your life much easier. Also, you can use them to spread icing over your cakes or cupcakes. Since they are mostly non-stick, it makes it easier to make your dessert better.

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7. Bowls

PLEASE get a bowl before you start your baking. Good old bowls. They have so many different uses in the kitchen.

You can use them to mix your ingredients together. You can also get bowls with lids to keep your batter/dough to its moral consistency in the fridge. There are so many different types of bowls: Metal, plastic, or even paper. But they are so useful for all of your kitchen needs. Since I usually make cakes or cupcakes, I use a stand mixer kind of bowl since it is big enough to fit all of my ingredients.

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8. Cooling Rack

Okay, this is one hundred percent needed in the kitchen if you do not want your dessert to be soggy or if you are not patient about your dessert cooling. A cooling rack is so valuable. It is a place to put your right-out-of-the-oven baked goods so they can cool faster.

Most cooling racks are a wire-grid, which lets air also get to the bottom of your pastry. It is better than keeping it in the mold since condensation can make your desert soggy. No one likes their food soggy, so get a cooling rack before you start to bake.

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9. Parchment Paper

Although this is not required, I sometimes use it in the kitchen. Used to prevent your confection from burning and sticking to the pan, parchment paper will become a handy tool to have in your kitchen. You will use it to line your baking sheet, cake mold, and many other things in the kitchen.

Depending on what you are making, you can use the parchment paper to lift your dessert out, making it the perfect shape you see on the internet. This is not really needed, but they are instrumental in the kitchen.

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10. Oven Mitt

Safety first! I definitely recommend getting some oven mitts. Oven mitts are used to get things out of the oven easily without burning your hands.

But there are so many uses other than getting your food out of the oven. It can be used for getting things out of the microwave, used to handle hot pots and pans, and it can even be used to manage hot foods. You MUST have some oven mitts before you start.

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Now that you have all these supplies...

You can start baking! Congratulations, you now have all of these materials in your kitchen. Of course, there are some things you might also need that are not listed.

Look at the box your ingredients came from and see what they want you to use. Baking can be so fun when you do it for other people or even yourself, and you would impress your friends and family when you first make your masterpiece. Now, put on your chef's hat, and have fun baking!

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